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Wedgwood Montessori Parents

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Northwest Gifted Child Association (NWGCA) Home

The Northwest Gifted Child Association (NWGCA) is a statewide, nonprofit organization of people with an interest in meeting the special needs of highly capable children.

Sora Battey:

Thanks for the link! <3 That page lists a lot of great local and internet resources. :) 1 (8 months ago)

Jeri-Su Prewitt:

How do you know if a young child has a high IQ? I'm clueless... 1 (8 months ago)

Eva McCord Snee:

This is great! Did you come out of the seminar with any recommended reading (books, articles) that you could share? (4 months ago)

2 (7 months ago)

Annie Parker:

Oh my goodness! Thank you for capturing this! 😊 1 (7 months ago)

3 (7 months ago)

(8 months ago)

Powerful storms to deluge northwestern US into next week may be a sign of winter conditions to come

Multiple potent storms will blast the northwestern United States through early next week and could be a sign of developing La Nina conditions this winter.

(8 months ago)
Kathleen Phan:

I am! I have a morning slot and will change it this afternoon. Will PM you. 2 (8 months ago)

Angelina Godoy:

Kathleen Phan great, let me know! (8 months ago)

2 (8 months ago)
Elena English:

great points in this article, thanks for sharing! (8 months ago)

4 (9 months ago)
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Jeri-Su Prewitt:

I think it's the 6th. 1 (10 months ago)

Tehut Getahun:

The sixth (10 months ago)

Leslie Schuyler:

Thank you!! (10 months ago)

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