Wallflux iframe

Use Wallflux to embed any Facebook group or page on your website

To preview a Wallflux iframe, enter a Facebook ID, and press Go.

Your Facebook ID only consist of numbers, for example: 91135272247 - If you do not know your groups' Facebook ID, Wallflux can find it for you through the Facebook ID helper-page.

Here you see the Wallflux iframe of the anti.nuclear-Facebook-page:

You can add an iframe to your html source in similar fashion by using the following html-code:
<iframe id="wallflux"
	src="http://www.wallflux.com/iframe/{your Wallflux id}"
	The Wallflux iframe of the <a</a> href="https://www.facebook.com/anti.nuclear">anti.nuclear</a> Facebook-page is embedded here.</iframe>

Wallflux iframes are transparent, allowing you to define your own background color or -image.

Link directly to the your Wallflux iframe by using the following URL:
…where the number represents the groups' Facebook ID. To store your language-preference, add for example ?hl=fr_FR for French to the URL (nb: the translations are still under development).

The Wallflux iframe of a registered Wallflux has neither a demonstration notice or advertisements, so register your Wallflux today!

iFrame or rss feed?

Wallflux iframe has been developed after popular demand. There are, however, a few downsides to embedding iframes, which makes Wallflux.com encourage users to use a Wallflux Atom or regular Wallflux instead.

With an atom feed you can achieve similar - and better! - results as with an iframe. As the content of your Facebook group will be actually included on your own web domain, this will improve your sites' SEO.

Parsing your Wallflux feed on your server will make your website load much quicke compared to embedding the iframe.

In order for you to make optimal use of Wallflux services, we encourage you to investigate how to process a Wallflux feed locally, on your own server, to embed it on your webpage. Do not hesitate to contact us for tips or assistance. We charge a very modest fee to implement a custom feed parser on your domain.

Please note that Wallflux iframes which are embedded in an iframe with a width of less than 500 pixels are designed to automatically hide the top demonstration notice because of space constraints.


Wallflux iframes are provided as courtesy to users of registered Wallflux feeds. If we notice that a particular iframe is included so often that it drains significant bandwith of core Wallflux services, we shall disable the iframe without further notice.