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1 (5 hours ago)
Andy Schneider:

Frontline Plus works well for our dogs. Been using it for years. 1 (5 hours ago)

Sherri Palys Goodreau:

Pet groomer here. I see alot of dogs come through with all different products. The Seresto collars seem to work really well when used correctly and will last you all summer. The drawback on them is that they are so expensive. The Nexguard seems to work well also and is nice because you do not have that greasy spot (its a pill) Frontline still swears by their product but I find lots of fleas and ticks on dogs using frontline so I would skip that. The Vectra/effitix still works well for spot products. Hope this helps! 5 (5 hours ago)

Megan Wheeler:

Hi, I definitely would recommend nexgard as an oral option or a seresto collar which isn't greasy, doesn't give off an odor, and is detectable through a radiograph if ingested since she is a puppy and all. It last for 8 months! 1 (5 hours ago)

Joy Currier:

I use the Seresto collar on my guy. It's good for 8 months and I don't need to worry about it. Does a great job so $50 is well worth it for me. I still pick ticks off him but if I miss any they will die quickly 3 (5 hours ago)

Lisa Mungovan:

We do the serestro collar and haven't had any issues. Our dog was originally on nexgaurd but a) I didn't like our dog ingesting chemicals and b) it takes a tick actually biting the dog to die (which leaves them at risk for Lyme) 1 (5 hours ago)

Sherri Palys Goodreau:

What Lisa says is true. They do have to bite to die with Nexguard however it takes 24 hours for a tick to transfer disease. Nexguard claims it will be dead by then. I find attached ticks with Seresto too though. Usually they are dead. (5 hours ago)

Amanda Rainer:

Pets choice has Seresto collars I believe I paid $40 and it lasts for 8 months. 3 (5 hours ago)

Sherri Palys Goodreau:

wow that's a great price. I love Pet's Choice. Everytime I walk in there though I spend all my money buying my dog toys and bones. lol 2 (5 hours ago)

Samantha Cillo:

Our puppy is 6 months and I have been using nexguard for the last 3 months. No ticks and we live in the woods of merrimack (5 hours ago)

Leslie Ann Tejada:

3 (5 hours ago)

Darren Gagne:

Too many ticks this year. Use your treatment but check your dog 1 (5 hours ago)

JoAnne Sonack Principe:

We've using the collar and so far so good (4 hours ago)

Denise Prunier Greenleaf:

Amy, you said "your puppy". A puppy may be too young for what an adult dog might use, consult a vet. 2 (4 hours ago)

Maura Conery Sandell:

Seresto.. best one hands down. 1 (4 hours ago)

Leanne Beausoleil-Anderson:

What kind of dog? Nexgard is awesome as long as your dog doesn't have seizures or is super small. 1 (4 hours ago)

Sandy Gladstone:

K9 Advantix 11. Repels and kills ticks, fleas and mosquitoes. Check online prices. My vet recommended it and it works great! 1 (4 hours ago)

Laurene Allen:

One of my dogs is being treated for cancer and can't use chemicals so I went to Pets Choice and decided to give the new natural collar they are carrying a chance, ( made of natural geranoil and about $10, lasts 4 months) so far so good! No ticks yet and I have brown long hair dachshunds that get them easily! I Also bought a cedarwood spray but haven't had to use yet!! I used to use sentry fiproguard monthly treatments 1 (4 hours ago)

Jennifer Anne:

We used the Seresto collar and it worked great last year!! Just got a new one and they were out of stock when I went to get it (but came in quickly)! Worth every penny! 1 (4 hours ago)

Cathy Arcand Farrington:

We've used Frontline plus for years, yeah there's a small grease spot but we don't have small children around, so it's not a big concern 1 (4 hours ago)

Robin Hagan:

We use vectra and we have yet to find any ticks on our dogs and yes we have woods in our yard. 1 (4 hours ago)

Jayme Wilyumz:

For your yard
WORKS AWESOME 1 (4 hours ago)

Trish Wilson:

Fire. 1 (3 hours ago)

Trish Wilson:

Lol burn the lawn they are everywhere! 3 (3 hours ago)

Shelby Ann:

Nexguard 1 (3 hours ago)

Amanda Kelly:

We're loving our soresto collars. In laws used them last year & were very happy, and we got on board the beginning of April & are happy too! (3 hours ago)

4 (3 hours ago)
Matt Fair:

Following (3 hours ago)

Laurene Allen:

I will never understand why the various entities of our town do not have healthy relationships. School and town, town and MVD...... something behind the scenes is not ok . They all pit against each other about $ 4 (3 hours ago)

Patrick McGrath:

At the outset, I did not hear the letter read nor read it myself. My sense is that the SB used language from the original lend lease agreement with the Town. More to learn my friend! (3 hours ago)

Heidi J McDuffee:

I think your thoughts are spot on unfortunately. The skate park should be kept, you'd think if the school board members truly had our children's interests in the forefront that they would too. Sad 😕 2 (3 hours ago)

Wes Allen:

Perhaps those that live close to this 'park' had enough of the antics which often follow in places like this. It only takes a few assholes to ruin it for others. 2 (3 hours ago)

Martha Grigg:

My grandsons have been using that skateboard park for as long as it has been there! That is the only place in town that they won't be told to leave!! Does no one on the school board or the town council have any kids or grandkids! Give the kids their space!! 3 (2 hours ago)

Rosemarie Rung:

I went back in the SB minutes and found this issue discussed at the April 3 meeting. The School Board's intention is to use this for a proposed new administrative building, which I think at this point, would be a very hard sell. (2 hours ago)

Albert Grant:

Great idea lets take more away from the kids . That way all they have left is sex and drugs . Its bad enough all the cool shit we had growing up has been stomped on . 2 (2 hours ago)

Michelle Chapman:

I didn't even know Merrimack had a skate board park 😳 (2 hours ago)

Kat Matthews Knauer:

This was in the telegraph earlier this week (2 hours ago)

Kristin Ayers:

Very sad that those who are supposed to have the town's best interest in mind seem to manipulate to get what they want. The more I learn about the shady and manipulative politics in this town the more infuriated I get. 2 (2 hours ago)

Lisa Moser:

Have you *seen* the current admin building? While I hate to see the parks go, I think they are underutilized. So many don't even know we have a rink. I'd like to see more parking at the HS so the kids don't have to deal with the nightmare of the "dirt lot" in mud season. (2 hours ago)

Keith Cox:

So who runs the town? Guess we know. (2 hours ago)

Jessica Caruso:

Antics? Insurance? 1 (1 hour ago)

Judy Merckle Trubenbacher:

Insurance issue? Avoiding future lawsuits? (1 hour ago)

Keith Cox:

Latigiousness has just about ruined this country (1 hour ago)

Pat Hanlon Cuneo:

i thought I read somewhere, they were going to build a new skatepark? no? (1 hour ago)

Don McLaughlin:

I just posted the Telegraph article on this to the group. (1 hour ago)

Tracy Carl:

The town is looking in to other locations for the skate park, ice rink, basket ball counts. If you have ever been in the administration building you would know we need a new one. This should be taken seriously. They also spoke about land for more fields and what land we had available to us to make that work as well. (27 minutes ago)

Dan Hynes:

Figures they want more money and to raise my taxes 1 (18 minutes ago)

(2 hours ago)

Kaylee Shoshana Levine:

You can always try Rosetta Stone or mango through the library (2 hours ago)

Sharon Joy Bramson:

We are looking for actual in classroom schooling. Thanks anyway Kaylee. (2 hours ago)

Olivia Lima:

The Boston Language Institute runs several foreign language courses. I took a 6 week Portuguese class that met once a week for 4 hours. It was about $375 I believe. (1 hour ago)

Leanne Oram Meier:

Community colleges have them. (28 minutes ago)