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I love my Airnimal

13 (6 days ago)
A herd of Airnimals? Pack of peddlers? Family of folders?
This was the 2010 Airnimal 10th Anniversary celebration - looks as if they had just as great a time as the Circe 10th Anniversary last weekend! - Circe Cycles countryside just lends itself to such events. Thank you Richard Loke and the Circe Team.

11 (1 week ago)
Very experienced Airnimal riders, Richard and Anne Lewis on their separable Helios, at the Circe 10th Anniversary celebration.

Hay Ting Tee:

Anne Lewis our regular poster (1 week ago)

8 (1 week ago)

Hay Ting Tee:

My days of visiting "every" cycling event are lying low. Good luck. (1 week ago)

Mike Clark:

Hope the event goes well. (1 week ago)

Jeremy Neville-Eliot:

Would love to try out a Helios with my wife but am busy this coming weekend. Perhaps we can visit in September and have a ride? (1 week ago)

Andrew Fell:

Hoping to pop by and say hi Sunday, possibly either before or during your ride out to lode (1 week ago)

Richard Loke:

Be great to see you, Andrew. We'll be leaving about 1030 from Dullingham on Sunday. (1 week ago)

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2 (1 week ago)

14 (2 weeks ago)
Here's a better shot, than the one I posted yesterday, with the magnificent Holkham Hall in sunshine rather than shadow. Shame it doesn't utilise the invisible bike support in the same way!

19 (2 weeks ago)
Airnimal at Holkham Hall. A beautiful ride around the North Norfolk lanes with the family and a trip out for the Chameleon.

1 (2 weeks ago)
Hay Ting Tee:

Put some pictures up from the present situation. Also from the Topeak. Goodluck. (2 weeks ago)

11 (3 weeks ago)
The Rhino giving a sense of scale to the Ankerwycke yew.

8 (4 months ago)

Andrew Cox:

That's a very customer-friendly price for these great bikes, I paid a lot more than that for two older machines. Been very happy with them though. 1 (4 months ago)

Howard Stredwick:

On the face of it that's a great deal. Making my Joey look pricey! 1 (4 months ago)

Robbie Craig:

Have you had to replace anything? (4 months ago)

Alex Bessonoff:

Hi what are the frames' sizes? (3 months ago)

Philip Sewell:

One sold, one still available! (1 month ago)

13 (1 month ago)

Bob Castelijn:

How do you find cycling with the trailer in comparison with traditional panniers on the rear rack? (1 month ago)

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