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Delaware Marathon

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Creator: Stacey Haddock Schiller
Members: Over 1500
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Joel Scott Schiller: 48 (10 hours ago)
David S Johnson Sr.: Love Mike the Drummer always so random to me lol (2 hours ago) 1

Tammy Crone Rieger: Awesome!! (3 hours ago)
Jessica Hirsh Normington: There music along the entire course? Really? Nice (7 hours ago) 1

Eleanor Beason: Love the drummer!! He's so cool to be out there!! (9 hours ago) 1

Michelle Marie: Nice!! (10 hours ago)
Amy Temple: This is awesome!! I love this race just a little bit more now :) (10 hours ago)
John Chillingworth: Mike the drummer!! (10 hours ago) 1

Joel Scott Schiller: Oh, where to put all this SWAG! 94 (1 day ago)
Noel Sarah Dietrich: Nice! My dad is running in the relay this year for the first time, and is looking forward to all of the swag I have bragged about in the past! (10 hours ago)
Valerie Huot: Coooool!!!!! (1 day ago)
Nancy Harris: SCHWAG!!!!! (1 day ago)

Megan Pinand: 10 miler done and now the taper before the Half. Hope everyone is having a nice long run today! I'm pumped for this half!!!! 5 (14 hours ago)