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I love my Airnimal

15 (7 hours ago)
Trying out SRAM 1X11 system potentially for next year's Joey model range.

Karl Wooldridge:

I would think it would be a good match. lighter than an Alfine 11 but with a similar range (7 hours ago)

Alex Bessonoff:

What is a range? (7 hours ago)

Matthew Bird:

Nice but not sure I get a disc on the back and road brake on the front. (3 hours ago)

23 (3 days ago)

Hay Ting Tee:

Must be a 4 wheel drive.
With spikes I presume. (3 days ago)

Baz Cartledge:

Well, that is what you get in Switzerland in Winter, SNOW SNOW SNOW, hahaha. (3 days ago)

Thumper Thorpe:

Inspiring - I’ll be going off grid with bike in 2018 - great job Frank (3 days ago)

2 (1 week ago)
Peter Dixon:

On my Joey. The battery position is a bit clunky though. (1 week ago)

Lee Kukor Morgan:

Hi Joe I have Di2 11 speed on my Chameleon but rear only. I couldn't get the front Mech to fit on the braze on as there's not enough clearance for my version of front mech. They do seem to be getting smaller with each new incarnation of Di2 but I still think you'll struggle. The battery is the next problem I mount an external under the bars and run a long wire to the rear mech. 1 (1 week ago)

Ian McCormick:

Talk to Airnimal. (6 days ago)

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12 (1 week ago)

Peter Dixon:

Lovely colour 1 (1 week ago)

8 (2 weeks ago)
Joey on Dumb Toms Lane near Bentham with Ingleborough in background

Hay Ting Tee:

Nice pictures! Thank you. 1 (2 weeks ago)

Mike Clark:

Some familiar local views! 1 (2 weeks ago)

16 (3 weeks ago)
Thank you Lee Kukor Morgan for this great photo from the Malaysia F1 GP track

Hay Ting Tee:

Give me a clue, please. (3 weeks ago)

Karl Wooldridge:

A new electric Airnimal complete with gigantic solar panel? 1 (2 weeks ago)

19 (2 months ago)
Malaysia F1 GP track

Anne Lewis:

Is it ok if I use this one for the Group photo for a while? Your photos are great - thank you for sharing your Airnimal life with such talent! 1 (3 weeks ago)

Lee Kukor Morgan:

Hi Anne thanks for the appreciation and please feel free to use it. 2 (3 weeks ago)

1 (3 weeks ago)
Thumper Thorpe:

I’ve seen others offer bikes for sale on this site and they haven’t attracted been taken down by the moderator.
Good luck with your sale. (3 weeks ago)

Anne Lewis:

Thanks for asking - yes please do post your Chameleon here. (3 weeks ago)

11 (3 weeks ago)
A really good but very cold sportive on Sunday

13 (3 weeks ago)

Ian McCormick:

My Joey came home from summer residence in the caravan in Sept and is hibernating in the garage looking forward to new tyres in the spring & more camping adventures! (3 weeks ago)

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