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Rodriguez Ceci: Good morning runners Iam super excited for this first marathon ! Never run in Delaware ! May someone help me about the weather and how it's the best wear for this fabulous experience ?
It's cold ? Or not ? What's your last experience in this marathon ? Thanks so much ! Almost there !! 2 (1 week ago)
Eleanor Beason: When I ran it in 13, the weather was perfect! I wore shorts and a singlet (1 week ago) 1

Rodriguez Ceci: Thank you Eleanor Beason ! (1 week ago) 2

Vira Katolik: I'm excited for you! DE was my first last year. I'd say shorts and singlet is a good choice for this time of year. (1 week ago) 1

Vira Katolik: The course is really nice, too. A good variety of riverfront, city neighborhoods, a park, a zoo... (1 week ago) 2

Rodriguez Ceci: Thank you Vira Katolik !! Looks great !! Almost there !! It's my first !! YeaaaaA (1 week ago) 1

Ken Polleck: From

Race Day Weather:

Mean Temp.: 63°F (17°C)
Average High: 73°F (22°C)
Average Low: 52° F (11°C)

...which means, to me, a bit on the warm side (especially if you are running the full and when running Union and Lincoln Streets on the second lap), but I really like not having to wait around before the start in mid-30° F weather like I do for SO many events!

If you are running the full--with its two laps*--try to plan in advanced something different to think about on each lap. Like notice all the runners on the first lap and then shift to focusing on the rivers, trees, flowers, etc. on the second lap (when there will be fewer runners anyway).

*The State of Delaware is too small to fit a full 26.2 course in. Ha ha. (I'm a Delaware native, so I can pick on my home state, right?) (1 week ago) 3

Rodriguez Ceci: Thank you so much big help I am feeling a little nervous ! Thank you ken Ken polleck (1 week ago) 1

Vira Katolik: Check out this article. (1 week ago) 1

Rodriguez Ceci: k its great i read Thank your very much ¡ big help (1 week ago)
Rodriguez Ceci: Thank you Vira Katolik I did ! It's great !! See you at the race !! (1 week ago) 1

Titus Kipkemoi Rotich: Iam the 42.195 km double defending champ.....i humbly welcome you to Delaware Marathon where you will feel the Delawean hospitality and get to mingle with the rest of the world. (1 week ago) 3

David Alan McCorquodale: I have run all of them. I'd say that about a third of the time, it is fairly cool and dry. The rest of the time you may have to deal with more heat or more humidity (or both) than would be optimal. In the latter case be sure to hit all of the hydration stations. (1 week ago) 3

Rodriguez Ceci: Thanks everybody big help ! (1 week ago) 1

Ken Polleck: I like Vira Katolik's posted list.. ...especially "Take pictures of where you are running." Yes, you might add 2 to 3 minutes to your time, but there will be sights and funny signs (and maybe a few selfies) that you will cherish having forever. (1 week ago) 2

Vira Katolik: And chat with other runners. Everyone has a story. (1 week ago) 2

Rodriguez Ceci: Thank you feeling ready with all runners !!! Happyyyyyy ready tomorrow 10 miles in Gaithersburg! (1 week ago)
Rodriguez Ceci: (1 week ago) 1

Linda Chi: It's usually warm but you can't guarantee the May weather. Be prepared for both warm and cool but definitely not cold (1 week ago) 3

Rodriguez Ceci: Thank you Linda (1 week ago)
Rodriguez Ceci: Thank You !! See You then !!! Yeaaaaa (1 day ago) 1

Vira Katolik: It's a good idea to have some throw-away clothes at the beginning. At Philly in November, I had dollar store gloves, "arm warmers" made from men's socks, and an XL. Tshirt to wear while waiting around. Last year at Delaware, I just wore shorts and a tank top as it was already really warm by 6am. (1 day ago) 1

David Alan McCorquodale: When possible I prefer starting a marathon being cold because it means it will take my body that much longer before it has to start dealing with the excess body heat. I am always amazed at seeing how many people seem to be overdressed for a marathon - many wearing tech clothes on their upper body and legs that they can't take off and certainly wouldn't discard. My motto: Dress for the conditions in the last part of the marathon, not the beginning. (1 day ago) 3

Anne Leschik Moreno: (19 hours ago) 1

Sabrina Mackey: i was always told. Dress for 10 degrees warmer than whatever the bulk of the race is. If it's 50, dress for 60. (6 hours ago)
Rodriguez Ceci: Ok thank you all !!! Help me a lot (6 hours ago) 1

Michelle Arrante: Anyone have good tried and true recommendations for how to eat the day before for people who worry about digestive issues ( being PC here!😜)! See ya at the outhouses!! 1 (19 hours ago)
Molly Nechvatal: Morning of the day before the marathon, I have bagels and jam, banana, and-or oatmeal. I usually eat my "big" meal of the day by noon or 1:00 -- pasta, no cheese, fruit. Then maybe soup and bread or crackers for dinner, sipping on water and juice throughout the day, snacking on pretzels and even some gummy bears if I need more carbs. This way, I don't worry about having last night's dinner still hanging out in my digestive track (sorry if that's tmi!) (15 hours ago) 1

Vira Katolik: This would make a great shirt for race day. 35 (19 hours ago)
Dave Gertler: I can't touch that. (12 hours ago) 2