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Limestone County Career Technical Center

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6 (5 hours ago)

Hailley White Wilbanks:

What if your a teacher in training haha (2 hours ago)

Tona Shockley Haggermaker:

I asked that question...that won't work lol (28 minutes ago)

Hailley White Wilbanks:

Aweee man haha (25 minutes ago)

36 (14 hours ago)

Mike Owens:

Way-To-Go Vince!!! (10 hours ago)

Donna Mitchell:

Congratulations!!! (2 hours ago)

David Holt:

Great honor Coach!! (2 hours ago)

Melody Oehler Etheredge:

Congratulations! (1 hour ago)

10 (12 hours ago)

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2 (1 day ago)
Thank you Siemens for inviting me to experience your apprenticeship program first-hand. I hope to cultivate much more bilateral cooperation and cross-sector partnerships on the topic of vocational education as a result of this visit.

17 (1 day ago)
Gina Miller:

Congratulations to them all!! Especially Paola Cristal, my sweet, smart, beautiful school baby! 2 (1 day ago)

16 (3 days ago)

Tricia Montgomery:

Great job! (3 days ago)

Carol Bevil Raney:

Congrats (3 days ago)

Sandra Dorning:

Good job (3 days ago)

Beth Brazier:

Congratulations Sarah!!! (2 days ago)

12 (1 month ago)

Tona Shockley Haggermaker:

Tiffany Brasher Brightwell (1 month ago)

Lacy Pettus Williams:

Oh I'm so signing Avery up for this 1 (1 month ago)

Tona Shockley Haggermaker:

Lanita K Murrah (1 month ago)

Lanita K Murrah:

Sign us up!!! 1 (1 month ago)

Richard Lax:

Hey Tona, Lexi wants to do it again this year. 2 (1 month ago)

Tona Shockley Haggermaker:

. (4 weeks ago)

Brittany Lanette Lax:

Lexi wants to go 1 (4 weeks ago)

Tona Shockley Haggermaker:

Lanita K Murrah (1 week ago)

Tona Shockley Haggermaker:

Shannon Lamy Toone 1 (5 days ago)

Amanda N Don Tibbetts:

Any more news on how to sign up for SquareOne? (3 days ago)

17 (3 days ago)

35 (4 days ago)

Earl Glaze:

Awesome (4 days ago)

Tom Sisk:

Proud of you guys!!! (4 days ago)

Cindy Wales:

Congratulations!!! (4 days ago)

Lacy Pettus Williams:

That's awesome!!!! Congrats!!!! (4 days ago)

Carol Bevil Raney:

Awesome (4 days ago)

Tricia Montgomery:

Congratulations !!!! Super jobs guys! (4 days ago)

Cynthia Evans Glass:

Congratulations! (3 days ago)

18 (6 days ago)

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