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Delaware Marathon

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Creator: Stacey Haddock Schiller
Members: Over 1500
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Vira Katolik: Happy running, everyone!!! #run2016demarathon 28 (20 hours ago)

Joel Scott Schiller: I love it when someone uses Delaware in their status photo. Thanks Mohan! #run2016DEMarathon 66 (1 day ago)
Diana Marie: So inspirational!!! It can be done!!!! (22 hours ago) 1

Dan Gleason: So. This is where the cool kids are hanging that are doing the Delaware Marathon. 6 (4 days ago)
Vira Katolik: Yeah, Dan Gleason! (4 days ago) 2

Vira Katolik: We need to recruit Jana Nogowski too! :-) (4 days ago) 1