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The Brontë Society: A very appropriately timed article on Branwell ... 139 (2 days ago)

It's time to bring Branwell, the dark Brontë, into the light

Though his life was dense with literary and other failures, he was a decisive influence on their work and his own story is worth hearing

Abigail Darling:

He has hardly been overlooked. #TeamEnoughAboutBranwell #TeamHeyWhatAboutAnne 11 (2 days ago)

William Bramscher:

#Mahalo!!! (^^^) #Gonzo ~BbB~ (1 day ago)

Emily Ross:

no he was shit 1 (6 hours ago)

Eva Lopszyc:

Wonderful (2 days ago)

Katy Adams:

Joanne Adams (1 day ago)

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