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The Brontë Society: During the third week in September, 1848, Branwell had a surprise visit from Francis Grundy, his friend from his time on the railway at Luddenden Foot. Grundy ordered dinner for two in a private room at the Black Bull and then sent up to the Parsonage for Branwell. While he waited, he was visited by Patrick, who had come down to see him and warn him of the dramatic change in Branwell's appearance. When Branwell did appear, Grundy was shocked. He described how 'a head appeared. It was a mass of red, unkempt, uncut hair, wildly floating round a great, gaunt forehead; the cheeks yellow and hollow, the mouth fallen, the thin white lips not trembling but shaking, the sunken eyes, once small, now glaring with the light of madness, - all told the sad tale but too surely'.
Towards the end of the evening, as Grundy prepared to leave, a bizarre incident occurred: Branwell pulled a carving knife from his sleeve, and confessed that he imagined that Grundy's message to meet him in the pub was a message from Satan, and hence he armed himself. Branwell appeared very aware of how close he was to death. Grundy left him 'standing bare-headed in the road, with bowed form and dropping tears'. 53 (2 days ago)

Lou Woods:

Such a sad demise for someone who had talent, but couldn't face life. :( 3 (2 days ago)

Eileen Prunty Hynes:

So sad. (2 days ago)

Valerie Chamberlain:

How sad (2 days ago)

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