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Riders of Southern Maine

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Gail M. Murphy:

I believe the issue is deeper than adding a name. BMW, extracts quite a price for the 'privilege' of using its logo. It may be simple economics that the club name no longer contains 'BMW'. I pay big to use the 'Apple' logo on my website and business cards. (3 weeks ago)

Richard Ward:

My Home BMW Club has accepted a few members of other brands, mainly members who have switched. Very small club but friendsips already made is more valuable than what brand you 'ride'. The Rocky Mountain Riders Club in Denver made the change years ago and it thrives very well. Majority is still BMW but they are a more active club now. 2 (3 weeks ago)

Shawn Blair:

Just one option? (3 weeks ago)

Eric Davis:

Was BMW removed from the club name or just the FB page? (3 weeks ago)

Shawn Blair:

The BMW issue was mostly about using the roundel. There are a number of clubs still using the BMW in the name, but not the roundel. There were no requirements in BMW's rules that regulated the use of 'BMW' in names (except where the roundel was used). BMW MOA elected to remove the roundel, though they did modify their name with the 'BMW Club'. Clubs also had the opportunity to get a 'waiver' of sorts on the naming convention if they applied for it. BMW RSM decided to drop it totally, hoping the lack of an identification would encourage other brand riders. (3 weeks ago)

Eric Davis:

so, it's been a couple of years without the 'BMW'..what is the percentage difference in bikes that are the primary ride that are not BMW's currently vs the the percentage before the name change? curious to see if it helped to bring in more people to the club.. (3 weeks ago)

Shawn Blair:

Based on what I've seen come through the applications, not much. I think more members have just converted to non-bmw's. (3 weeks ago)

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David Stone:

I would suggest the Riders of Southern Maine should change their name with MOA and RA. I believe we are listed as BMW Riders of Southern Maine still. That would allow another group to organize as BMW Riders of Southern Maine. (3 weeks ago)

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Anyone recognise these lights? Trying to open to replace a bulb and not having any luck. 99 R1100RT

Rick Cote:

Any idea how to open? (1 month ago)

Michele MacNutt Rogers:

Maybe Motolights? (1 month ago)

Roy Jackson:

they are moto lights, there is a wrench that comes with them that fits into the holes on the front bevel. You can get the lights anywhere. I would go with the led's. I have them on my bike. Brighter, draw less power and last longer. Mine have 3 small LEDs on the light. 3 (1 month ago)

Rick Cote:

Thanks, will try to make a wrench. (1 month ago)

Bill Luth:

MotoLights have an unconditional warrenty, just pull into a shop that sells them. 2 (1 month ago)

Rick Cote:

Was able to get the ring off and the bulb out. Thanks for all the information. 2 (1 month ago)

John Curtis:

I have them and found them impossible to open. I called the manufacturer and he said that heat wouldn’t hurt anything but the heat didn’t work. If you ruin the rings you can get replacements. My next move is to see if I can chisel the ring out... (1 month ago)

Rick Cote:

I did get mine open. I ended up using a pair of large pin retaining ring
pliers. I took them off the bike to get some leverage and used two pins as
far apart as I could open them to get at two opposing wholes. Took some
doing bit got them open. Replace the halogen bulb with a locally sourced
led. I would use a punch before a chisel and of you would like I can send
you the pliers I used. Let me know and good luck.

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Son rode his r6 down to me in Raymond from Bangor for end of the season service and storage. Can't believe anybody could ride this almost 3 hours. Just getting 20 min to the fuel pump was torture

Berry Manter:

Non-ethenol. Someone should make a list of every location offering it in Maine. 1 (1 month ago)

Richard Ward:

Well no one over the age of 35. I rode a Ducati sports bike for ten minutes. Was glad to get back to my GS. (1 month ago)

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