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IUCN Carnivorous Plant Discussion Group

10 (1 month ago)

Time is running out for Madagascar – evolution’s last, and greatest, laboratory

Kew scientists warn that unique plants on Madagascar are at risk of extinction

Rokybul Anwar:

What is this? Seems like orchids... (2 days ago)

Marcel van den Broek:

The cover picture on the article? yes hey are orchids 2 (2 days ago)

Egon Bangerl:

Last weekend we have a meeting with experts from the botanical garden Vienna and Frankfurt in Nagold/Germany about Madagaskar and the problems there. (9 hours ago)

(1 week ago)

Invitation to Propose Sites: Conservation Finance Incubator - IUCN

IUCN is seeking to partner with protected and conserved areas to seek and learn ways to improve conservation financing.  We are looking for partner site...

5 (1 month ago)

An evolving IUCN Red List needs to be both innovative and rigorous (commentary)

In this commentary piece, Craig Hilton-Taylor, head of the IUCN Red List Unit, writes about why it is so crucial that extinction risk for all species across all groups be assessed in a consistent and rigorous way in order to avoid bias and make sure that scarce resources are allocated as efficiently...

1 (1 month ago)

What David Attenborough didn’t say at Earth Optimism | World Land Trust

In his speech in the Stories of Hope programme of Earth Optimism, an event which took place in Cambridge last week to celebrate conservation success stories around the world, Sir David Attenborough added his own story.

2 (2 months ago)

4 (2 months ago)

Experts call for more collaboration and investment in biodiversity monitoring

More investment in on-the-ground monitoring of biodiversity is needed to produce data that can improve environmental decision making and conservation act...

(2 months ago)

IUCN’s World Commission on Protected Areas Releases Guidance for Managing Protected Areas in the Face of Climate Change

Protected area managers face enormous challenges: a lack of resources, invasive species, poaching, and development to name to just a few. Now along comes...

5 (4 months ago)
Happy #WorldWetlandsDay!


2 (4 months ago)


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4 (4 months ago)

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