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I love my Airnimal

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7 (5 days ago)

Andrew Cox:

That's a very customer-friendly price for these great bikes, I paid a lot more than that for two older machines. Been very happy with them though. 1 (5 days ago)

Howard Stredwick:

On the face of it that's a great deal. Making my Joey look pricey! 1 (5 days ago)

Robbie Craig:

Have you had to replace anything? (4 days ago)

14 (4 years ago)

Jason Clark:

Nice. Are the carbon forks available on their own as I have an Explore Drop. (4 years ago)

Richard Loke:

We've got some at HQ. info@airnimal.eu (4 years ago)

Chris Wilby:

Would the elite carbon forks with disc fit a Chameleon (1 week ago)

Jonathan Lunt:

Looks like mine, but with smaller wheels! (5 days ago)

(6 months ago)
David Jones:

Beginning here obviously a good start ;) 2 (6 months ago)

Hay Ting Tee:

Sad to hear. But can't those Chameleons not be electrified? I heard Bafang (middle engine) have good sets. Hope there is enough space around the bottom bracket. Good luck with the sale. 1 (6 months ago)

Andrew Payne:

cycling buy/swap group here on Facebook? 2 (6 months ago)

Karl Wooldridge:

Velovision used to have a free classifieds section 2 (6 months ago)

Ian Thomas Ashmeade:

I bought mine on ebay . (6 months ago)

Ian Thomas Ashmeade:

you should of got this kit (6 months ago)

Ian Thomas Ashmeade:

www.cytronex.com/kit/ (6 months ago)

Stuart Marshall:

I would advertise them here first. We all love our Airnimals and some of us might be happy to acquire more for our stables. 👍🏻 2 (6 months ago)

Philip Sewell:

After some delay - other projects took priority - I return to this post. Not one, but two Anirnimal Chameleons need new homes with decent exercise regimes (ours have been penned in a garage for too long; I can hear them sigh"I wish I was on the road…"). My wife's bike has trekking/butterfly bars and a rack, all supplied by Airnimal as first fit. Mine has straight bars and no rack. Both are Airnimal Chameleon Adventure models - it was the base model for a few years, up to 2009, now no longer available. Specification of these as follows: Fork Steel
Crankset Sora 52/42/39
Brakes Front Sora Dual pivot
Brakes Sora Dual pivot
Shift Lever Gripshift
Brake Lever Tiagra
Bottom Bracket Sora Splined
Front Derailleur Sora
Rear Derailleur Sora
Chain Sram
Front Hub Sora 32 Hole
Rear Hub Sora 32 Hole
Rim Airnimal (Black)
Tyre Kenda Koncept 25
Handlebar Airnimal
Stem Airnimal
Saddle Bioflex
Seat Post Kalloy
Headset Tange
Cassette 8spd hg50 (5 days ago)

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2 (1 week ago)
Jonathan Lunt:

You can probably hack up a front disk set up. You would need to replace the fork with a Joey disk fork and get a front wheel built up with a disk hub. I can't see why this wouldn't work. The back brake is a different matter - i don't see how you could put a disk there. (1 week ago)

Chris Wilby:

I was wondering if a Joey elite would be a better solution but does it have the same ride features such as suspension and fast wheels (1 week ago)

Peter Dixon:

I've certainly got fast wheels and discs on the Joey. (1 week ago)

Chris Wilby:

Does anyone have experience of Joey v Chameleon to give me some buying advice. (1 week ago)

Andrew Payne:

You could find yourself overbraked with a working disc. I can see absolutely no advantage to running discs on a Chameleon. Set the brakes up properly and you can stop on a sixpence with decent DP brakes - i've done a stoppy on my fully loaded for camping Airnimal with even crappy Shimano DP's, I can't imagine wanting more stopping power than my Campag SR DP's give. (1 week ago)

Chris Wilby:

It's also about the wear on the rims ., it soon comes around that time to replace rims 1 (1 week ago)

Chris Wilby:

So far I'm not getting any ride reports. (1 week ago)

Richard Loke:

Chris, although I've done all my 1200km audaxes on recumbent, I've done a number of 600s riding Chameleons and Joeys. I'm hard pressed to say which I prefer for these, but as I don't ride particularly​ lightly laden on such rides, if it was hillier, I would definitely go for discs and the Joey.

Andy Payne has great experience touring with a heavily laden Chameleon and I would agree with his comments about the stopping power of a well set-up DP. My concerns would be more about rim overheating and wear, particularly with 520s. And particularly the latter with the very high mileages Chris does.

Furthermore, Chris, I remember you asked about a heavier duty tyre for your Chameleon. That, of course, could be better accommodated with the 507 wheels that will also work with a Joey. (1 week ago)

Ian McCormick:

I have a Joey with upgrade carbon fork. Discs both ends. 1 (1 week ago)

Chris Wilby:

My current Chameleon is pretty much exactly suited to my requirements. I have sram compact double with a good range, the suspension is good for the long rides.
I like the idea of a new bike with a full disc setup and the same fold up for travelling. However it seems that the Joey is heavier and does not have that suspension. If there was a carbon choice making a lighter bike then I would be much more interested in making the change (1 week ago)

Steve Patriquen:

Lots of reasons to prefer discs - wet weather reliability one. One of the benefits of rim brakes (the large radius) is reduced on small-wheeled bikes. But horses for courses. I'd also say a fork swap is simple enough and leave the rear brake as is - it only adds 20% of braking anyway (1 week ago)

Chris Wilby:

For a comparison, does anyone know the frame weight of a Chamelion and a Joey. Then its up to equipment to decide the final weights. (1 week ago)

Ian McCormick:

Time to talk to Airnimal. (1 week ago)

2 (1 week ago)

Airnimal Joey fast folder drop bar bike, travel case, wheelsets | LFGSS

Haven't used this in a while and can't see myself using it in the immediate future so it's going to go... Collect from Paddington. Can't post. If ya dibs please follow up with a PM to arrange. Airnimal Joey folding bike and travel case / trailer, travel bag, commute kit, pair of 520…

Alex Bessonoff:

Hi , looking for case/trailer (1 week ago)

12 (1 week ago)

Karl Wooldridge:

That's a shame 1 (1 week ago)

17 (2 weeks ago)

Hay Ting Tee:

You must have seen the Dutch doing their shopping. ;) (2 weeks ago)

Thumper Thorpe:

To the untrained eye - You missed / left the nan 1 (2 weeks ago)

6 (2 weeks ago)

Hay Ting Tee:

There is something on your lens/filter. (2 weeks ago)

2 (2 weeks ago)

7 (2 weeks ago)
My Joey in it's new home in my caravan! No more wrestling my MTB into a damn great padded bag & losing 30% of the space in the car. Joey will now wait patiently for the next caravan outing

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