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Jesmed F. Suma:  2 (4 weeks ago)

Sweet Moh:

I am surprised that the comments are not flooding in on this post.

I think the list is longer but this is a good start.

However, we cannot blaming the war for lack of a skilled generation of youths can be a bit problematic because the war did not engulf the whole country in one sweep. It started in Kailahun with largely Mercenaries from Liberia and Burkina Faso in 1991. The rest of the country functioned largely unperturbed with schools colleges and vocational institutions running smoothly. There no known or recorded history of Sierra Leonean youths joining the rebel movement en masse; they were largely 'forcefully' conscripted and drugged to fight ( See Beast of No Nation Movie).

The problem was exacerbated when the youthful NPRC took power and instead of finishing the war, engaged in other stuff until power changed hands and soldiers joined rebels.

It could be said that the army became the largest employer of youths from 1991-1996 but this was a good employer that instilled good 'Work Ethics' in hitherto wayward youths.

The problem is not that the youths don't have the skills or cannot learn the middle class skills over a short period of time, the problem lies in 'Not prioritising Home talent over foreign talent'. Our labour laws under 10 years of this Koroma government failed to stand up to multi national investors so that they employ a sizeable quota of their middle management from SL youths and give them any skills and training they may lack. So we saw London mining and African minerals hiring thousands of largely unskilled menial working youths and paying them peanuts with no pension guarantees; while middle management was largely paid 10 times more and mainly expatriates.

To be continued ... (3 weeks ago)

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