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5 (11 hours ago)
Got home to day and found the bird feeders knocked over and carried into the overgrowth. Found this near the place I found the feeders. My question is this bear scat? This is at the top of Kyle and Break Drive.

Betty-Jo Salvail Overton:

yes (10 hours ago)

Susan Hebert:

Sure is!!!! (10 hours ago)

Denise Gagnon:

Thank you for sharing. My dad lives in that area. (10 hours ago)

Kim Sylvia Miranda:

My husband said yes bear.. He's is a long time hunter, he knows his ----!! LOL 3 (10 hours ago)

MaryEllen Mcgrath:

I've been taking the feeders down April 1 and putting them back out in November. Summer I keep the birdbaths and hummingbird feeders. I still get lots of birds. 4 (9 hours ago)

Parker Gordon:

Not rocket science,just pick it up. (9 hours ago)

Lauris Simon:

It wasn't me! 4 (9 hours ago)

Bob Alan:

You really need to put the bear feeders away! 3 (9 hours ago)

Charles J Conway:

You got bears... they don't want anything to do with you and putting out bird food this time of year will certainly attract them (9 hours ago)

Dan Dickson:

This time of the year they aren't bird feeders, they're bear appetizers. 1 (8 hours ago)

Charles J Conway:

Oh shit, he's home, I'd better get out of here 1 (8 hours ago)

Jay Walker:

Many types of bears are not good climbers but a few are. Does anyone know if the bears that inhabit this area are good climbers ? (8 hours ago)

Charles J Conway:

Yes (8 hours ago)

Dan Dickson:

Wouldn't want to find out. (8 hours ago)

Jay Walker:

Actually what I'm thinking is, if it is possible to mount the feeder on a line (e.g., clothesline or something similar ?) that stretches between two trees, so that the feeder is suspended in mid-air halfway between the trees, and mounted on either end at a great enough height, then it should be impossible for bears or deer or any other large ground animals to reach it. Obviously it would be a challenge for some to mount something on a tree that far up. Any tree climbers or ladder enthusiasts out there ? 😀 (8 hours ago)

Joseph Godin:

Yes, That is bear poop (8 hours ago)

Phil Caron:

2 (8 hours ago)

Jay Walker:

Yeah, I know there are two problems remaining. (1) Making the feeder easily refillable, and (2) Making the feeder inaccessible by small critters that can crawl along the line, like squirrels and racoons. (1) can be solved with a crank and pulley on one end that would allow you to easily lower the feeder to the ground for refill, then crank it back up into place, all while standing on terra not-too-firma. In fact if you use a fishing pole reel for the crank and fishing line, the fishing line might be so thin that the small critters couldn't balance on it, which would solve (2). If not, then (2) a properly fashioned inverted cone should keep away the small critters that do make it out to the middle of the line. (8 hours ago)

Scott Whitten:

We had them last week on Naticook (7 hours ago)

Mark Bernat:

damn,,, y'all got some bigass squirrels over there. (7 hours ago)

Ryan Powers:

💩💩💩💩 (6 hours ago)

Gina Groff:

Yikes we live right off that neighborhood. (6 hours ago)

Mike Bonenfant:

Sure is (6 hours ago)

Jane Howard:

Bear scat usually has seeds in it. (6 hours ago)

Ken Johnson:

You've officially been shit upon (6 hours ago)

3 (6 hours ago)

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Mindi Messmer:

Please share with your friends! (5 hours ago)

Jennie Paulette:

Gladly shared (4 hours ago)

6 (10 hours ago)

Dan Mitchell:

It originally came from Australia a few years back. Snopes is calling it false. However, the point still stands that you should keep a close eye on your pets sand report anything strange. (10 hours ago)

Terra Butterfield Knowlton:

Jc (9 hours ago)

Lauris Simon:

Check SNOPES! Not true. 3 (9 hours ago)

Patti Schippani:

Not true but 14 shares. The times we live in.... (4 hours ago)