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Cowes Etchells Fleet

12 (2 days ago)

2017/2018 Etchells Biscayne Bay Series - Louis Piana Cup on Yacht Scoring - A complete web based regatta administration and yacht scoring program

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87 (6 days ago)
Hello all. Montel Shabazz and Camillo are en route to Miami having raised £3850 through masses of talks since finishing the Fastnet. Thanks to the very kind loan of the boat by David Franks they have seen an opportunity and taken it. They hope to represent the Cowes Fleet well 😑

Nigel King:

well done guys, go have a great time. 1 (6 days ago)

Jan Ford:

Good luck, enjoy 1 (6 days ago)

Nick Hopwood:

Amazing that they had never seen an Etchells until earlier this year! Have a great time. 1 (6 days ago)

Tom Harrison:

Good luck lads! 1 (6 days ago)

Charles Darbyshire:

Good luck, enjoy Miami - warmer than the Solent (6 days ago)

Helen Sunderland:

Have an awesome time guys! 1 (6 days ago)

Lucy Hodges Mbe:

Good luck 1 (6 days ago)

Duncan Truswell:

They are going to hate the weather at this time of year and the view is miserable. I always find the sea a bit too blue the sun a bit too warm for my liking. Have an epic time! 2 (6 days ago)

John Green - Cowes:

Good luck guys and have fun! 1 (6 days ago)

Bradley Mclaughlin:

Good Luck you legends! 1 (6 days ago)

Ben Cooper:

Good job lads, see you out there tomorrow, I'll get the beers in. 2 (6 days ago)

Lucy Hodges Mbe:

Are my gloves still in use? 1 (6 days ago)

Shaun Frohlich:

And make sure you look after the boat.... 2 (6 days ago)

3 (1 month ago)

Ben Cooper:

Cheers Rob. Is this the final version, or will it be amended? Europeans and Dartmouth look quite tight. (1 month ago)

Rob Goddard:

Ask David, Dartmouth is fixed as that would be part of Dartmouth week, but we will have our own start and Shaun I believe is organising the socials 1 (1 month ago)

Shaun Frohlich:

Chilli Wotsit - is that date correct? (1 month ago)

Ben Cooper:

Looking at the forecast i think i may get a chilli wotsit this weekend. 1 (1 month ago)

Ante Razmilovic:

Anyone like I am wondering why we have a 3 day regatta mid April requiring a days holiday a no regatta the first bank holiday weekend in May like we always do ? (1 month ago)

Rob Goddard:

UPDATE!!! Saida Cup will now be on the 12/13 may (6 days ago)

Ante Razmilovic:

Why do we have the Southerns over 3 days in April and nothing on the first May Bank holiday weekend like we always do ? (6 days ago)

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15 (1 week ago)
Today Montel and Camilo had fantastic advice and guidance from Land Rover BAR legend David 'Freddie' Carr. The crew have received masses of brilliant practical tips ahead of their trip to Miami for the regatta this weekend. Thank you 1851 Trust!

(4 weeks ago)

57 (10 months ago)

Douglas R Peterson:

That is awesome!!!! (10 months ago)

Andrew Palfrey:

impressive (10 months ago)

Alexis Dogilewski:

Well done a very nice gesture. (10 months ago)

Barry Dunning:

Great tribute to a great friend! 1 (10 months ago)

Marc Wait:

That is really great. (1 month ago)

5 (1 month ago)

Interview with Etchells World Champion, Steve Benjamin on Stella Blue

How Stella Blue conquered the Etchells World Championship in San Francisco

Cressida Robson:

Great article! (1 month ago)

4 (1 month ago)
Jan Ford:

David is working on it should be available shortly (1 month ago)

2 (1 month ago)
Matt Reid training weekend weather!

8 (2 months ago)

Etchells | North Sails

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