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BMW Riders of Southern Maine

1 (3 days ago)
Steve Davis:

Has an event been created for this Don. This post will undoubtedly descend rapidly and likely missed by many.
Also, it would be beneficial to also share to our Events page.
Motorcycle Events & Rides in Maine (3 days ago)

(4 days ago)
Richard Ward:

Sort of. Flying to Denver then riding to SLC. (4 days ago)

Wayne Jacobs:

Leaving July 3 via Montana. (4 days ago)

1 (6 days ago)

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(6 days ago)

1 (6 days ago)
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6 (2 weeks ago)

Joseph Drenski:

Ray Perron looks like someone took your photo and has a CL ad up selling this bike! No location listed, what are the chances this is a scam ad? (1 week ago)

Ray Perron:

Not my bike, saw the craigslist ad and posted the pic. Regrettably looked for pics but have to dig out old photo albums. (1 week ago)

(1 week ago)

Joseph Drenski:

I might make a call to HP Cycles in Berwick. I believe they focus on American antiques but may have recommendations for someone good with Italian iron. (1 week ago)

Dave Curtis:

The only one I can think of is Gerry at Moto Milano (1 week ago)

Percy Boles:

Check out www.facebook.com/BelmontMotorcyclePerformance - Micah did some work on my 98 California and I was impressed with his work (also does full restorations) (1 week ago)

Ray Perron:

Belmont Motorcycle Performance is excellent (1 week ago)

3 (1 week ago)
Breakfast at Melbys in North Waterford then onto Mt Washington for bike day. Then off to Rangley for lunch. Yesterday was a GREAT day for a ride!!!!!

Melinda Michael Palmer:

Yes it was yesterday. (1 week ago)

4 (1 week ago)
Dawson here we come!

6 (2 weeks ago)

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