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Anti Nuclear Movement

(4 hours ago)

India’s nuclear power promise is fading despite the deal with US. Here’s why

Grassroots resistance in India to new nuclear power plants — a fact that resulted in considerable delay in commissioning the Kudankulam plant and forced the shifting of...

(1 day ago)

Ripples from U.S. nuclear plant closings overwhelm small towns

Living in the shadows of the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant’s cooling tower, which soars above Lake Erie in Ohio like an oversized lighthouse, brings with it some give-and-take.On the plus side, it generates tax money that once paid for a high school...

(1 day ago)

Indo-U.S. civil nuclear pact likely to miss June deadline

Bankruptcy of reactor maker Westinghouse clouds operationalisation of the deal.

(2 days ago)

The Coming Ban on Nuclear Weapons

On March 27, the United Nations will start negotiations on an international treaty to ban nuclear weapons. The nuclear weapon states will finally be put to the test: Will they keep their promises to disarm and join the treaty, or will they reject international law and the will of the global communit...

(2 days ago)

Inspectors find safety irregularities at Creusot nuclear forge in France

Evidence of doctored paperwork found at Areva-owned forge, which has made parts for Hinkley Point

(2 days ago)
John LaForge of NukeWatchInfo.org presented an engaging power-point lecture about publishing the revised edition of “Nuclear Heartland”, updated from the ori...

(2 days ago)

Pakistan and India’s position on FMCT

News & Views Mohammad Jamil A fissile material cut-off treaty (FMCT) is a proposed international agreement that would prohibit the production of the two main components of nuclear weapons: high…

(3 days ago)

IALANA: Ban treaty should affirm current illegality of the threat and use of nuclear weapons – UNFOLD ZERO

(IALANA), a group of experts in international law and nuclear weapons, the treaty should affirm the illegality of the threat and use of nuclear weapons under existing international law, and the universal obligation to negotiate for complete nuclear disarmament.

(3 days ago)

The Death of Westinghouse

With quite some joy, I just penned the following wikipedia update under Westinghouse Electric Company LLC On March 24, 2017, parent company Toshiba announced Westinghouse Electric Company was filin…

(4 days ago)

Rosatom to Replace Reactor Vessel at First Unit of Belarusian NPP

According to reports, Rosatom will replace the reactor vessel at the first unit of the Belarusian nuclear power plant, currently under construction.

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