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Chiara DiMuzio Gravell: Amen...this is how I feel. I am a slow and proud back of the packer....great read 19 (19 hours ago)
Stacey Haddock Schiller: Thanks for sharing, Chiara. We've read several of these posts, and it's important that race directors keep the entire field in mind, not just the first finishers. That's one of the reasons why DMRF has instituted a ticket policy for the post-race party - to ensure that there's enough food for all finishers. (19 hours ago) 7

Chiara DiMuzio Gravell: Great idea Stacey (19 hours ago)
Nora Haefele: Stacey you are going to have a chocolate milk ticket next year, right? (18 hours ago) 2

Stacey Haddock Schiller: Actually, Nora, we decided that I would meet you at the finish line with your chocolate milk - will that work?? (18 hours ago) 4

Nora Haefele: Now that's more like it. I keep talking up your race, by the way. Best. Party.Ever. (18 hours ago) 3

Stacey Haddock Schiller: Thank you! (And your check is in the mail.) (18 hours ago) 1

Gena Peronti: This article was AWESOME!! When I ran broad st this year they were all out of goodies at the end. I couldn't even get a soft pretzel ;( (16 hours ago) 1

Natalie Gregory Robichaud: Wow, as a fast runner this is sad. I'm finally recovering from a stress fracture, I was supposed to run delaware and was unable till next year. Just got cleared jog/walk the Disneyland 1/2 in 2 weeks. Excited but nervous about taking 3+ hours. Hopefully Disney will keep the party going for me with the 16 min deadline which I hope to stay closer to 14 (16 hours ago) 1

Chiara DiMuzio Gravell: I take 3:00 to 3:30 to do a half on a regular basis. I tend to start in an earlier wave and get over to the right as soon as possible. U will be fine. Just bring water and gus (16 hours ago)
Natalie Gregory Robichaud: Thanks Chiara DiMuzio Gravell. I should be in a front wave since my marathon pr is 3:30 so I figured I'll start at the back of that wave and try to stay to the side. Just want to finish since we made all travel plans for the family vacation prior to my injury. (16 hours ago) 1

Chiara DiMuzio Gravell: Natalie. I will be interested to hear your experience in the back of the pack vs the front...we like to have fun...joke around and make race friends. Enjoy... (15 hours ago)
Natalie Gregory Robichaud: Thanks. Hope I make friends. I'll be running alone so I'll need some fun company. :) (15 hours ago) 1

Nora Haefele: Natalie the people at the back are the best! (15 hours ago) 1

Natalie Gregory Robichaud: Yeah Nora, I am looking forward to a fun event (15 hours ago) 1

David Alan McCorquodale: I heard John Bingham, who used to write the Penguin Chronicles for RW, talk about sitting on a podium with an elite Kenyan runner at a marathon speakers' talk. The Kenyan asked Bingham how long he took to run a marathon and, after Bingham replied with a time that was double or more than what it took the Kenyan to run, the Kenyan looked at him with wide-eye amazement and asked how he could run for so long. While you may think the elite runners are amazing, they may be thinking YOU are amazing because they can not imagine running for 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 hours. (15 hours ago) 8

Jennifer Acord: Nora , you can ALWAYS have my DE marathon chocolate milk! (15 hours ago) 2

Nora Haefele: Jen you are a love! (15 hours ago) 2

Diana DeBenedictis: I am a walker, not a runner. Because of that I can relate to everything you've said. I can do a half walking in about 3:15. I'll always be in the back and it would be nice if race organizers paid attention to those of us who are. (13 hours ago) 4

Leigh Nanney Hersey: Diana, that's about my time, too. As I told a student that ran cross country in college, I pay less per minute for my half marathons. (9 hours ago) 3

Sue Dahms: My use of DMRF trinkets (swag as you Schillers call it). Matches my bike, jacket and holds my purse. Great choice...just waiting for the matching women's shirt 19 (2 days ago)
Stacey Haddock Schiller: Sue, you slay me. Joel says we'll consider lime green shirts! (BTW, are there mini bottles of Sutter Home in that bag?) (2 days ago) 1

Sue Dahms: There may be 10+ lipsticks ID AND $$ but no sutter home 4 ouncers. They are saved for post ice hockey games. (2 days ago)

Stacey Haddock Schiller: Our friends Kim Mullis Chitty and Liz Sanborn Baldwin from Girls on the Run Delaware are the latest guests on Kari Kopidlansky Gormley's The Running Lifestyle Show. To listen to the podcast, please click here: 11 (1 week ago)
Kari Kopidlansky Gormley: Thanks Stacey Haddock Schiller! Kim and Liz were a pleasure to interview and share such inspiring stories. (1 week ago)