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Limestone County Career Technical Center

2 (2 days ago)

Linda Tubbs Smith:

docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ngLYUiTkFfVt3Nhp0MuIPT46RB-6OmVivSzAy32xabo/pub?start=false&loop=false&delayms=60000 (2 days ago)

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Solar Eclipse and eye safety.pptx


4 (1 week ago)
The Limestone Co. Career Tech Fire Academy is designed to instruct and certify high school students in Limestone Co. as Volunteer Fire Fighters.

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11 (1 week ago)

Kelli Kraus Southard:

Tori Kraus, This aunt is PROUD to see the learning taking place! Keep up the great job! (1 week ago)

32 (1 week ago)
Jeannie Berzett Wilbourn:

We pulled in this morning as everyone gathered around the flagpole. I wanted to join in but my husband didn't want to intrude; so I prayed with them from the truck. ☺ A lovely sight! (1 week ago)

Tona Shockley Haggermaker:

Your sweet boy was so friendly to us all this afternoon as he waited on y'all to pick him up! (1 week ago)

Joyce McDonald:

Thankful we still have that privilege here in Athens. Thank you 1 (1 week ago)

Rhonda Smith Alley:

❤❤❤🙌 (1 week ago)

Merle Evans Shockley:

That is so nice (1 week ago)

2 (1 week ago)
Our Plan for the Eclipse:

As you know the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, is a historic event that many people want to witness. Of course, we know there are some safety issues with viewing an eclipse. Some school systems in our area have cancelled school, but we plan on being at school on August 21st as scheduled.

We realize this is a great teaching opportunity and want our students to safely experience this once-in-a-lifetime event. In order to keep our students safe, we are putting into place certain guidelines. We are doing so, to help ensure the safety of our students.

A. Any student viewing the eclipse should only be allowed if two conditions are met.
1. Students must have a signed parental permission slip. Mr. Bates will provide these forms by email for schools to distribute next week.
2. Students must have a pair of approved glasses to view the eclipse. Please use the following:
link: eclipse2017.nasa.gov/safety
3. Make sure students are instructed to keep the glasses on during the entire viewing of the eclipse. We will remind students and instruct them before going to view it.

B. All regularly scheduled outside events will be moved in doors. Students should not be outside during the time of the eclipse without adhering to the guidelines mentioned above. We are taking this matter seriously.

Finally, we realize some parents will want to keep their students home to view the eclipse or travel to an area in the 100% zone. Therefore, if parents keep their students at home and send a note stating the reason for the absence was the eclipse, the student will be counted PRESENT. This will not count against perfect attendance, or exemptions.

If you have any questions please let me know. Our intent is to create a safe environment for all our students while at school. The potential for eye injuries exists, therefore we are taking these precautions.

(2 weeks ago)
Interview today or tomorrow!! Walk in at 9am, 1pm, or 3pm or send us a message below to set up a specific day!

22 (3 weeks ago)

Leased fire truck to give Limestone tech students hands-on training

ATHENS — A 1987 model open-cab fire engine leased to Limestone County Schools will help give high school students some practical experience in firefighter training.

22 (3 weeks ago)

New director coming to Limestone County CTC

Limestone County Career Technical Center students will notice a new face when they start back to school in August. The growth of the school led to a second director position

34 (3 weeks ago)
Kelli Kraus Southard:

Clements loss of Dr Wilson is definitely CTC's gain. We will miss him!! 2 (3 weeks ago)

Beth Allfrey Bates:

I am so glad to hear that! Ruth Ann was worried! Lol 😝 1 (3 weeks ago)

Mike Owens:

John is a great fellow you will love him.
Tona sometime when it is just the two of you, ask him to tell you the story of riding in my Jeep. 1 (3 weeks ago)

Lacy Pettus Williams:

I'm so happy! 2 (3 weeks ago)

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