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Conservative Voices

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Conservative Voices

Website: http://conservativevoicesus.blogspot.com/
Creator: Cj Galdes
Members: Over 1500

Description: Please LIKE our sponsor facebook.com/arranewsservice - Conservative Voices need to be heard not silenced. Join fellow conservatives and voice your opinion with regard to policies and actions that conflict with conservative principles and ideals. However, do NOT advocate harm to any elected or other persons.

The progressive elites continue their attempt to silence conservative voices. So this group is for people using their voices speaking, via audio or in print. We welcome conservative - bloggers, radio show hosts, national writers, speakers, etc. The issue is informing others on issues and stopping the liberal progressive agenda. And, let us hold conservatives accountable. Join us - Speak, write, let your voice be heard!

You may promote your conservative site, orgs, programs, etc. but no "selling of good or services are allowed.

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