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500 Car Club of Tasmania

6 (1 week ago)
Presidents Trial, this Sunday!!

Maps and instructions printed and wow, has Rosey planned an easy trial for the beginners and thrown some doozies in there for the experts!! We can't wait to see the results on Sunday arvo!

Get your entry in now!! www.500carclub.com.au/trials-entry-form.html

David Allwright:

So, there's an event on tomorrow. Not much good having cars in sheds and not driving them; so I moved the Lancer to move the Commodore to move the other Lancer to get the Mazda out!
Which one should I take? 1 (1 week ago)

Geoff Rainbow:

What's the entry fee, can't seem to find it in the Supp Regs?? (1 week ago)

Geoff Rainbow:

Thanks to Graham Malcolm and Tim Rose for an enjoyable drive through the Tassie countryside on a perfect spring day. Obviously we spent too much time admiring the scenery (snow capped mountains!!) rather than following maps! Just a couple of observations - the reduced 100K maps were hard to read at times, and the times for control closures were a bit tight. Otherwise, had a great day guys. 2 (1 week ago)

Geoff Rainbow:

So any detailed results to be posted, with some post event analysis? Would be good to know where we went wrong and why. (3 days ago)

Geoff Rainbow:

So some questions arise: 1. Where was the info on Middle Tea Tree Road? As we entered the via point from the West and didn't see anything?? 2. Why did we have to go via Brown Mountain when the only 'Northerly' aspect of Eldon Rd was after the bridge at Brandy Bottom? 3. Schaw St, Bothwell (on the way to Meadsfield Rd - we saw nothing, 4, R3 at what I gather was the Meadsfield/Tor Hills Rds jcn, we went at least 200m past the jcn and didn't see any R board, 5. Holmes Rd - need to see the map but why was there an info there?, and 6.Lastly why do we have a 20 OK / 7 M score when we only actually missed 4 legit infos? (3 days ago)

4 (4 days ago)
Mini Car Club and MG Car Club are holding Super Sprints at Baskerville Raceway on the 29th of October. Super sprints are a great opportunity to get your car out on the racetrack with only a small number of other cars and complete timed laps. There will be a bbq and drinks available. See the flyer for more information.

(1 week ago)
Just a reminder this is on this Saturday so come help raise money and have some fun

32 (1 month ago)
Does anyone remember these?

Bryce Purden:

Still got mine. 👍🏻 1 (1 month ago)

Robert Mc Culloch:

STILL GOT ONE!!! (1 month ago)

Scott Brownley:

Mines early 90s vintage (1 month ago)

Stephen Conrad:

Hell yeah... Damn things got me lost more than once! 😜 1 (1 month ago)

David Mckay:

Yep! (1 month ago)

Corey Pilkington:

Gee Scott Brownley you really are making us show our age. Bring rallying back to this again 2 (1 month ago)

Craig Wright:

Yep mine even has a string threaded through it and stll has a smeer of mud off the floor. I think I've also got another to match the special fingal valley maps too. Anyone remember if that one was called frog roamer ? 2 (1 month ago)

Iain Ingles:

Yes still have two with the maps (1 month ago)

John Dowling:

STILL GOT MINE 1 (1 month ago)

Donald L Reid:

Yes! And I still have an average speed calculator. Mine is packed away but perhaps someone who still has one could put up a pic. 2 (1 month ago)

Bruce Walter:

Still got a couple including the Greg Preece Fingal ones 3 (1 month ago)

Tim Gadsby:

Still got one somewhere !! 1 (1 month ago)

Scott Brownley:

Wow cool way to flush out the dinosaurs 🤣 1 (1 month ago)

Mike Gigney:

Lin Gigney ....you had these made didnt you? (1 month ago)

Nick Creese:

Analogue navigation device. Doesnt need batteries, gps or phone signal. Used it at the winter trial. Still booted up after 20 years in the drawer. 4 (1 month ago)

John Dowling:

i think the Dinosaurs need another 24hr trial 3 (1 month ago)

Geoff Rainbow:

Still got a couple of mint ones. The trick was to drill a hole at the plotting point of each scale so you could mark the point with a pencil. And yes, still got an average speed calculator as well. While we're talking navigation stuff, can anyone remember 'arc of time', one of the late Ray Long's favourites? 3 (1 month ago)

Chris McIndoe:

I remember using the origional ones on photographic film. (1 month ago)

Craig Twining:

Should use them again (1 month ago)

Scott Brownley:

Mmmm so who's up for another 24 hr BP rally? 1 (1 month ago)

David Allwright:

Have competed in 3 BP Rallies this century; all in excess of 48 hours. 1 (1 month ago)

Lin Gigney:

Yes we made them hundreds of them indispensable tool for navigation in the 70's those were the days 7 (1 month ago)

John Tonks:

Still got mine, plus the average speed calculator, compass, torch with the inbuilt magifying glass, assorted dividers in my navigators tool bag. Funnily enough, had reason to use these skills recently in the CFA Basic Skill test (yes, I have joined the local fire brigade) 3 (1 month ago)

Geoff Rainbow:

Haven't seen a thread here with so many 'nostalgic' comments for a long time, maybe we should revisit map reading, plotting grid references ..... (Ducks for cover!!) 3 (1 month ago)

John Dowling:

Totally agree Geoff 1 (1 month ago)

(3 months ago)
Brodey Ledwell:

We should have all that 👍 (3 months ago)

Mark Kyle:

Cheers (3 months ago)

Mark Kyle:

Hi. We are after another 1.25 metres if anyone has some available in Hobart?

Don’t believe Shaw Performance have any in stock at the moment. Cheers (1 week ago)

Brodey Ledwell:

Hey Mark, I should be able to organise this for you tomorrow :) (1 week ago)

Mark Kyle:

Ok thanks Brodey. I’ll be coming over your way tomorrow. (1 week ago)

Brodey Ledwell:

Give me a call at the shop in the morning & ill make it happen :) 1 (1 week ago)

(2 weeks ago)

10 (2 weeks ago)

RallySafe lands WRC contract - RallySport Magazine

RallySafe has secured the contract to supply units to the WRC for the next five years. The Tasmanian product, founded under parent company, Status Awareness Systems, in early 2010, provide units which are widely regarded as the best in the world. The units provide timing, live tracking, and most imp...

28 (4 weeks ago)
Mark Butcher:

Did i miss the dirt part? 2 (4 weeks ago)

Casey Ennis:

No, there was no dirt/mud - demonstration after all. (4 weeks ago)

David Waldon:

Too much ground water off the track to do it unfortunately. Rallycross in summer is more ideal😬 (4 weeks ago)

Craig Wright:

I don't remember seeing chicanes in for yesterday's lunchtime run. Were they just out of my view yesterday, or did some one think too much fun was being had? (4 weeks ago)

Clinton Poke:

What the? Where is the rally x? Too much water? Um its rally? Have you lot lost the point of what that means? Just call it a slowed down race if its not a rally x lol 2 (4 weeks ago)

Daniel Davies:

I don't think that the course was hard enough for you hardened rally chaps, I would have been a lot tougher on you guys :) (4 weeks ago)

Daniel Willson:

Absolutely awesome fun. I had a hoot dicing with everyone in my Mini :) 5 (4 weeks ago)

Keryn Gay:

If anyone thinks that the guys didnt give it their all, then come do better, I was in Flag Post 4. top of the hill and was standing by with the yellow ` OOPS` flag. 2 (4 weeks ago)

1 (4 weeks ago)

9 (1 month ago)

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