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The Brontë Society: Emily started to collect her poems together in February 1844, copying them all out (some were from her prose tales written years earlier) into one notebook which she entitled 'Gondal Poems' and another which she left untitled. The following poem seems apt on a grey February day (despite Emily's mention of November!):

Redbreast, early in the morning
Dank and cold and cloudy grey,
Wildly tender is thy music,
Chasing angry thoughts away.

My heart is not enraptured now,
My eyes are full of tears,
And constant sorrow on my brow
Has done the work of years.

It was not hope that wrecked at once
The spirit's calm in storm,
But a long life of solitude,
Hopes quenched and rising thoughts subdued,
A bleak November's calm. 61 (1 day ago)
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