Rss feeds for Facebook pages and groups

Wallflux provides rss feeds for recent posts in Facebook groups and pages.

Using Wallflux, you can show the latest news from your page or group on your website, follow your page in a feed reader, or add the events of your group to your online calendar. To learn how to use a Wallflux feed, go to #Rss, #Atom or #iFrame in the menu.

To use a Wallflux feed, you need a group, page or events Facebook ID. This Facebook ID is a number of 8-14 digits. If you don't have the Facebook ID, Wallflux can help you find it using the Facebook ID service.


  • Is Wallflux free?

    Wallflux is a Freemium service, which means it works well for free, but it works even better when you register (see below).
  • Can I display images and comments?

    Yes, you can with Wallflux Atom:{facebook ID}.
  • Can I display an iframe?

    Yes, you can use Wallflux to display your page, group or event' wall in an iframe.
  • Does Wallflux work with private groups?

    Yes, Wallflux also works for closed or private groups. You need to contact us with your Group ID to have the Wallflux enabled (read more)
  • Can I export ical calendars?

    Yes, Wallflux exports events from Facebook groups and pages in calendar feeds.
    - Use the address{Facebook ID}.
  • Can I use it for my FB page?

    Yes. Wallflux works for Facebook Groups, Pages and Events and for Users. User feeds are limited, however.
  • I can't find my Group ID?

    Many groups don't show their ID in the address bar. Try our Facebook ID service to find your group's ID.
  • My Wallflux won't refresh?

    To increase speed, unregistered Wallflux feeds are cached for up to one hour. A registered Wallflux feed is live.
  • My Wallflux feed is empty?

    Sometimes we need to make per group adjustments. Contact us with your Facebook ID and we will enable it.
  • Can I access Wallflux over SSL?

    Yes you can, just put https:// in the address bar.
  • Your question?

Register your Wallflux

Wallflux worka free of charge. When you register your Wallflux you will profit from several enhancements: Your feed will be live, your Wallflux iframe won't display a demonstration notice and links are directly served.
So if you need a live feed or if the demonstration notice bothers you: Register your Wallflux now!

A Custom Wallflux feed

If you need a custom Wallflux with, for example, several Wallflux feeds combined into one feed, a Wallflux into your language or a Wallflux with custom item headers ("Wall post by..."), contact us!
Wallflux can also export group contents to eg. Excel sheets for detailed analysis.

Wallflux RSS feeds

[Valid RSS]Regular Wallflux Feeds - export the latest posts from Facebook groups, pages and events using Wallflux RSS feeds.

To view a Wallflux feed, enter a Facebook ID, and press Go:

A Facebook ID only consist of numbers, for example: 115227675156013. If you do not know the ID of your Facebook group or page, we can help you find it through the Facebook ID service.

To link directly to a Wallflux feed, use the following URL:
…where the number represents the groups' Facebook ID. To store your language-preference, add for example ?hl=fr_FR for French to the URL.

Register your Wallflux feed today!

A registered Wallflux RSS-feed carries no demonstration notice and isn't being cached for up to an hour.

As a courtesy, with registration of a Wallflux you get priviliged access to the group or pages' Wallflux iframe. So register your Wallflux today!

Regular Wallflux feeds work for Facebook groups, pages and Facebook events.

If you need rich HTML content (eg. images and comments) in your Wallflux feed, use the Wallflux Atom or a Wallflux iframe instead.

Unregistered Wallflux feeds are cached, so if you're not the first one making a language choice in a short time, it might be you'll receive a localised, cached Wallflux.

Wallflux Atom feeds

[Valid Atom 1.0]Export the latest posts from Facebook groups and pages with Wallflux Atom, a HTML Atom feed.

To access a Wallflux Atom feed, enter a group or page ID, and press Go:

A Facebook ID only consist of numbers, for example: 115227675156013. If you do not know a Facebook ID, Wallflux can help you find it with the Facebook ID helper-page.

To link directly to the the Wallflux Atom-feed, use the following URL:
…where the number represents the Facebook ID. To store language-preference, add for example ?hl=fr_FR for French to the URL.

Registering a Wallflux Atom removes the demonstration notice, bypasses the cache and returns up to ten recent posts (instead of five items for unregistered feeds).

As a courtesy, registered Wallfluxes also get priviliged access to Wallflux iframe. So register your Wallflux Atom today!

Styling your Wallflux Atom

Depending on how you import a Wallflux Atom feed, you can style the content according by applying CSS-styling. You can start by using an example CSS style sheet - or live fiddle with CSS below:

Don't hesitate to share your styled Wallflux Atom with @Wallflux!


Be aware that the images displayed in a Wallflux Atom are still being served by Facebook's CDN. In principle, Facebook could use the retrieval of those images to track your RSS-reader or users of a website where a Wallflux is included. Due to technical limitations, it is not very likely that Facebook retrieves your users' Facebook ID, making Wallflux Atom still less intrusive than Facebooks' own Social Plugins.

If you are looking for a text-only RSS feed for your Facebook groups, pages or events, stripped from all content from FB's servers, try the regular Wallflux feed here.

Unregistered Wallfluxes are cached, so if you're not the first one making a language choice in a short time, it might be you served a localised, cached Wallflux Atom.

If you are being redirected to a plain-text Wallflux feed, without images, chances are that you are not using the ID of a Facebook group or page but for example of a event or a user.

Wallflux iframe

Use Wallflux to embed any Facebook group or page on your website

To preview a Wallflux iframe, enter a Facebook ID, and press Go.

Your Facebook ID only consist of numbers, for example: 115227675156013 - If you do not know your groups' Facebook ID, Wallflux can find it for you through the Facebook ID helper-page.

Here you see the Wallflux iframe of an anti-nuclear-Facebook-group:

You can add an iframe to your html source in similar fashion by using the following html-code:
<iframe id="wallflux"
	src="{your Wallflux id}"
	The Wallflux iframe of the <a href="">anti.nuclear</a> Facebook-page is embedded here.</iframe>

Wallflux iframes are transparent, allowing you to define your own background color or -image.

Link directly to the your Wallflux iframe by using the following URL:
…where the number represents the groups' Facebook ID. To store your language-preference, add for example ?hl=fr_FR for French to the URL (nb: the translations are still under development).

The Wallflux iframe of a registered Wallflux has neither a demonstration notice or advertisements, so register your Wallflux today!

iFrame or rss feed?

Wallflux iframe is developed after popular demand. There are a few downsides to embedding iframes, which makes us encourage our users to use a Wallflux Atom or Regular Wallflux instead.

With a Wallfux Atom you can achieve a similar (and better!) result than with a Wallfux iframe. Also, the content of your Facebook group will be actually included on your own website which will increase your sites' SEO.

Parsing a Wallflux at your server will make your website load much quick compared to embedding the iframe.

In order for you to make optimal use of the possibilities of Wallflux, we encourage you to investigate how to process a Wallflux on your own server. On many CMS-systems there are built-in options to process RSS feeds. Do not hesitate to contact us for tips or assistance. We charge a modest fee to help implement a custom feed parser on your website.

Wallflux iframes which are embedded with a width of less than 500 pixels are designed to automatically hide Wallflux branding on the top of the iframe for space constraints.


Wallflux iframes are provided as courtesy to users of registered Wallflux feeds.

Wallflux Events

.ical/.ics calendars for Facebook groups and pages

With Wallflux events you can sync events from groups and pages with a calendar app using .ical/.ics-links.

You can use this app to import events of your Facebook-group into a Google Calendar, Outlook or any other agenda application.

To get a Wallflux Events-calendar, enter a Facebook ID, and press Go:

If you do not know your groups or pages' Facebook ID, we can find it for you through the Facebook ID helper-page.

To link directly to the your Wallflux Events-calendar use the following URL:

…where the number represents the Facebook ID of a group or page.

If, instead of an ical calendar, you rather have your Facebook group or -page events aggregated as an RSS feed, you could transform the Wallflux Events-calendar to RSS. If you don't know how, contact us; at Wallflux we can do this for you.

DEMONSTRATION: See this website, associated with a Facebook page, which lists upcoming FB-events imported through Wallflux.

Some Groups have limited public accessibility of their Group events. This prevents Wallflux Events to return a complete calendar. To (re-)enable the Wallflux event-calendar of such a Group, you need to activate Wallflux just like that of closed and secret Groups. You can do so by following the method below.

Group Search

Wallflux offers Facebook Group Search. Especially in high-traffic groups it can be hard to keep track of posts matching your interest. With Group Search you can easily search recent Facebook groups-posts by keyword.
Test it out at //
Replace the number with your Group ID, and off you go!
(Facebook also offers group search, but occasionaly it fails to return results)

Closed and Secret Groups

Due to Facebook privacy settings, Wallflux does not work out-of-the-box for closed or secret Facebook groups.


Intensive, repeated polling of a certain Wallflux feed (more than 10 times per hour, for several hours) or suppression of a demonstration-notice is considered as abuse, and the Wallflux involved will either be disabled or offloaded to an external service without further notice. This also applies to registered Wallflux feeds.

Find Facebook IDs

Wallflux helps you to find the Facebook ID of Facebook groups, pages and events. A Facebook ID is a many-digit number, eg. 142270293423.
If the service doesn't return a valid ID, you can contact Wallflux for help.

Paste a complete Facebook URL. Wallflux will then return the associated Facebook ID and its Wallflux feeds.

Facebook URL:

- If you uncheck this checkbox you will only get the Facebook ID

Please solve this recaptcha:

Alternatively, add the Wallflux ID-bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar to get a page or group's ID when on Facebook (read more)