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Delaware Marathon

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Creator: Stacey Haddock Schiller
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Joel Scott Schiller: 65 (1 day ago)
Joel Scott Schiller: 2015 artwork for the men's smoke shirts with butter yellow side panels!! (1 day ago) 2

Joel Scott Schiller: And for the ladies: 2015 artwork for the ladies lavender shirt with purple soide panels!! (1 day ago) 9

Nora Haefele: Oooooh. (1 day ago) 1

Anna Louise Kallas: Love! (1 day ago)
Andrew L Shearer: The date reminds me of the Schoolhouse Rock song for multiples of 5. Go ahead, try and get it out of your head now. (1 day ago) 5

Andrew L Shearer: (1 day ago) 2

Damali Thomas: Pretty! (1 day ago)

Robin Marie Hudy: Ok.. So my Marathon Training officially starts Jan 5th.. My Biggest Fear is that I won't Finish in the Alotted time frame for the Race.. Im about an 11min mile pace now.. At what Point Time Wise does the Race End.. Meaning if it's 5hrs is there a Point where it's too long and the Race closes.. I'm so Scared of that Happening to me.. 8 (2 days ago)
Michelle Hancock Gentry: Website says 6 hrs 45 mins if you do early start @ 6:15 (2 days ago) 1

Robin Marie Hudy: Thank You Michelle Hancock Gentry :) (2 days ago)
Michelle Hancock Gentry: Yep! Good luck! I'm contemplating the half that weekend 😊 (2 days ago) 1

Stacey Haddock Schiller: Robin, we will contact all runners whose expected finish times exceed 6 hours and invite them to take an early start at 6:15. Focus on your training and don't sweat race day! (2 days ago) 9

Damali Thomas: You'll be fine. (2 days ago) 1

Sarah McCoy: I ran my first full last year and had the same concerns. I opted for the early start and ended up finishing in about 6 hrs 45 min. The staff, volunteers, and spectators were all fantastic! As part of the last group of runners to finish, there was plently of support on the course and at the finish line. You're in good hands, just enjoy the experience :) (2 days ago) 7

Robin Marie Hudy: Thank You So Very Much EVERYONE!!!! I'm very Excited for my First Marathon!!! This Group is such a Wonderful Support System for me!!! :) (2 days ago) 1

Brenda Clay Roach: Its a wonderful event, all around!! Great spectators and the time will go by quickly with all the friendly and fun runners! The after party is awesome and you will love it!! I just finished my first full 2 wks ago, and you just have to believe in your training and enjoy the race. We typically have beautiful weather for this early morning event. Its definately one of my very favorite events. Great swag, and supercool race directors!! Good luck with your training, and JUST BELIEVE and you will achieve!! (2 days ago) 3

Raymond Doherty: Take the early start if you are worried, you might be faster after your training too! I have done the Delaware half twice (placed in 2012 so I got my brilliant bobble head trophy!) and its my favorite race hands down!! (2 days ago)
Lindsay Abel: You'll be okay! Usually the cut off for marathons is a 15 m/m pace. I typically run 10-12 and have my 5th marathon coming up. There are a LOT of people finishing behind me. :) (2 days ago) 2

Joel Scott Schiller: We allow all to finish. (2 days ago) 11

Anna Louise Kallas: Robin Marie Hudy: I start my training on January 1st. It's my first marathon and I'm about an 11 minute too. No worries. You'll be fine. If you would like, you can follow me on my FB page Gracious Warrior Princess. :) (2 days ago) 2

Philip E Min: You will make it! (2 days ago) 1

Elicia Bollenbach: You will do great! This is a great Marathon to run with amazing support from Marathon staff & spectators. I ran the half 2 years ago. I'm contemplating running the full this year! (2 days ago) 1

Aimee Matarese McCall: Thoughts on the Delaware Marathon for my first? Current base mileage is 26/week. Just completed half #5 for 2014 with a NY Double on the horizon. Im from Delaware originally but live in Texas now. I thought this would make a nice trip home 😄 19 (4 days ago)
Lindsay Abel: I haven't run it but I heard its hilly. (4 days ago)
Aimee Matarese McCall: Like rolling hills or omg cut my legs off and let me die here hills? (4 days ago)
Lindsay Abel: (4 days ago)
Lindsay Abel: As long as you have hills to train on, you'll be fine! (4 days ago) 1

Justin Osberg Patton Carbonara: Couple ok hills with a major hill at mile 12 & 25. (4 days ago)
Jaime Etchberger Schrenk: There is a pretty significant hill. And the marathon is a loop so you repeat the course twice. (4 days ago)
Stacey Haddock Schiller: Great swag, pretty course and excellent runner service, if I do say so myself! (4 days ago) 11

Damali Thomas: Nooooooooo (4 days ago)
Damali Thomas: It was my 3rd and 5th marathon. I'm not super fast. If I ever become super fast maybe I'll run the full again. The half is plenty. (4 days ago) 1

Suzanne Slomjeski: The support and organization makes Delaware on my top ten. (4 days ago) 2

Suzy Spiceland Michelson: It was my first, and I loved it. The hills were no different than what I trained on at home. (4 days ago) 1

Patti Morris: As Jaime said the significant hill is long winding climb but it is mid run if I remember so you will be warmed up and ready for it (if you have been doing hills in your training) you will be fine! (4 days ago) 1

Aimee Matarese McCall: Well... I do have limited access to hills, but there are a few in my area that I train on. It's between this race, Cowtown or OKC Memorial. Decisions...decisions. (4 days ago)
Wayne Kursh: Don't forget... The 2 hills you go up you also run down. Super fast finish. (4 days ago) 5

Aimee Matarese McCall: I saw that hill at the end and was thinking the same thing Wayne. (4 days ago) 1

Larry Macon: Great race (4 days ago) 1

Suzy Spiceland Michelson: I found the hill at mile 7?? To be a lot more challenging. Especially when you see relay runners with fresher legs storming right up it. Great race!! (4 days ago) 3

David Weiss: Excellent race for a first (4 days ago) 1

Gina Polizzi: It was my first full this past May. Course support was awesome. I recommend it. (4 days ago) 2

Lynn McKown D'Angelo: You'll love it!! It was my first and 2nd. Well put together, great swag, good neighborhood support and well manned water stops. (4 days ago) 2

Laura Brooks Haber: It was my first and I came back the following year because I loved it so much! As long as you do some hill training you'll be fine. The volunteers and spectators are fantastic! They really motivate you through the whole race! You'll forget that there are any hills!😉 (4 days ago) 1

Jackie Harris: I enjoyed the race (4 days ago) 1

David Weiss: I came in from ohio to run the race and loved it..... They actually interviewed me for an article about the race's local economic impact (I ran in 2013) for a Delaware online newspaper and I had nothing but great things to say about the race (4 days ago) 1

Aimee Matarese McCall: Thanks everyone! I'm thinking this race will be the one!! (4 days ago) 1

Jennifer Acord: It's a great race, Aimee, and very caring people running it (and I mean in charge of it. And running it :) ) (4 days ago) 2

Wayne Kursh: Yes! (4 days ago) 1

Suzy Spiceland Michelson: I actually loved the double loop because the volunteers were so good! Many of them remembered me the second time around because I was joking with them and having such a great time! Even the cross guards were friendly :-) (4 days ago) 2

Aimee Matarese McCall: Sooooo... My next question is who runs a party pace (12-13 min/mile) who wouldn't mind being a friendly face for me to look for? (4 days ago) 1

Jennifer Acord: Right now that's where I am. I'm just doing the half though...but there will be tons of people at party pace (love that term) through the whole race. (4 days ago) 1

Damali Thomas: I was completely alone coming down King Street. The roads were opening up so I had to pay attention. Didn't really enjoy running down Union the 2nd time (again, cars). (4 days ago)
Aimee Matarese McCall: Thanks Damali. I'll keep that in mind. (4 days ago)
Anna Louise Kallas: It will be my first marathon. Aimee, I run an 11 so I'll be slow too. (4 days ago) 1

Robert Mason: How is the FB chatter with cowtown and OKC? Delaware is a great friendly event with beer champagne and more after. (4 days ago)
Aimee Matarese McCall: I've done the Cowtown half so I'm familiar with swag/amenities. It's a huge race in comparison (20000 runners) so the after party isn't as nice. There's soup ( which I loved) and your run of the mill bagels, bananas, etc. not sure about OKC post race but I've heard crowd support is great and it's well organized. The memorial service before the race is said to be quite moving. (4 days ago)
Jennifer Acord: I think this size race is my favorite size! (4 days ago) 1

Aimee Matarese McCall: I think I agree. There's a race management group here in the DFW area that puts on awesome, smaller races. The RD is fabulous. (4 days ago)
Chrissy Hower: I run around a 12 minute/mile but unsure if I am doing the half or full yet. Ran the full last year and had a great experience, also plenty of post-race entertainment and food after I finished with a time of 5:45. (4 days ago) 1

Philip E Min: I have done a couple of hundred and this is one of my very favorite courses...the few hills are mostly shaded, which is important in the Spring.... (4 days ago) 4

Misty White: Great race, volunteers and course! I would highly recommend and then you get have your hometown friends and family cheer you on which is awesome! :-) (3 days ago) 1

Wayne Kursh: Book the Weston on riverfront. You can walk to start (3 days ago) 3

Molley Crist: The Weston was great last year and had a late afternoon checkout on Sundays (3 days ago) 1

Elizabeth Morgan Colello: I loved the half but I don't think I could do the marathon since it is a double loop. The race is well organized and fin though so if a double does not bother you go for it! (3 days ago) 1

Philip E Min: The advantage to me of a double loop is that you know what you are up against the last 13.1 miles. (3 days ago) 2