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Gordon Forsythe: Anyone interested in seeing a presentation on using a modern JS framework for the meeting? We used to have presentations on using certain front end things like jquery way back but we've been primarily discussing low-level PHP or backend stuff lately. 2 (7 hours ago)

Chris Scott:

For the October meeting? (18 hours ago)

Gordon Forsythe:

Next year. This month is xdebug 2 (18 hours ago)

Gordon Forsythe:

We could do a series of meetings showing setup & development for each major framework like we did a while back with PHP frameworks. 1 (18 hours ago)

Peter DeChamp Richardson:

Would love to see react and php api setup. (14 hours ago)

Matt Chandler:

I'm happy to share my front-end knowledge if there's interest. (9 hours ago)

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