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I love my Airnimal

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4 (5 days ago)
Stuart Marshall:

Please confirm that this is Tuesday June 6th. I may be able to bring Snowy the Rhino. I'm not able to fit my Grandads 1948 Raleigh in my car. (5 days ago)

16 (1 year ago)

Hay Ting Tee:

Does the change of fork (lowering the front end) affect the steering/handling? (1 year ago)

Ian Clifford:

It reduces the trail so it must do. 1 (1 year ago)

Jonathan Lunt:

At the moment the front end is way higher than a normal Airnimal because of the 26" wheels and the fork. The new fork should make it feel a bit more natural, but i have ridden something like 8000 miles since i changed it all over and i've frown used to it. 1 (1 year ago)

Kris Samyui-Adams:

What diameter Thomson seatpost did you go for? (1 week ago)

Jonathan Lunt:

Sorry, don't remember. Just look at the old 'top section' post and see what it's stamped with. 1 (1 week ago)

14 (1 week ago)

Bob Castelijn:

Enjoy the wine! (6 days ago)

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(1 week ago)

Hay Ting Tee:

Try this number 31243430854
E-mail info@elan.cc
They are the main representative in the Netherlands /Benelux.
Good luck. (1 week ago)

Lee Kukor Morgan:

SJS cycles uk (st john street) do a kit for a diy job. Oil and seals, the reviewers say it's relatively easy to do. 1 (1 week ago)

1 (1 week ago)
Hay Ting Tee:

I used to scrounge such events! Have to slow down now, alas. :( (1 week ago)

18 (1 week ago)

Bob Blutarsky:

#airnimalracing That would be a thing :) (1 week ago)

10 (1 week ago)

10 (1 week ago)

14 (2 weeks ago)

Karl Wooldridge:

Another nice picture (2 weeks ago)

10 (2 weeks ago)
Airnimals seen in the Lea Valley , heading for central London

Hay Ting Tee:

Got a visa in your passport for London? ;) (2 weeks ago)

Ian Turner:

It is OK the streets are paved with gold 1 (2 weeks ago)

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