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Sierra Leone Policy Watch Debate

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'UNITED NATIONS: The UN representative to Sierra Leone warned Tuesday of rising tensions ahead of presidential and parliamentary elections in November.

UN envoy Jens Anders Toyberg Frandzen and diplomats watching events in the West African nation, still rebuilding from a devastating 1991-2002 civil war, called on the government to take action to ease the political
temperature ahead of the November 17 votes...'

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UN envoy warns of rising election tensions in S. Leone

group info:

Sierra Leone Policy Watch Debate

Creator: Jesmed F. Suma
Members: Over 1500

Description: Dear Member:
Welcome to the Sierra Leone Policy Watch Inc. Debate Forum. SLPW is a non-partisan policy think tank registered in both SL & the US with the following Mission & Vision:
Sierra Leone Policy Watch is an independent non-partisan policy Think Tank & Civic Engagement organization that provides research-based public policy proposals for policy makers in Sierra Leone to support transformational development.

Our Vision is to ensure that policymakers in Sierra Leone consistently use objective, high-quality researched data to develop & implement policies not influenced by tribal, regional & political biases, but policies that leads to a more equitable & prosperous Sierra Leone.

The forum was created by officials of SLPW Inc. to create a platform were diverse views & ideas on how to address the many socio-economic challenges directly affecting the lives of our people, are frankly & freely discussed & analyzed.
Being a subscriber on this forum does not constitute membership of SLPW Inc. if you wish to become a registered associate of SLPW please visit the following link on our website www.slpw.org/content/slpw-membership-application-form .
Furthermore, the views expressed on the forum do not represent the views of SLPW Inc. But registered members of SLPW do have full fiduciary responsibility to protect the image of SLPW & maintain its non-partisan status.
Posts & comments are therefore closely moderated to ensure that we all conform to the ethical standards of the forum we hope to promote. We expect discussions to be strictly on issues of National interest.
The use of our SLPW Debate Forum constitutes acceptance & agreement of our Forum Code of Conduct.
Any member who violates the rules of the forum may be suspended or remove if flagrant.

Members are expected to:
1. Avoid any direct personal attack or disrespect of any nature towards any other member. No divisive comments, insults or innuendoes.
2. No harassment, offensive images or porn.
3. No partisan politics, especially baseless accusations that may spur combative arguments.
5. You need a real name with your real profile picture associated with your name.
6. If you happen to have a nick-name you would be asked to give your real name to the moderators before you are allowed on the forum.
6. Due to the increasing number of membership & the high traffic on the forum each member is encouraged to post no more than two or three topics per day but may comment on any topic as often as necessary.
7. A person who initiates a topic maybe asked to help stir the debate towards a fruitful direction & to caution & remind contributors of the topic & main objective if they seem to go off track. At your discretion we may also ask you to make concluding remarks, as well as possible policy recommendations generated from the debate.
Once more we welcome you to this forum & look forward to seeing your useful contributions.

Jesmed F Suma
Executive Director SLPW Inc.

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