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CNA Edge - A voice from the trenches of long term care

A voice from the trenches of long term care

1 (1 day ago)
Dawn Sylvia Quirolgico:

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Genevieve Gipson, I have reported this to FB twice know.... it still remains. (23 hours ago)

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5 (4 days ago)
Jessica L. Blau:

Better pay, better bene's, lower aide to patient ratio. 6 (4 days ago)

Kym Webb:

We need to encourage the nursing assistants to skool to become nurses or pay the nursing assistants more money 2 (4 days ago)

Lisa Storm:

Facilities need to pay better wages and have better patient/aide ratio. Sad knowing burger flippers and retail register bangers are getting near same salary. DSP Aids in DD/MD residential facilities have behavior issues to contend with as well and their salary is horrible as well. Facilities wonder why turn over rate is so high. Over worked under paid. 13-14$ hr on Long Island does not cut it and national average is 9-12$ per hr. 5 (4 days ago)

Beth Grenfell:

Better pay. Support from management. Lower resident aide ratio 3 (4 days ago)

Kimberly M. Corrigan:

Ok say you have all that. Great work Environment. Absolute encouragement to become nurses. Good pay. Still not enough people want to do the job. How do you make it an appealing entry level position to the healthcare industry? How do you get someone whose never been exposed to healthcare to say I Want to do that? (4 days ago)

Thea Akram:

Better wages , staff appreciation, 2 (4 days ago)

Jessica L. Blau:

I went back to school at 40 yo for my CNA after years of working a desk job. I can't afford nursing school at this point...but I cannsay it sucks when you tell someone you are a CNA and they immediately say 'oh are you going to be a nurse?' Or 'ewwww' or they just tilt their head at you like they feel sorry for you.

The position itself needs to be seen as an important an integral part of healthcare. CNA's get a lot of crap. 6 (4 days ago)

Judy Gibbs Strack:

How do we get people to become aides who think of it as more than a pay check? (4 days ago)

Kateri Kenyon:

The pay scale has to change , and although most nursing personnel do this for the joy of helping others there's still bills to pay and they're families to take care of. I also feel that a higher pay scale allows companies to be much more likely to be more particular with whom they higher and their hiring process. 4 (4 days ago)

Andrea Johns Shanks:

Once you have better pay, benefits, and ratios, it should be easy to promote nurse assisting as a legitimate career path that people will want to join, regardless of their interest in becoming a nurse. It IS a noble cause, but we have to pay our bills and feed our kids. I Love nurse assisting, but there's no way I'd start it as a new path today, it's just not worth it the way the field is currently set up. 5 (4 days ago)

Bethany Vader:

Pay them what they are worth and treat them as though they are worth every bit of kindness that they give to others. Supply them with equipment and consider them as family. DO NOT LOOK DOWN ON THEM!!!! We are an educated group of people!!!! 3 (3 days ago)

Bethany Vader:

And I very much agree with Andrea Johns Shanks!!! Well spoken. 1 (3 days ago)

Darlene Moore:

It will come down to pay. This generations is a bunch of spoiled teens that expect too much. Life has been so simplified for them. They are not going to want to do this type of work for this pay. Been an aide for 34 years. Oh the lack of work ethics from these kids. Really feel the nurse aide job will become a thing of the padt and the lpns will become aides. 1 (3 days ago)

Jodie Keeney Burchett:

I'm a CMA and GNA( in my state in order to work LTC you are Geriatric certfied). Last year, my local community college, the only place allowed by the state to take classes cancelled 2 classes for CNA/GNA. They didn't have enough enrollment, however, to take the courses, you have to take math and English placement tests. You must test into Math 99 and English 99 to get into the class. If you don't you must pay more to take the remedial classes. So students have to pay over $1000 to take the remedial classes and the CNA class (3 days ago)

John H Booker:

The problem has always been the Culture, meaning the way they see us and the way we see ourselves......for instance... I will always debate the title of an "Assistant"....after over 20-30 yrs in the field..... I have declared myself a Master...Direct Care worker.....my profession is "Direct Care", I specialize not only in assisting...the Nurses.... I specialize in giving Quality and professional Care to individuals who need it,but sometimes may not want it, my field of study and practice includes, Geriatrics, mental health, Hospice and a host of other specialized hands on caregiving.....that may be equal to or better than the training and experience of a newly licensed"Practice Nurse".........so instead of dividing our skills and talents....placing them in different categories...(so someone can divide who gets paid what)........ let's work on Changing the Culture......if they continue to see through the same lenses they have used for nearly 50 yrs.........( Because that's how long we had problems of recruitment and retention)......tell them...... stop calling us their "Aides".......... just a small and humble opinion with no disrespect intended. 7 (1 day ago)

Lisa Storm:

John well put and that is how all should see themselves instead of the lower stigma that has been placed on "aids" or " assistants" maybe the whole title of this profession should be "ADL /Direct Care Associate. 2 (1 day ago)

Andrea Johns Shanks:

My mom works in a hospital pharmacy and their CNAs are called Personal Care Associates, and the hospital where I had my baby called them Personal Care Technicians. (1 day ago)

Lisa Storm:

Both my husband a former hospital CNA and my daughter both work in residential setting taking care of MR/DD population where not only they assist with basic ADL s but have specialized training SKiP in which they are trained to deal with combative behaviors in a humane way of residents who may act out and become danger to themselves or other residents. It takes a person with a special and patient constitution to deal with population because residents do not have the mental facilities of self control or cause and effect reasoning. It gets me pissed off when anyone flippingly calls " aids" the ass wipers of healthcare. 3 (1 day ago)

24 (1 month ago)

Should nursing homes be required to have more aides? Legislation says yes

In a move intended to improve the treatment and safety inside New Jersey's nursing homes, a state Assembly panel Monday approved a bill that would set minimum staffing standards for certified nursing assistants

John H Booker:

Without a doubt...and for more reasons than one........... I would propose that resident safety stands above most reasons, and I am specifically speaking about safety as it relates to Emergency and Natural Disasters.....there is no way that the 11-7 staff are able to save lives with the numbers employed...at just that specific time..........and there more evidence that the need for more qualified staff is a major necessity. 1 (1 month ago)

Amy Nieves:

Absolutely! The residents need and deserve a better ratio. (1 month ago)

Kimberly M. Corrigan:

This is quite a noble cause however the challenge is finding employees to work at the direct care level. I believe facilities would increase their staffing levels if the employees were available. How do we drive interest in workforce development for nurses aides? (1 month ago)

John H Booker:

You lower the levels of Felony convictions.....there are thousands of available, but ineligible candidates who could fill those spots.....now we also have the immigration issues that will prevent others from joining the profession.... I am afraid that the new immigration limitations will further dilute the workforce to catastrophic low. President Trump talks about releasing the regulations on Businesses....well here is a profession that could use some fresh views on growing this workforce. 1 (1 month ago)

Elise Nakhnikian:

This bill does not even call for a very high ratio of CNAs to residents. it is, as the name suggests, just a minimum. But it's very important to establish at least that bare minimum. 1 (1 month ago)

John H Booker:

I have become very,very, concerned about the new CNN.. report on the number of rapes in Nursing Homes, presumably by men ,.....there needs to be a national discussion about this among Direct Care Workers....first...to see if the numbers being reported are true....if so.... I have some ideas..to reduce those numbers without lowering the workforce.... regardless that report is traumatic.....and needs to be approached from a Direct Care Workers perspective. (1 week ago)

Genevieve Gipson:

John - can you call our office - we are discussing this as well and guys are telling me they do not want to work in nursing homes because they might be falsely accused. See your messages 2 (1 week ago)

Tracey Ann Gayle:

Yes yes and yes 1 (1 week ago)

John H Booker:

Will do Jenni...... (1 day ago)

4 (2 days ago)

Nurse salaries 2015: What CNAs, LPNs, NPs, RNs and more are making this year!

How does your salary compare to other nurses this year? Check out a variety of median nurse salaries divided by position and experience level.

Lillian Day:

i am an stna and make 15,000 a year i would like to know where I could make 22,000 5yrs exp. (2 days ago)

5 (4 days ago)

Toni Rowser:

Describes​ us to a T! (2 days ago)

6 (2 days ago)

2 (3 days ago)
a tasteful legacy ...

2 (4 days ago)

In Heathcare it is easier to act our way into a new kind of thinking than it is to think ourselves into a new way of acting.

“Every human interaction offers you the chance to make things better or to make things worse.” ― Barbara Brown Taylor I take care of people for a living. Taking proactive steps forward does not me…

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