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Rick May: SERIOUSLY, if you don’t have money to get things, don’t order stuff you can’t pay for.

I have so many Custom Xmas items that people have ordered and have given me the shaft on.

This is why we ask for a deposit.

People are grimy! 4 (01-01-1970)
Lissa Grigg:

Don't feel bad for asking for a deposit or even full payment up front. If people are serious about buying your item, they won't have a problem with that. 3 (2 hours ago)

Tameka Davis-Cansler:

If I don't know you I definitely ask for a deposit one time is all it takes. 1 (2 hours ago)

Rick May:

I’ll be posting pictures of the custom items at a reduced rate later today, just to try to recover some money. 3 (2 hours ago)

Jennifer Perdigon:

I am in the same business you are, never ever do it without them paying you first. I learned that lesson last year. It sucks. (56 minutes ago)

Richard Bridges:

As far as a deposit to cover materials, I'd do that. But paying full price up front, nah ain't happening. (46 minutes ago)

Ashton Brooke Setzer:

What do you make? (13 minutes ago)

Maddison Charpentier:

I would definitely ask for something up front first.. because you use your money to go out and get the stuff to make it, make it and that person backs out, so that means you wasted your money and lost money as well. (23 seconds ago)

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