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Rae Lee: Welcome to OMJ! on FB. Please read and follow the Terms & Conditions (www.OMJCorp.com/terms) to avoid your posts, or you, being removed from the group. Your failure to read the T&C's is not an excuse to us when we remove you or your posts for violating them. By being a part of this group, you AGREE to our T&C's. Any attempt to reach an OMJ! Admin outside of the procedure outlined in the T&C's will not be responded to. Want to avoid most of these rules? Join the website, www.OMJlist.com, post your stuff there and share it here as much as you want. OMJ! does NOT get involved in member transactions, so please DO NOT contact us if you got No Showed, bought a broken or unsatisfactory item or are dissatisfied with a transaction in any way. We will not respond. Thanks for being a part of OMJ! Happy Junkin'! 170 (1 year ago)

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Perry Nolen:

looking for black runnning boards for f 150 (1 year ago)

Christopher Gaga-Minaj Melton:

seasons of once upon a time season four may be yours brand new just exchange reciept with it and frozen dvd and olaf both for 25 1 (1 year ago)

Don N Sue Jewell:

bump (1 year ago)

Perry Nolen:

what are u bumping up (1 year ago)

Perry Nolen:

bump (1 year ago)

Cindy Diane Brown:

So what do we do if it suppose to. brand new still in box and it don't work and she want respond back?? (12 months ago)

Perry Nolen:

what is it (12 months ago)

Cindy Diane Brown:

(12 months ago)

Perry Nolen:

maybe see if walmart will trade with no receipt (12 months ago)

Cindy Diane Brown:

Idk but I see.. (12 months ago)

Perry Nolen:

see if they have one like tell it dont work u can trade but get no money without a receipt 1 (12 months ago)

Christina Brooke Auton:

I need to contact an admin asap. (11 months ago)

Nadine Turner:

Looking for small table (9 months ago)

Leigh Beheler:

Iso dacshund puppy (8 months ago)

Bobby Tesseneer:

Looking for someone at replaces screen in a Droid phone (8 months ago)

Julious Tigney:

Lawnmower for sale (8 months ago)

Nathan Anthony:

Bumb (5 months ago)

Nathan Anthony:

Bump (5 months ago)

Freda Tolley Ayers:

What does bump mean (4 months ago)

Shannon Nicole Vegh:

I'm having a issue. I have something to sell and it's not letting me post (3 months ago)

Perry Nolen:

What u got 1 (3 months ago)

Shannon Nicole Vegh:

A 7 foot slate pool table (3 months ago)

Tracy Blanton Gaddis:

Bill Guyther could you please add Cynthia Ladnier to this group she has sent a request to join. (2 months ago)

Lisa Davis:

Bump means it bumps it to top of page. Anything will work
A period,a question ma rk (1 month ago)

Michael Bradley:

I'm looking for some nice Rims for a Chevy Silverado 16 inch (1 week ago)

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