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IUCN Carnivorous Plant Discussion Group

57 (1 week ago)

Johnny Myob:

Great shots. Almost never see in-situ pics of this species. CP gold right here ! 1 (6 days ago)

Matt Smith:

yes, great shots. but do a google search of drosera neocaledonica - there are a decent number of pics of plants in habitat, and they seed to be variable. (6 days ago)

Julien Bénard:

Sure, try endemia.nc/en/ ! but I bet you'll never find as big clones as these crazy ones. I walked on paths and cross hundreds of drosera but this population is unique. (6 days ago)

Matt Smith:

this form looks similar to the form i grow (6 days ago)

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2 (2 weeks ago)
Daniel DiPietro:

You should try getting some of these into TC (2 weeks ago)

Matt Smith:

not me but perhaps someone else should (2 weeks ago)

Matt Smith:

but the goal wouldn't just be to get them into TC. it would be to get them into collections of those who realize the importance of conservation who are committed to keeping them alive longterm. (2 weeks ago)

Hawken Carlton:

I would offer for perhaps the temperate Drosera, Pinguicula, or Utricularia, but the issue would be finding a spot for them at this point. 1 (2 weeks ago)

3 (1 month ago)


Inside a Multi-Year International Plant Smuggling Investigation in Portland

Steve Tatman:

Hi Marcel, when it says:

"At 8:05 a.m. on April 26, 2016—two and a half years after FWS Special Agent Jimmy Barna first went undercover at the Moon and Sixpence—the feds finally raided “Suspect Premises.” They were looking for endangered plants, records of smuggling, and financial information for “Nepenthes Nursery” and “Wistuba Exotics,” the businesses that feds say Orchard was connected to."

Is it clear how Wistuba Exotics figured in this investigation? (1 month ago)

IUCN Carnivorous Plant Specialist Group:

As far as I know there is no proof that any of the plants that came from this nursery are taken from the wild. I know them as a company that mainly deals in TC plants and that ships those with the proper paperwork. Quality is good and they have been around for a very long time. They are a regular seller at the European meetings and if there was any proof of illegal activity they wouldn't be invited (not by the Dutch this year or any other European society for that matter). Could be as simple as dealing with a costumer that happens to also deal with some illegal sellers. Remember the main focus for teh illegal plants is on their native lands. Terra forums is also mention and many people on that forum would have nothing to do with illegal sales either. let me make clear that I posted this ask for attention to the poacher problem and to share public information. Anything written is the opinion of the journalist and I would be interested to see what actualy comes out of this. Marcel. 1 (1 month ago)

John Christmann:

The part about Wistuba tells me that the agents really didn't know what they were doing. I personally know why it is mentioned but it's not public knowledge and it's not my place to make it so. It appears like they were expecting to uncover a large, organized smuggling ring but did not find any evidence of such. I think that's why the investigation took so long, and partly explains why the outcome is so minor compared to the apparent evidence presented. (1 month ago)

Bob Beer:

There was quite a long discussion about this in the Portland group's forum. Certainly smuggling and poaching needs to be combatted on every level. But the article was poorly written and, I suspect, poorly researched. The article gave the impression that having plant growing supplies indicated a crime; and that having/growing Carnivorous plants is in itself a crime. To bring in A. Wistuba's business without clarifying the actual status of their plants, is irresponsible and potentially damaging, not only to his business but to many businesses and people who are doing a service by raising, propagating and encouraging the cultivation of these plants. 3 (4 weeks ago)

8 (2 weeks ago)
Hi everyone😃 Thanks for accept😉

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