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John Hyatt's Learning Laboratory

4 (3 days ago)

Sara Davies:

This looks so good.... 2 (3 days ago)

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Susan Jones:

I'll sound out a couple of folk who I think would fit your needs and get back if that seems possible 1 (4 weeks ago)

Mor Cohen:

Thank you Susan! (4 weeks ago)

2 (1 month ago)

Early Career Researcher (ECR) Group – part of the HARTS.ONLINE network

Professor Berthold Schoene provides an insightful look into what it takes to be a successful academic – publishing, bidding, conferences, public engagement, higher education politics and more – while also providing a clear overview of trajectories for academic career progression at Manchester Met, t...

3 (1 month ago)

Second International Workshop on Visual Research

The International Workshop on Visual Research is premised upon providing a platform for doctoral students to share ideas and practices related to a common theme. The workshop seeks to engage visually orientated doctoral students who adopt a sociological lens as well as those working sociologically a...

2 (1 month ago)
Come and join me!

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