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Cowes Etchells Fleet

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8 (2 weeks ago)

Laurence Mead:

Last race, last run, 200 metres to go. This after a massive rain squall and 26 knot puff earlier on the same leg....! Easy win for Robert Drake today. Shaun Frohlich (1437) rolled over the top of Robert Elliott (blue chute) for 2nd and in doing so allowed Murray Chapples (1148) to sneak past Elliott at the same time to grab 3rd. EASY win in the week as a whole for Robert Elliott / Stuart Childerley / Ben Childerley however. Well done to them, counting 4 bullets they were easy winners. 2 (2 weeks ago)

Donna Woodward Taylor:

1 (2 weeks ago)

(2 weeks ago)

6 (2 weeks ago)
If we are blown off tomorrow - anyone for Croquet?

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11 (2 weeks ago)
Laurence Mead:

Update : No racing Thursday, blowing 30 knots. (2 weeks ago)

3 (4 weeks ago)
Laurence Mead:

I am looking for a 3rd for Wednesday of Cowes Week (tomorrow!) if anyone is available. (2 weeks ago)

16 (2 weeks ago)
Laurence Mead:

Not the winners track but the course for the day! 1 (2 weeks ago)

Adam Turk:

Good write up Laurence although shouldn't you be in the beer tent ?!? (2 weeks ago)

David Franks:

Wonderful write up as usual and much appreciated (2 weeks ago)

Marty Kaye:

Exciting (2 weeks ago)

Laurence Mead:

post beer tent (and protest room!) (2 weeks ago)

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