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2 (2 hours ago)
Elizabeth Cross:

As I said call Deb Gaudette at 440 -5325. She works for a spay neuter clinic and is an expert in trapping ferals (2 hours ago)

Megan Spence:

I can't drive to Goffstown (2 hours ago)

Megan Spence:

I want to trap them bc I'm going to foster them (2 hours ago)

Megan Spence:

I just spoke to your daughter Elizabeth and we're going to work something out thank you so much for your help 1 (2 hours ago)

Meredith Hicks:

No one in your other post worked out? (1 hour ago)

Deborah Harrison Bennett:

so nice of you (1 hour ago)

Monica Tidrick Chaisson:

Lesa Hall know any traps around Amherst/Merrimack ? (1 hour ago)

Suzanne McHugh:

Did you have any luck? (1 hour ago)

Lisa Brisson:

I have a good size trap, if you want to borrow it let me know. We’re in Merrimack (29 minutes ago)

Rikk Silvia:

I have some traps (7 minutes ago)

2 (3 hours ago)
I am cleaning out a nail solon in Bedford. I have four of these. Going very cheap.

Jason Graham:

Jayme Archambault (3 hours ago)

N Joy Lake:

Stacey Moran-stylist (3 hours ago)

Corie LeBel:

How much (2 hours ago)

Rod Buckley:

$100 each or BO, when asking new $2500, used approx $900 (2 hours ago)

David Currie:

rod can i test them you do my feet ??ha ha (2 hours ago)

Rod Buckley:

major surcharge (2 hours ago)

Patrick J Godfrey:

Rod,bet you could sell them to the nail place by my carpet store in the sky line mall.. 1 (1 hour ago)

Shannon Lee Duval-Grooms:

Tracy Carney-DeSchuiteneer (11 minutes ago)

8 (1 hour ago)

Rikk Silvia:

Laurie Allen-Silvia,likes this (14 minutes ago)