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[Originally posted on the pioneering SALONEDiscussion forum on September 26, 2016. Re-posted on the Sierra Leone Discussions Facebook page earlier today.]

Greetings My SALONEDiscussion Sisters and Brothers:

As we imminently enter the last quarter of this year and the start of the last series of dances for the year organized by Sierra Leone alumni and descendant associations here in the Washington, D.C., metro area consisting of suburban Maryland, northern Virginia and the District of Columbia, I again would like to enlist your help for a good cause. Cf. "A Respectful Appeal to All Salone DeeJays (And Dance Organizers)" in the SALONEDiscussion archives dated May 24, 2015.

Once again, I do so on behalf of my fellow baby boomers, particularly those of us who were born between 1950 and 1960, who remember very vividly that it has long been taboo for a Sierra Leonean to use vulgar language when addressing a public audience.

Yet, regrettably, that was the unfortunate spectacle that I and about 200 other Sierra Leoneans, including my wife, were accosted with at the otherwise largely pleasant and decorous Krio Descendants Union (K.D.U.) of Maryland Dance held two days ago (last Saturday night) here in suburban Maryland which featured excellent food and mostly enjoyable music.

The incident occurred during remarks made by one of the featured speakers, a Sierra Leonean, who was listed as the MC for the dance. Towards the end of a lengthy diatribe laced with veiled tribalistic attacks on those in Sierra Leone who the M.C. loudly proclaimed were "destroying Freetown" (more on that presently) the M.C. then shockingly uttered a notorious vulgar expression in Krio using the most graphic term for the female reproductive organ, viz.

"Sorry heart B***o na een dae born b****a pikin."

To say that I was shocked by such a gratuitous display of public vulgarity and a breach of public decorum would be an understatement. Yet, even more shocking was the lack of an appropriate reaction from the audience.

When I looked around from my typically vantage seat that had a panoramic view of the rest of the audience at the hotel hall upon hearing the above-quoted statement, I was even more surprised to see that no one among the Krio Descendants Union organizers of the dance immediately raised an objection. Nor, sadly, did any member of the KDU apologize to those among us, the paying guests, who were reasonably offended by what was clearly an unadvertised display of public obscenity.

Which leads me to the other shocking incident that also was seemingly unaddressed by the KDU of Maryland. As I alluded to above, it occurred at the beginning of the remarks by the same M.C.

After inveighing at length against those presumably fellow Sierra Leonean inhabitants of our country's capital city, Freetown, whom he said were "destroying" Freetown -- which he repeatedly implied belonged only to Krios -- the M.C. then pointedly said:

"Let me read you the names of your representatives," (as closely as I remember him saying). Then he proceeded to read the names of the parliamentary representatives of each and every constituency in Freetown. After he lingeringly announced each name -- all of which, except for two or so (one of them was that of my longtime friend, Agibola Manly-Spaine), were names not usually associated with our Krio relatives -- the M.C. would pause theatrically for a reaction from the audience.

Sadly, each time, the M.C. got the reaction he apparently expected -- at least from some in the audience -- in the form of clearly audible titters.

In the interest of accuracy which is a hallmark of our serious SALONEDiscussion forum, I am obliged to duly note that the MC did say that he was not casting aspersions on the representatives; however, his actions clearly belied his words as he regaled his audience with gratuitous and clearly tribalistic exhortations, as detailed above.

Which brings me to the main reason for writing this respectful appeal to our fellow Sierra Leoneans:

As many of you know, I have consistently expressed my view that while it is admirable for all of us Sierra Leoneans to promote the traditions and culture of our respective tribes, forming a tribal organization that excludes other Sierra Leoneans from membership -- based upon their being members of a different tribe -- is the wrong way to do so because it undermines national unity that is so indispensable for the equitable development of our long-pillaged and plundered country.

In addition, it also tends to perpetuate the unpatriotic and failed leadership in our country that has been elected largely by votes cast along tribal lines. Tellingly, it is those largely tribally-elected leaders who have selfishly and needlessly impoverished millions of their fellow Sierra Leoneans over the past half a century. Cf. "CORRUPTION-SIERRA LEONE: President Challenged on Corruption" www.ipsnews.net/2009/12/corruption-sierra-leone-president-challenged-on-corruption/

It is for both those reasons that I have steadfastly refused to become a member of any such tribal organization. More significantly, I have also respectfully urged my fellow Sierra Leoneans, as many of you who are familiar with my writings know, to eschew tribal organizations which exclude their fellow Sierra Leoneans from membership based upon their being members of a different tribe.

Accordingly, I hereby respectfully invite all organizers of dances hosted by Sierra Leonean descendants associations, as well as alumni organizations, to clearly make it known to the featured speakers at those dances that tribalistic statements and vulgar language in the presence of the paying guests are not permitted at those occasions.

In closing, I hereby respectfully ask the organizers of dances hosted by Sierra Leonean descendants associations and alumni organizations to heed this respectful plea which I humbly make on behalf of those of us who attend these fundraising dances due to our generous philanthropic nature and sense of community spirit, and who would like to continue to support our community's philanthropic efforts without compromising our traditional Sierra Leonean values of public morality.


Moh'm Jalloh 1 (3 days ago)

CORRUPTION-SIERRA LEONE: President Challenged on Corruption | Inter Press Service

FREETOWN, Dec 8 2009 (IPS) - The country’s president has failed to meet his electoral commitment of running a transparent and accountable government, free of tribalism and regionalism, opposition parties say.

Almamy Razk Seray-Wurie Tun:

Hatred is a disease and we must never give it COBA blaie 2 (3 days ago)

Mohamed Jalloh:

You make an excellent point, my patriotic friend. As the adage goes: Evil continues only when good people keep silent in its face. We must not succumb to that temptation.

Hopefully, the executive members of the KDU will demonstrate their commitment to embracing that wise admonition by duly speaking out against the tribalistic and vulgar rant that the MC at the KDU dance delivered apparently on their behalf. 1 (1 day ago)

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