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Delaware Marathon

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24 (2 weeks ago)
Lindsay Abel:

I started off the Philly Marathon in red shorts and they honored him at the start by telling everyone who he was and that he was supposed to run with us today. 10 (2 weeks ago)

Sara Chittick Dempsey:

I saw someone refer to him as the silent motivater.
All he had to do was show up and we all wanted to be like him, still rocking out well into our 80s. 6 (2 weeks ago)

Ni Godlove:

3 (2 weeks ago)

2 (2 weeks ago)
Lynn McKown D'Angelo:

The race is under new ownership now. Little things we looked forward to like that will likely change. (2 weeks ago)

Nora Haefele:

Two years ago it was managed by awesome people. Now who knows? 1 (2 weeks ago)

Bill Klein:

Lynn the dr Seuss fan club was still at mile 11! 1 (2 weeks ago)

Bill Klein:

It was a somewhat altered course but for the most part it was the same. No crossing the fells bridge and added was running up to the Mann music center (2 weeks ago)

47 (2 weeks ago)
Representing in Philly!!

Eleanor Beason:

Congratulations 1 (2 weeks ago)

Sandy Wurm:

Congrats, you had a cold and windy day. Yesterday was a beautiful day to run the half, I wore my Delaware Marathon hat 1 (2 weeks ago)

Wayne Kursh:

Love your tee shirt! 2 (2 weeks ago)

Bill Klein:

I wear them to all the big runs. I don't forget where I come from!! 2 (2 weeks ago)

Wayne Kursh:

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸƒπŸΎπŸƒπŸΎ 1 (2 weeks ago)