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BMW Riders of Southern Maine

(1 day ago)
Anyone recognise these lights? Trying to open to replace a bulb and not having any luck. 99 R1100RT

Rick Cote:

Any idea how to open? (1 day ago)

Michele MacNutt Rogers:

Maybe Motolights? (1 day ago)

Roy Jackson:

they are moto lights, there is a wrench that comes with them that fits into the holes on the front bevel. You can get the lights anywhere. I would go with the led's. I have them on my bike. Brighter, draw less power and last longer. Mine have 3 small LEDs on the light. 3 (1 day ago)

Rick Cote:

Thanks, will try to make a wrench. (1 day ago)

Bill Luth:

MotoLights have an unconditional warrenty, just pull into a shop that sells them. 2 (1 day ago)

Rick Cote:

Was able to get the ring off and the bulb out. Thanks for all the information. 2 (1 day ago)

6 (2 weeks ago)
Just wanted to make a quick introduction. Just bought a 2013 F800 GS. First "real" bike I've owned, absolute joy to ride! Looking forward to meeting you folks

Lisa St. Hilaire:

oooooooooooooooooh 1 (2 weeks ago)

James Nice:

See ya at the meeting this weekend 😎👍 1 (2 weeks ago)

James Nice:

Seth, we will be meeting at the Fairgrounds Cafe in Topsham, at 8:30 am. Welcome to the club (1 week ago)

Seth Madore:

And what day, sorry? (1 week ago)

Christopher Rushlau:

This Saturday we will be up to our old tricks again. It's breakfast at the Fairground Café in Topsham, the venue for our RSM breakfast, October 7th at 8:30am. (Coffee starts flowing at 8:15).

I just refuse to accept that riding season is nigh done for 2017. Go figure.

Given the calendar, there is a surprise ride coming later this month which was inspired by our summer trip to Isle of Man for the Manx GP! Details at this Saturday's breakfast.

We look forward to you joining us for hospitality in Topsham.


Fred (1 week ago)

Christopher Rushlau:

If I heard Fred correctly at the meeting, the surprise ride is Saturday, Oct. 14, meeting at Moody's Diner at Waldoboro at 9am, proceed at some point to meet some famous English motorcycle racing champion who lives near there. (6 days ago)

1 (2 weeks ago)
bmw f700 gs
$7,500 - Brunswick, ME

I have a great deal on a pretty much brand new 2015 bmw f700 gs. I bought two years ago and rode for a month. It’s a sweet bike with under 1200 miles. I just don’t ride it and am building a new shop and could use the money. I paid over 13k and will let it go for $7500. Title in hand also.

Christopher Rushlau:

Fortunately for me, unfortunately for you, I finally got my (Bill Parker's) K-75 RT running, rather, Max did an injector spray test, read the results correctly, cleaned the injectors, and it's now vroom for take-off. Three weeks ago I was planning on burying it in the ground. You might expland on your stats: BMW is playing with our heads with the nomenclature of the smaller GS's: this is 700 actuall cc's in one cylinder? Yes, I can see the one exhaust pipe. I had a F-650 CS (650 cc Rotax), belt drive. Mangulated by a texting (?) driver in Hope, ME. Heh, heh. (2 weeks ago)

3 (3 weeks ago)

3 (1 month ago)

Gail M. Murphy:

Welcome home Tom! (1 month ago)

Richard Ward:

Welcome back Tom. (3 weeks ago)

8 (1 month ago)
Many thanks to Dave, James and Bob for letting me tag along in the ride back from Vermont to Maine and letting me join their Sena Comm group. Nice to chat on the fly except the popcorn machine noise was making me hungry. James and I stopped at Dunkin' for a coffee and donut and talked MotoGP and Florida weather. He led me into Portland and pointed the way to I295 North. Got home six hours later. Not sure why the right lane crowd drove under the speed limit and the left lane hogers were not much faster. North of Bangor I could blast along to my heart's content. The fuel mileage for that section reflected running over 5000 rpm. Quick stop at the border then a stop for fuel at Irving (see last comment) and plugged in the electrics as it was cooling down.

Richard Ward:

The photo is in Harvey NB. Don Messer fiddle tribute. (1 month ago)

Michael Cocks:

I've heard about packing the kitchen sink, but that's ridiculous. However it must have taken a lot of fiddling around to get it right (1 month ago)

James Nice:

Richard, was a good ride back, I am glad you got back in a timely manner. The Vermont rally was great as usual. Hope to see you at our rally next year 👍 (1 month ago)

1 (1 month ago)
Have a gallon of BMW antifreeze/coolant for anyone who wants it.. Probably cost a gazillion dollars, can't remember ...

Ted Danforth:

Free - just need to get it to you. Maybe my next trip to Boston? (1 month ago)

Ted Danforth:

North Yarmouth ME. If you are coming through, just let me know. I can leave it out somewhere or meet you. (1 month ago)

2 (1 month ago)
Mike Marino:

Did it last year and it is a very nice park up there. I wouldn't pay the money or go out and get a notarized paper to prove anything.

I still got a certificate, but really no big deal either way.

I did it in two days. (1 month ago)

Richard Carpenter:

I did it last year. It's a $50 donation for the park which was all built from donations. I think it was money well spent and I got a nice T Shirt out of it. (1 month ago)

Richard Ward:

Interesting. I have done the New Brunswick Four Corners Tour for the last twelve years in a row. Just have Miscou Island left to do. For this one gets their name on a plaque. No brick.... no cost but your gas and lunch. I generally do it over four days; returning home most days. Gets members riding their province/state. Maybe do Maine some year. Two or three corners could be done in one day. 1 (1 month ago)

1 (1 month ago)

Alone to Deadhorse - A Solo Journey on the Dalton Highway

In June of 2015 I left Chicago on what would be a solo 12,235 mile round trip to the Arctic Ocean. This film documents the 4 days I spent riding the famous h...

3 (1 month ago)

Melinda Michael Palmer:

Nice pic !! I have never been to East Grand. Looks like pretty country. 1 (1 month ago)

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