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South Witham Village

(9 minutes ago)

6 (1 day ago)

Carole Sellars:

Greetham groomer 1 (1 day ago)

Deirdre Dickinson:

He looks lovely , (1 day ago)

Natalie Totty:

Emma Greetham x 1 (1 day ago)

Linda Spiers:

Emma Greetham x 1 (1 day ago)

Gareth Dyer:

Thankyou Linda Spiers Natalie Totty and Carole Sellars unanimous decision I will see what Emma Greetham says thanks 1 (1 day ago)

Nikki Prime:

Emma Greetham 1 (1 day ago)

Nick Cleaver:

Give the lad a clip. He'll love you for it in this weather and it will grow back nicely by winter 👍🏻 2 (1 day ago)

Emma Greetham:

Thank you guys for recommending me. All booked in 😊 3 (1 day ago)

Linda Spiers:

Can't wait to see before and after photos Gareth Dyer 🙂 2 (1 day ago)

Gareth Dyer:

He definitely needs to be turned from a tramp to a handsome prince I know he has it in him 3 (1 day ago)

Sandra Arruda:

His Soooo Adorable and sweet. Xx (1 day ago)

Nannie Sarah Roberts:

Arww loverly doggy I want one (1 day ago)

Gareth Dyer:

He is lovely (1 day ago)

Natalie Totty:

You wont be disapointed Gareth Dyer x He will definately be treated like royalty and come out looking extremely handsome after x Ours love Emmas treatment! (1 day ago)

Emily Matthews:

Emma is fabulous with animals xx (1 day ago)

Dawn Mitchell:

Gorgous. x (1 day ago)

Tonia West:

I would give him a couple of weeks to settle in, if u do to much to quick u could make him even more nervous, any rescue dog should be given time to adjust (20 hours ago)

Gareth Dyer:

Thank you Tonia West, definitely good advice, he has come on so much in just 24 hrs so will settle in great. I definitely don't want to cause unnecessary stress to him (20 hours ago)

Tonia West:

No worries, I've seen it so many times with rescue dogs, people do to much to quick, even having loads of people round to meet the dog can make problems for u and the dog, so many end up back in rescue, I do hope the rescue u got him from offers u rbu (20 hours ago)

Gareth Dyer:

I don't think they offer RBU as I have no idea what it is ? They have been fantastic and are on hand via face book support group 24/7 (20 hours ago)

Tonia West:

It's rescue back up and means if for whatever reason u could no longer keep the dog they would take him back, any good rescue will offer it (20 hours ago)

Gareth Dyer:

Yes absolutely they do that, just didn't recognize the acronym. I have never met such dedicated individuals care deeply about the dogs they are rescuing. Atlas is already showing what a fab dog he is, so gentle and affectionate 🤗. Can't wait to start training classes with him because he will pick it up so quickly any recommends in that department also welcome (19 hours ago)

Charmaine Julia Bellamy-Teasdale:

Emma does Tilly and is very good. (18 hours ago)

Gareth Dyer:

Well if you trust Emma with HRH Tilly she must be good Charmaine Julia Bellamy-Teasdale 😀 1 (18 hours ago)

Charmaine Julia Bellamy-Teasdale:

Too right Gareth lol 😂😂 (18 hours ago)

(16 hours ago)
Does any one know a scrap man ?
Scrap metal at the back of wimberley way needs taking away

Sophie Temple:

Will Stafford this outside your house ? (16 hours ago)

Will Stafford:

Some bloke fetching it tomorrow for u (15 hours ago)

1 (1 day ago)

Josh Michael OJ Rigby:

You're already boozing at 9am? You've got issues lambert 😂 1 (1 day ago)

Jonny Prentice:

This still stands today I'm afraid 🙁🙁 (1 day ago)

Debi Jetsum Samuels:

Hope it's back up soon!! Let me know when cos I still owe you from Thursday!!! X (1 day ago)

3 (4 days ago)
Lisa Johnson:

we have had loads of problems with buffering in the last few weeks, also great close (4 days ago)

Laura Hilton:

We've have reset the hub a few times this morning but to no luck. (4 days ago)

Lisa Johnson:

i am online at the moment from desktop so it is working (4 days ago)

Martin Wwfc Grey:

I got bt broadband mine is working perfect and I'm great close (4 days ago)

Laura Hilton:

Could just be us. Thanks guys 1 (4 days ago)

Maria Penfold:

Mine is playing up (4 days ago)

Lesley Roots:

We have and it has been so slow lately. We are up the other end of village. Driving me nuts (4 days ago)

Keith Shelvey:

Fine in Harrington road (4 days ago)

Nicola Brewster:

Coverley Road and we've also had problems : ( (4 days ago)

Nick Robins:

Halford Close is a nightmare at the moment. Has been for a few days now (4 days ago)

Nicholas Eudall:

Templars way down once again regular thing for me normally told it's my equipment (4 days ago)

Jo Moore:

Mine is ok up by the garages on Great Close. (4 days ago)

Pauline Easterbrook Arnold:

Mines on and off (4 days ago)

Nick Ireland:

Ok in Harrington. My usual speed from SSE. (4 days ago)

Nannie Sarah Roberts:

Mines on and off I live on tarlok green near premier shop xx Bloody night mere (4 days ago)

Christine Vaughan:

mines on and off (4 days ago)

Nick Ireland:

I find this hard to understand! We all get our Broadband from the box on the High Street, and yet we get erratic service and slow speeds, thru to my 24 hour reliability and high speed. Different ISPs but all using BT lines???? 1 (4 days ago)

Charmaine Julia Bellamy-Teasdale:

Yes, we are too but we've just upgraded to fibre, which kicks in on Monday so I hope it improves. All the boxes are BT though so maybe I hope in vain lol. 1 (4 days ago)

Julie Davis:

It went a bit funny earlier, but I'm on it now with no problem... they may have been doing some work and mixed the wires up, that happened to me a couple of months ago... Could it be affected by the heat too? 🤔 (4 days ago)

Aileen Ball:

We have not noticed any problems on Wimberley Way (4 days ago)

Christine Vaughan:

I'm on wimberley way and mine played up all morning (4 days ago)

Ray Robinson:

Mine played up this morning (4 days ago)

Jo Moore:

Are people sure its the internet and not their computers ? Mine has been playing up and someone suggested it could be the heat (4 days ago)

Andrea Smith:

Had a message from Sky last week to say more 4G work/improvements are being done this week and disruption is likely 1 (4 days ago)

Christine Vaughan:

It's bt (4 days ago)

(20 hours ago)

9 (3 days ago)

Ray Robinson:

What's this (3 days ago)

Joanne Southwell:

Annual summer gala with music ☺️ 1 (3 days ago)

Becky Frisby:

Hi jo, would we be able to have our usual table for kids games in the hall? Xx (1 day ago)

1 (4 days ago)

Ali Tummon:

Andrea Smith 1 (4 days ago)

Corinne Adams:

Helen Overhill (4 days ago)

Andrea Smith:

Just around the corner from you Karina, will contact you xx (4 days ago)

(1 day ago)
Emma Thompson:

Hi, we need ours doing desperately, the wheel has fallen off it 😂 (1 day ago)

Rick Bowdery:

pm'd you ryan (1 day ago)

(1 day ago)
Lotty Brown:

Yes I do (1 day ago)

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