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Delaware Marathon

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24 (7 months ago)
Mark Holliday:

Good luck David Alan McCorquodale! (7 months ago)

Eliot W. Collins:

I'll be thinking of John Schultz (RIP). 1 (7 months ago)

David Alan McCorquodale:

I just wrote to Corrigan, asking what happened to the older age group awards they said they would have. The highest was 70+, which meant that a male 77 and two 80+ males did not get an award. 1 (7 months ago)

Wayne Kursh:

Moms run but getting volunteers and enough police coverage was an issue (7 months ago)

Amanda Corrigan:

Corrigan Sports is in the process of evaluating the results and breaking down age group categories. We will offer free registration to the 2018 DMRF as the age group award for these older age groups. Please be patient as we address all post event issues, including declaring results official. Our standard procedure is to give our timing company time to "cleanup" issues such as people who accidentally signed up as the wrong gender, timing chip failures, etc. We have not forgotten about this nor are we going against our word. (7 months ago)

David Alan McCorquodale:

Interesting that this is posted shortly after I took the survey and mentioned this. OK, great! (7 months ago)

Nora Haefele:

Nope. Maybe she blocked me for some reason. (7 months ago)

7 (7 months ago)
TaMieka Brown:

When I put in .you bin. Umber I only get the option to log into fb using a password I've not had to use in forever will they be emailed (7 months ago)

Dave Gell:

They will not be emailed. By the end of the week you can download from Backprint. We will post a link when images are available thru this option. (7 months ago)

TaMieka Brown:

Cool (7 months ago)

6 (7 months ago)

Renate McIntosh:

Attachment unavailable (7 months ago)