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Cal Aquatic Masters

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Tanyoung Kim: It seems like Berkeley recreation site has been changed, and I cannot find the masters info pages where I can pay the membership. Does anyone know the link? (1 week ago)
Jeremy M Cohen:

the new website is even more difficult than the last one.
It says go to the online store to pay dues. It was difficult to find the online store and when I finally got there, there was no place for CALM dues. I will talk to the people I know in the various offices and see if I can figure out what to do. (1 week ago)

Spencer Hawkins:

Yea. I am 1/3 on finding the link to the dues...I will fix this (1 week ago)

Jeremy M Cohen:

In the space under "Activity List" choose Cal Aquatic Masters (9 hours ago)

Spencer Hawkins:

Thx Jeremy..site is fixed now (5 hours ago)

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