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Anti Nuclear Movement

1 (1 hour ago)

Take action against Areva for supplying substandard parts, false quality certificates: EAS Sarma

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1 (12 hours ago)

India Needs To Say No To Nuclear Power, Says Greenpeace

The report titled 'No return to normal', released by Greenpeace Japan, said that seventy-five per cent of Iitate is contaminated forested mountains.

(15 hours ago)

(1 day ago)

Fukushima Robot Fried Again, But Confirms Astronomical Radiation, Cleanup Impossible for Decades

(EnviroNews World News) — Fukushima Prefecture, Japan — Dismantling the crumpled reactors and recovering the melted fuel at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi power plant in eastern Japan now relies on technology that hasn’t even been invented yet, as Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) flies blindly i...

1 (2 days ago)

Won’t grant NOCs to uranium mining projects in Meghalaya: Khasi District Council

After the Centre reiterated its move to open up uranium mining in the state, the highest council of the Khasi community says it will not grant an NOC

1 (2 days ago)

Solar Growth Skyrockets as Nuclear Power Fails to Compete

Past hopes for a "renaissance" in nuclear power in the U.S., with four to eight new nuclear plant facilities projected to ...

(4 days ago)

(5 days ago)
South Korea and Japan have condemned the latest missile test by North Korea as a provocation that will not be tolerated. The unidentified rocket was fired fr...

(5 days ago)

India still keen to buy Westinghouse reactors despite Toshiba meltdown

India has been in talks to locate half a dozen Westinghouse AP1000 reactors in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh under its drive to expand nuclear generation and wean the economy off polluting fuels like coal.

(5 days ago)

After 3 months, Kudankulam N-reactor Unit 1 starts power generation - Times of India

Unit 1 of the Kudankulam nuclear reactor has re-started power generation, more than two and half months it was shut down due to technical problems. The unit is likely to generate power for a month and then again shut down for change of fuel and general maintenance.

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