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BMW Riders of Southern Maine

2 (2 weeks ago)

The new BMW F850 GS is Imminent. Here's what we know about it

The new parallel-twin GS will be revealed this year and it will feature a lot of changes

Joseph Drenski:

Hope that means some used F800's come to market at reasonable prices?? 1 (2 weeks ago)

Joseph Avin:

Yep - I might be looking for a used one :-) (2 weeks ago)

Hannu Korhonen:

Why? 800 weights the same as 990 Adventure and lacks 25hp (2 days ago)

(2 days ago)

4 (3 weeks ago)
R 100 RT 1984 with kickstart, unrestored. Completely gone through mechanically. Last ride summer 2015, 10,000 miles touring out west. In very good to excellent condition. Last of the million mile bikes. Will be for sale soon! Presently in storage. If you think you might be interested, contact Pete Beliveau pabel@maine.rr.com or PM me on FaceBook (Joni Beliveau)

James Nice:

Does Pete know you are selling his bike? ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ˜ฌ 1 (3 weeks ago)

3 (4 days ago)

4 (2 weeks ago)

Maine Maritime Museum

Maine Maritime Museum celebrates Maineโ€™s maritime heritage and culture in order to educate the community and a worldwide audience about the important role of Maine in regional and global maritime activities.

Kristin Von Donop:

I wasnt aware of the Downeast Rally in May...it isnt posted on FB events. Where else should I be looking? 1 (2 weeks ago)

Ted Danforth:

www.bmwrsm.org/rally/registration/online-registration 1 (5 days ago)

1 (2 months ago)

Richard Ward:

Wear/bring your heated gear. 1 (2 months ago)

Berry Manter:

Just did Iceland last Spring, and have bicycled the Cabot Trail... so, yes, on both. Anyone familiar with good music venues? They have such a culture of it. (2 months ago)

Michele MacNutt Rogers:

Check out the Doryman pub in Cheticamp. 2 (2 months ago)

Richard Ward:

Lots of places for good seafood in Cape Breton. If camping the KOA campground outside Baddeck is a good spot. Restaurants down the road from it. 1 (2 months ago)

Chuck Ronson:

Ride safe,, have fun, the hospitality will astound you. 1 (2 months ago)

Jody Dow Watson:

We live in China - we took the CAT last June from Portland to Yarmouth - highly recommended. What a great start to our trip. Cabot Trail for sure, also enjoyed some music at www.celticmusiccentre.com. Our route included Liverpool, Broad Cove, Bridgewater, Lunenburg, Peggy's Cove, South Shore, Antigonish, Baddeck, Cabot Trail, Cheticamp, Pictou. People were friendly, and the riding was great. Have a great trip! 1 (2 months ago)

John Curtis:

Looking to get some riders or just input? (2 months ago)

Kenneth Simons:

Did the whole island in 10 days via the scenic routes last year. Would be happy to discuss. Will send my cell #. Number one word of advice: if you see gas, buy it! Rode long, long stretches with nothing but beautiful road. 1 (1 month ago)

2 (2 weeks ago)
Michele MacNutt Rogers:

Inquiring minds want to know. (1 week ago)

Bob Collin:

Check the Down East Rally Facebook page, or the Bmwrsn web site. (1 week ago)

Shawn Blair:

The current list of registered attendees has been posted on the web site on the Registration page. bmwrsm.org/ 2 (1 week ago)

3 (2 weeks ago)

Motorcycles Ride Free - Lake Express - Lake Michigan's high speed auto passenger ferry

Enjoy the road less traveled Why put up with the uncertainties of traffic and highway congestion when you can take the time-saving Lake Michigan ferry shortcut instead? The Lake Express ferry made history as the first high speed auto passenger ferry in the United States on June 1, 2004 when it re-es...

Richard Ward:

Three years too late for me. Oh well. (2 weeks ago)

3 (2 weeks ago)

2 (3 weeks ago)

Ted Danforth:

Might be a fun little bike... Wonder if it will fit on the back of my GSA? 1 (3 weeks ago)

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