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18 (3 days ago)
Eric Stutes:

Congrats to all 1 (3 days ago)

Darrington Dean:

Congrats to the Houston Board! 1 (3 days ago)

Deb Nell:

Congrats to The Houston board 1 (3 days ago)

Tom Seaman:

great reps from Houston, Congrats 1 (3 days ago)

Jody Travis:

Instead of Congrats I want to say Thanks for all the hard work and dedication it takes to volunteer to be a board member. Lots of work ahead but it is in great hands! 3 (3 days ago)

1 (5 days ago)

1 (1 week ago)

3 (1 week ago)

42 (1 week ago)
Tom Seaman:

congrats everyone. 3 (1 week ago)

Eric Stutes:

congrats and cheers to a productive fun year 3 (1 week ago)

Deb Nell:

Great board congrats 3 (1 week ago)

Robin Cagle:

Congrats! 3 (1 week ago)

Gordon Satterly:

Congratulations 3 (1 week ago)

Jeffrey Smit:

Congratulations too all. You all are great. 3 (1 week ago)

Jody Travis:

Congrats everyone. 3 (1 week ago)

Rene Gutkowski:

Congratulations yall 2 (1 week ago)

Gay Nell Gulihur:

Congrats to all!! 2 (1 week ago)

Kevin Briggs:

Congrats to everyone!! 3 (1 week ago)

Felicia M Gulihur:

Congratulations to you all!!
πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸŽŠπŸŽˆ 2 (1 week ago)

Ben Ramirez:

What a great team. Good luck with a awesome year. 2 (1 week ago)

Joshua Williams:

Congrats 2 (1 week ago)

BillieJean Morsett:

Congrats to everyone 2 (1 week ago)

22 (1 week ago)
Jonathan Suder:

Congrats!!! (1 week ago)

Tom Seaman:

Congrats to the board 1 (1 week ago)

Robin Cagle:

Congrats! 1 (1 week ago)

Deb Nell:

Congrats 1 (1 week ago)

Anthony Michael Lumpkins:

Congrats to everyone. (1 week ago)

Jeffrey Smit:

Congratulations too all you will all do great things in your positions. (1 week ago)

Gay Nell Gulihur:

Congrats!! (1 week ago)

Kevin Briggs:

Michael Slingerland and I are very excited. 3 (1 week ago)

Steven Riddiough:

Congrats to all!! 2 (1 week ago)

Glory Hellelur Serell:

Hellelurrr!!! Excited for a new year!!! 3 (1 week ago)

Shelly Curry:

Congrats yall..LOVE y'all 2 (1 week ago)

Krystal McGuire Bilbrey:

Congratulations to the newly-elected officers of the Dallas Chapter TGRA for 2018.
Miss. Yellow Rose of Texas 2005
Krystal McGuire Bilbrey 2 (1 week ago)

Wade W. Earp:

Congrats 1 (1 week ago)

J.d. Davis:

congrats 1 (1 week ago)

Ricky Matlock:

Thank You! 1 (1 week ago)

Brenda Lee Luce-Alday:

Congratulations 2 (1 week ago)

16 (1 week ago)
Alina Whorez Cole:

Cowtown Christmas is next Sunday, this one is Toys for Tots hun 😜 (1 week ago)

Tamra Kelley:

Yes ma'am... our meeting, cook-off and show is all next Sunday. I'll be at Toys for Tots tonight as well! 2 (1 week ago)

4 (1 week ago)

2 (2 weeks ago)

14 (2 weeks ago)
Crystal Rae Lee Love:

Congratulations!!!!! 1 (2 weeks ago)

Robin Cagle:

Congrats 2 (2 weeks ago)

Jonathan Smith:

Congratulations 🎈! 1 (2 weeks ago)

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