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Delaware Marathon

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Creator: Stacey Haddock Schiller
Members: Over 1500
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Mark DeNio: Now I know why the race is on Mother's Day. 17 (1 day ago)
Tobi Brown Bennett: My secret is out!! Lol (1 day ago) 1

Angie Socorso: Love it! (1 day ago)
Vira Katolik: hahah one time a friend went on a 14-mile trail run with me on Mother's Day. She told her family that was the gift she wanted :) (1 day ago)
Samantha Samuels-Mitchell: Tobi Brown Bennett lol! (1 day ago) 2

Joel Scott Schiller: Got my work to do! 22 (3 days ago)
Suzanne Slomjeski: Healing thoughts being sent to you. (3 days ago) 1

Vira Katolik: You'll come back even stronger! (3 days ago) 1

Nina DiPinto: Let the sessions with Dr. Torquemada begin :) (3 days ago) 1

Lori Culnane: Here's hoping for fast healing! Hope Paul doesn't beat you up too much! (3 days ago) 1

Cathy Ahn: Another good use for my favorite marathon cup! 12 (4 days ago)
Vira Katolik: Nice peonie!s (3 days ago) 1