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Delaware Marathon

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Joel Scott Schiller: A commonly asked question: Is the Marathon course for 2015 the same as last year's course?

Answer: The 2014 course had to be altered due to construction over the swinging bridge in Brandywine Park. That issue has been remediated, so we can return to our standard course which was last used in 2013. The overall course profile is the same. We will replace the extra (flat) distance that we had to run on the Christina Riverfront with an equally flat but infinitely more scenic stretch in Brandywine Park. 22 (1 day ago)
Robert Mason: The swinging bridge is one of the unique features of the DE marathon. JUST LEAVE ROOM TO PASS pretty please! (56 minutes ago)

David Alan McCorquodale: A nice tongue-in-cheek article. My one comment, relating to #15, never, ever have chili for dinner the night before a marathon! 20 (2 days ago)
22 Really Weird And Annoying Things Runners Do
Robert Mason: Don't get it. Which part is weird and annoying? (1 hour ago)
David Alan McCorquodale: Vira Katolik, I've done that also. (1 day ago) 1

Vira Katolik: THis is fantastic. I always scope out info on where to run while on vaca. I've gone so far as to look at satellite photos so I can find some trails :) (1 day ago) 2

Laura Massimini Berger: Looking for a good warm up for the DE marathon? Register for the Philly Hot Chocolate Race! It's April 4th this year. Choose between the 5k and the 15k & get a gender specific hoodie at the finish. I got to see them & they're awesome. Brand new is the giant chocolate medal! Sign up before the prices go up and use coupon code: PHILLYHAT2 for a super cute free hat and swag. Lots of chocolate at the finish!
coupon code: PHILLYHAT2 24 (1 day ago)
Hot Chocolate 15K – Philadelphia
Blythe Milbury-Steen: Felt moved to post this classic from the band Hot Chocolate as part of this race discussion! (4 hours ago) 1

Laura Massimini Berger: It's going to be a blast! Feel free to share the coupon code with your running buddies! (4 hours ago)
Bill Klein: Thank you so much (4 hours ago) 1

Laura Massimini Berger: PHILLYHAT2 (4 hours ago)
Bill Klein: Laura where can I find that? Is it on the link? (4 hours ago)
Laura Massimini Berger: Yay Bill! Make sure you use the coupon code! (4 hours ago)
Bill Klein: That's the coolest finisher's medal ever!! I'm in. But in reality you had me at chocolate (5 hours ago) 1

Nina DiPinto: Fun race! Doing it this year again! (1 day ago) 1

Laura Massimini Berger: Awesome!!!! (1 day ago)
Jennifer Schandelmeier: I'm signing up right now...looking forward to it! (1 day ago) 1

Noel Sarah Dietrich: I did this last year and had a fabulous time - will be back again this year! (1 day ago) 1

Chrissy Cesario: Carrie Lynn and Michele -see that? Flat, easy and they give out chocolate on the course!! (1 day ago) 3

Gena Peronti: I did this race last year and it was great! Flat easy and they give out chocolate on the course! (1 day ago) 1

Blythe Milbury-Steen: Lynn, let's carpool to philly for chocolate together! :) (1 day ago) 1

Laura Massimini Berger: It's HUGE!!!!! (1 day ago)
Jennifer Schandelmeier: that medal is pretty hard to resist. (1 day ago) 1

Lynn McKown D'Angelo: Blythe yayyy!!! (1 day ago)
Laura Massimini Berger: Awesome ladies!!!! We are going to have so much fun! (1 day ago)
TaMieka Somotivated Brown: I'm all registered :) (1 day ago) 1

Blythe Milbury-Steen: Just signed up! (1 day ago) 1

Chrissy Hower: Last year's race was awesome! I wish it was sill on Sunday as I work on Saturdays and can't take it off. Next year! (1 day ago) 1

Chrissy Cesario: I'm registered to run with my sister!! Nikki ❤️ (1 day ago) 1

Blythe Milbury-Steen: The medal is made of chocolate? Really? Sign me up! :) (1 day ago) 1

Stacey Haddock Schiller: The Rebel girls did this last year and had a blast! (1 day ago) 1