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John Hyatt's Learning Laboratory

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Art and Resistance at Prism Contemporary, Blackburn. Group show as part of our CDSS conference at UCBC

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Anthony Schrag The Artist as Social Worker vs The Artist as a Social Wanker | Programme | CCA

Examining the function of (and ethics contained in) working with people, this talk by Anthony Schrag frames a theoretical basis for cultural projects happening outside of traditional art spaces and explores the dynamics that emerge when working with communities.

Simon Woolham:

Love what Anthony does/questions! 1 (3 weeks ago)

4 (3 weeks ago)

For Space

20 May - 24 June 2017

1 (3 weeks ago)


Keele Humanities PG Symposium 03|07|2017

14 (1 month ago)

Lin Charlston:

This looks amazing Sara! 1 (1 month ago)

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Sara Davies:

This looks so good.... 2 (1 month ago)

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