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Kimberly Shoe: Hey there runners! I'm looking for any places in the northern Delaware area that do good deep tissue massages for athletes/runners? Looks like it may help with aches/healing after long runs or race. I'm running about 40 or so miles per week now and have trained every fall & winter for a spring marathon. Thoughts? I have a marathon in March and likely the DE half in May. 2 (18 hours ago)
Susan Lang: Limestone therapeutic massage. (18 hours ago) 2

Sara Chittick Dempsey: Google the name Jody Graham, message therapist. He's done many athletes pro and amateur. He used to be in Newark but relocated to N. Wilmington recently (18 hours ago) 2

Katherine Momcilovich: Try the massage center in North Wilmington. They are amazing. Plus, the have some really good deals. (18 hours ago) 1

Kris Zelusky Miller: I have a friend who is at HAC as well as an instructor. I know she does deep tissue. You can pm me and I can send you her contact info. (11 hours ago) 1

Brenda Clay Roach: I see an awesome women in North Wilmington if you are interested, right on Concord Pike. If you are interested, feel free to inbox me (7 hours ago)
Laura Massimini Berger: Rudy-Elite PT at the hac. Request a soft tissue appt (7 hours ago) 2

Barbara Ann Spears Vandiver: The strand salon and spa see Stacy. (3 hours ago) 1

Barbara Ann Spears Vandiver: The strand salon and spa see Stacy. (3 hours ago)

Joel Scott Schiller: It looks like someone has a running sticker problem! 86 (22 hours ago)
Stacey Haddock Schiller: #helpyourself (22 hours ago) 1

Jennifer Reeves Gidaro: Saw a car the other day that had a 0.0 sticker on it.... Made me laugh (22 hours ago) 5

Suzanne Slomjeski: Now that's just showing off. (22 hours ago)
Raj Walia: hahhaa. 0.0 is hilarious! (22 hours ago)
Eileen Flannery Steele: Someone needs a lot of validation from strangers. (22 hours ago) 4

Karen Ulysse White: Wow!!!!! (22 hours ago)
Karen Ulysse White: How many miles is on that car? LOL (22 hours ago) 1

Lexi Jalon-Nawrocki: You think? (22 hours ago)
Ann Franks Brown: A little over kill
:) (21 hours ago)
Jeff Ellis: I am sure he or she is not annoying at all.... Damn almost typed that without laughing. (21 hours ago) 1

Ann Franks Brown: I wonder how long it takes to get those miles off before going through the car wash. Lol :) (21 hours ago)
Michele Borzio: Maybe they stole my 70.3 magnet! (21 hours ago) 4

Wayne Kursh: Can't be a Delaware car (21 hours ago)
Stacey Haddock Schiller: Michele, and my DMRF and 26.2 magnets! (21 hours ago) 2

Jim Steele: And my swim-bike-run magnet! (20 hours ago) 1

Joel Scott Schiller: Jennifer Reeves Gidaro: 0.0 - the instant gratification race - now go grab your shirt and finishers medal! (20 hours ago) 1

Janet Moore: thats humility! (19 hours ago)
Eileen Flannery Steele: Maybe they just wanted to trick out the minivan--you know, make it look "cool!" That said, I do admire the acomplishments. (19 hours ago) 1

Don Ropp: Team van? (19 hours ago)
Lori Culnane: A little excessive?.... (19 hours ago) 2

Robert Sholtis: Hey. Layoff. They were on sale! (19 hours ago) 1

Jennifer Way: Tacky! (18 hours ago) 1

Dagmar Knudsen: Lol. There is still some space for more stickers. . (17 hours ago) 2

Joel Scott Schiller: Now that "Snowmageddon" has passed us by, don't forget that the Delaware Running Company store in Greenville is planning this Thursday (Jan 29), an in store kickoff for the 2015 Delaware Marathon Running Festival! 5–7 PM. Sign up in person and receive steep discounts on registrations plus a chance to receive DRC give-aways! Food and drink, too! 20 (1 day ago)
Amber Devaney: I wanted to go but I work late Thursdays (20 hours ago)