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9 (4 hours ago)

Gopakumar VR Namboothiri:

(4 hours ago)

Dawie Natral:

Argiope sp 1 (4 hours ago)

14 (7 hours ago)

Debomay Chanda:

Looks like Mimetidae 1 (7 hours ago)

5 (7 hours ago)
Gray wall jumper (7mm Female spider)
Menemerus bivittatus, Family: Salticidae
17-Nov-2017, Chennai

Edit: Immature male resemble female. Given the small size, this might be a young male. Experts please clarify.

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7 (10 hours ago)
Id update - wolf spider / Lycosidae.
Madurai / Tamilnadu .
07.11.2017 .

Hayath Mohammed:

Wolf spider, IMHO 1 (8 hours ago)

2 (11 hours ago)
I'D please
Narur, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka
Camera Nikon p900

Pavan Ramachandra:

Huntsman spider 1 (11 hours ago)

8 (19 hours ago)
Is this a chrysilla? Excuse the poor image. Pune, Maharashtra.

Sudhin Sudhi:

Chrysilla volupe (16 hours ago)

4 (19 hours ago)
Id- Requested

Breakfast was ready.....
Time to eat..

Loc-Dodetia, Rangia

9 (1 day ago)
Argyrodes sp. Small irregular web with many individuals (males and females). More pics in comments.
The Farm Chennai, Nov '17.

Anubhav Agarwal:

2 (1 day ago)

Anubhav Agarwal:

2 (1 day ago)

Sangeeta Das:

I too got today (1 day ago)

6 (1 day ago)
Very small spider, a baby, that was in its own little web. Hardly 2 or 3 millimetres from legtip to the tip of the farthest leg.
hennai, Nov

9 (1 day ago)
Small spider sitting pretty in the ground-level web which has collected dew drops overnight.
Chennai (Tamil Nadu),
Nov 2017.

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