Wallflux RSS feeds

[Valid RSS]Regular Wallflux Feeds - export the latest posts from Facebook groups, pages and events using Wallflux RSS feeds.

To view a Wallflux feed, enter a Facebook ID, and press Go:

A Facebook ID only consist of numbers, for example: 115227675156013. If you do not know the ID of your Facebook group or page, we can help you find it through the Facebook ID service.

To link directly to a Wallflux feed, use the following URL:
…where the number represents the groups' Facebook ID. To store your language-preference, add for example ?hl=fr_FR for French to the URL.

Register your Wallflux feed today!

A registered Wallflux RSS-feed carries no demonstration notice and isn't being cached for up to an hour.

As a courtesy, with registration of a Wallflux you get priviliged access to the group or pages' Wallflux iframe. So register your Wallflux today!

Regular Wallflux feeds work for Facebook groups, pages and Facebook events.

If you need rich HTML content (eg. images and comments) in your Wallflux feed, use the Wallflux Atom or a Wallflux iframe instead.

Unregistered Wallflux feeds are cached, so if you're not the first one making a language choice in a short time, it might be you'll receive a localised, cached Wallflux.