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I love my Airnimal

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11 (1 day ago)
"Lost in the jungle"
Wall art on the fence of Chunghwa Telecom; Aiguo E RoadW

8 (3 days ago)

14 (1 week ago)
When in Taiwan,
Just follow the sign

One of the best bike friendly city.

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11 (1 week ago)

8 (2 weeks ago)

FS: Airnimal Joey Explore Drop Handlebar | LFGSS

My spring clearout continues and being as it gets no use I am selling an Airnimal Joey Explore, drop bar version. Full Spec is here, airnimal.eu/products/joey/explore­-drop/#.WMa1yGZvgdU But basically it is a folding bike for people who like road bikes. It has the chunkier wheels, mudguards, a rear…

Hay Ting Tee:

I admire your bike and the way you put it for sale. Have you a cover or a bag for it? (2 weeks ago)

10 (2 weeks ago)

14 (2 weeks ago)

Hay Ting Tee:

Must be some former British colony, driving on the left. Sweden and Turkey switch to the right. (2 weeks ago)

Lip Jin Saw:

That is right. Picture taken in Malaysia 1 (2 weeks ago)

Hay Ting Tee:

Well Japan is drive still on the left. (2 weeks ago)

11 (2 weeks ago)

1 (3 weeks ago)
Hay Ting Tee:

Why don't you try a XL "bidon" holder which are made for those 1.5 liter water bottles. Of course you have to change the cap with one with a tube. Rather difficult to lift that huge bottle out of the holder while cycling. (3 weeks ago)

Howard Stredwick:

Tried seatpost mounted cages? 1 (3 weeks ago)

Charles Feaver:

Yes. This is my latest method. I just used a pipe clamp to hold it. Previously I mounted a pair of bottles right behind my seat. 1 (3 weeks ago)

11 (3 weeks ago)

Karl Wooldridge:

Love the composition, especially with the train coming over the hill 1 (3 weeks ago)

Hay Ting Tee:

Don't get your shoes wet. ;) 1 (3 weeks ago)

John O'Leary:

More stunning photographs Jan. Can I ask what camera/lens are you using? (3 weeks ago)

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