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Delaware Marathon

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Creator: Stacey Haddock Schiller
Members: Over 1500
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Joel Scott Schiller: We had 22 entries for the healthy selfie FB photo contest; including Sharon Miner and Robert Mason who posted more than one!!. All the names were thrown into a hat, random numbers were chosen, and the winner of a free entry is....... Chrissy Cesario! Thank you all for your photos. Another contest soon!! 12 (1 hour ago)
Melorie Poteat: Congrats!!! (1 hour ago) 1

Chrissy Cesario: Say What???!!!!Yay!!!!!!! (1 hour ago) 2

Felicia Brake Grimes: Yeah!!!!! Chrissy Cesario. (30 minutes ago)

Joel Scott Schiller: You should have your 2015 Save the Date postcard by this weekend. We mailed 35,000. Let us know if you did not get yours. 42 (1 day ago)
Amy Temple: I received 2 :) If you delete any names to update, you can remove Amy Lloyd. Thats my maiden name so I received Lloyd & Temple in the mail (1 day ago)
Sharon Miner: Healthy selfie, got home from my workout and this was on the table #run2015demaraton (1 day ago) 4

Patti Morris: Got two :-) (1 day ago)
Sue Deutsch DeNardo: (1 day ago)
Sue Deutsch DeNardo: Got mine today (1 day ago)
Stacey Haddock Schiller: Joel's working through our mailing list of 35,000 and will delete duplicates as we go. Thanks! (1 day ago)
Kim Turner: Yes, I got two too, Stacey Haddock Schiller! (1 day ago)
Jeff Moran: Joel got mine and love the new sponsor...awesome! (1 day ago) 1

Rhonda Bowman: I got mine - looks awesome! (1 day ago) 1

Andrea Ladany: Got two. I even got one with my old married name from 11 years ago! (1 day ago)
Stacey Haddock Schiller: Joel Scott Schiller and I are taking a much-needed "Chrisley Knows Best" break! He'll get these taken care of; thanks, ya'll! (1 day ago)
Gwen Guerke: I got two too! :) (1 day ago)
Patti Morris: I'll just pass the extra one along hoping I can encourage someone else to run it!! (1 day ago) 3

Valerie Huot: got it!!!!!!WHOO HOO!!!!! (23 hours ago)
Lynn McKown D'Angelo: I got 3 :P (23 hours ago)
Dan Frazier: I saw them on the desks of coworkers today... I didn't get one. (23 hours ago)
Lynn McKown D'Angelo: I can cover you Dan! (23 hours ago)
Stacey Haddock Schiller: ^ Dan, make that 34,999. Email to be added to the list. (23 hours ago) 1

Lori Culnane: Got ours this time!!! (23 hours ago)
Danielle Keaveney Frank: Just got my postcard! Thank you! (7 hours ago)

Fred Martin: Awesome post card, especially with a pic of my wife Kris & her runnin mate Jessica on it. Thats just way too kool!! 17 (1 day ago)
Fred Martin: Hey Kris, maybe next run you can sport a Martin Electrical Construction custom way kool shirt. Hehehe!!! (1 day ago)
Stacey Haddock Schiller: ^I see what you did there, Fred! LOL! But yes, a lot of thought goes into picking the postcard photos each year. (1 day ago) 2

Fred Martin: Ya'll dida great job 😁 (1 day ago)