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Melorie Poteat: Can anyone recommend running trails in New Castle County? Would prefer packed dirt trails before gravel. Looking to take a break from the asphalt. Thanks! 2 (11 hours ago)
Chika Chukwuocha: Me too Melorie Poteat.. (11 hours ago) 1

Joe Blithe: Lums Pond SP in Bear has 10+ miles of flat trails. White Clay Creek SP in Newark, or Brandywine Creek SP just north of Wilmington both have extensive trail systems that are much more challenging. (11 hours ago) 5

Melorie Poteat: Thanks Joe Blithe! (11 hours ago)
Charles Carlson: Middle Run, between Possum Park Rd and Polly Drummond Rd is a free county park. Judge Morris Estate is part of WWCSP. (11 hours ago) 2

Jeff Ellis: Glasgow park has a shorter system of trails at the back end of their paved loop. Definitely agree with Joe on Lums and White Clay(they host high school XC meets there).Lums has nice trails, some go along the water. (11 hours ago) 2

Melorie Poteat: Thanks Jeff Ellis! (11 hours ago)
Melorie Poteat: Thanks Charles Carlson! (11 hours ago)
Mike Kraft: If you go to white clay, google the trail maps first. I recommend the trails that don't allow mountain bikers until you are comfortable on trails. Bikers come up on you pretty fast. (10 hours ago) 1

Carla Messina Jennings: Lums pond (10 hours ago) 1

Dave Gertler: If you're not too ambitious distance-wise, Bellevue State Park has a nice 5K course with just a couple small bits of asphalt; almost all packed dirt or grass. (The park has other trails too, but most of them are largely paved.) (10 hours ago) 3

Tamara Cherese: Carousel Park. But might have some crushed gravel (9 hours ago) 2

Sean Scott: My favorite is White Clay. The trails range from flat along the creek to some technical loops. (9 hours ago) 1

Joel Scott Schiller: All the state parks have trail courses that are used for HS cross country: Bellevue; Brandywine Creek; Lum's Pond are especially nice; (9 hours ago) 1

Melorie Poteat: Thanks guys! (9 hours ago)
Teresa Rothaar: I do all of my long runs at Bellevue State Park. (8 hours ago) 2

Robert Mason: Howard laws 5k $5 this Tuesday at 6.30 pm. Runners at all skill levels and ages welcome! (7 hours ago) 1

Robert Mason: Howard laws is at Bellevue state park, meet by the lake (7 hours ago)
Melorie Poteat: Thanks Robert! However I have something scheduled this Tuesday. (7 hours ago)
Robert Mason: Mark your calendar for August 12. Last of the series I think. (6 hours ago) 1

Stacey Haddock Schiller: Our favorite PCVRC ladies representin' DMRF in San Fran! 7 (1 day ago)
Andrea Ladany: I love it! (1 day ago) 1

Joel Scott Schiller: One of most loyal sponsors! Do you love those DM pint glasses? If so, check out the new NKS website. 4 (2 days ago)
David Alan McCorquodale: NKS distributes more than, so why not more than Michelob Ultra at the end? (1 day ago) 1