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(19 hours ago)
Gadi Ben-Avi:

Parking at Mamilla would be the easiest, and safest, but it means walking through the old city. Another option is to park at the first station, and take the free shuttle, which let's you off just outside the Dung Gate. 2 (19 hours ago)

Shayna Levine-Hefetz:

Parking at First Station is a lot cheaper and the shuttle will take you to the kotel rather than Jaffa Gate which will mean a 20 minute walk to the kotel and the same walk (including many steps and an uphill walk) on the way back. 2 (19 hours ago)

Natalie Joseph Billington:

Sounds great. Our tunnel tour starts at 4.15, will that be too late to get the shuttle back to first station? (18 hours ago)

Natalie Joseph Billington:

Also, is there stuff to do at first station? (18 hours ago)

Natalie Joseph Billington:

And thank you for your help (18 hours ago)

Molly Adler:

The shuttle leaves from the far end of the parking lot. It was great, but had a hard time finding it at first and none of the shopkeepers seem to know about it! Good luck. 1 (17 hours ago)

Deborah Bassuk Michael:

Naftali Lehrfield 1 (15 hours ago)

Dafna Yanovich Berman:

Clearly a few hours late, but we always park in mamilla (15 hours ago)

Leora Roth:

There is also the old city train from the Jaffa gate. (15 hours ago)

Judy Lieberman:

Mamilla is great and very convenient. (15 hours ago)

Laurent Bensimon:

We waited a while for a shuttle back to the first station last time we used that option but it was midday. Maybe in the evening it will be better (14 hours ago)

Nisa Levy:

Mamilla is good (13 hours ago)

Naftali Lehrfield:

Rova Express offers many services within the Old City including; transportation of people within the Rova, deliveries, and assistance those that want to get to and from the Kotel. Rova Express is a private mobile transport that accommodates 3- 6 passengers. It allows those that have difficulties walking, the opportunity to go and be included in tours and family smachot within the Old City.
Call to schedule a pickup: 054-621-9184 (6 hours ago)

Leiah Elbaum:

If you park at Mamilla you can either enter the Old City through the Jaffa Gate or walk a little way around the walls and enter through the Zion Gate which also takes you through the Armenian Quarter. You don't have to go through all the steps of the Jewish Quarter, but stay on the road near the ramparts (within the walls) and walk that way down to the Dung Gate. A bit gentler than all the steps, certainly on the way up or if you have a stroller/young kids. (4 hours ago)

Rhoda Kagan:

(13 minutes ago)

1 (18 hours ago)

Diane Resnikoff Field:

Cheryle, we like Carmel Spa the best. Breishit is very lovely also but they do allow children which changes the atmosphere. We like Cramim the least. Special Occasion? (17 hours ago)

Cassandra Dadi:

All are amazing hotels but Bereshit spa is not great at all. (16 hours ago)

Sarah Fairweather Shamir:

Carmel forest 1 (16 hours ago)

Sheryl Dubin:

Cramim was amazing!!! Can't compare the others bc haven't been but cramim was gorgeous, so comfortable, good food, etc 1 (15 hours ago)

Gayle Fried-Stone:

Been to Carmel and Breishit. Carmel all the way. Not even a contest. If u can afford Carmel, it's not even a debate!!! (14 hours ago)

Lawrence Feldman:

don't know if this is in the same league, but the Elma Hotel in Zichron is supposedly the lap of luxury, and they have a spa on premises:

www.elma-hotel.com (14 hours ago)

Daniel Mednick:

Bayit Bagalil, 5* Boutique Spa resort in the north, highly recommended along with the Carmel, Cramim and Beresheet very nice but not amazing Spas! (4 hours ago)

1 (1 day ago)
Chana Tzanani Bacharach:

Following (1 day ago)

Naomi 'Simenoff' Goldberg:

Where are you based? (1 day ago)

Layla Levy:

Near Caserea (23 hours ago)

Naomi 'Simenoff' Goldberg:

Paper making and park hamoshava in Zichron, national park in Cesariya (my kids loved the holograms), Sarina chocolate making in Ein Vered 1 (23 hours ago)

Cindy Schwartz Kline:

Holon children's museum, science museum in Jerusalem, Galita chocolate workshop. 1 (22 hours ago)

Anita Hasleton:

Biblical zoo in Jerusalem (20 hours ago)

Cindy-lee Hernstad Nee Rosen:

F (13 hours ago)

Bella Kutscher:

F (29 minutes ago)

1 (6 hours ago)

Chana Frank:

King Solomon (4 hours ago)

Avi Varnai UsaLevinson:

Kibbutz Eilot has a Leonardo that my family went to for pesach, but it's 10 min drive from Eilat. (And all inclusive) (2 hours ago)

Naomi 'Simenoff' Goldberg:

Kibbutz Eilot guest house is super kid and budget friendly. (2 hours ago)

(58 minutes ago)

(6 hours ago)
Esther Rosner Sokoloff:

For how many people and which neighborhood? (2 hours ago)

Avivit Ben-Aharon:

family of 5. Close to mamila/ Kotel (1 hour ago)

(14 hours ago)
Esther Katz-Cohney:

Benjy Isenberg (10 hours ago)

Elisheva Poupko Schreiber:

כפר גלעדי (10 hours ago)

Shayna Levine-Hefetz:

Habayit B'Tzfat, run by Ascent (8 hours ago)

Benjy Isenberg:

Sending you a FB message... (8 hours ago)

Susan Hirsh Lebetkin:

Mitch Mandel (7 hours ago)

Avi Noam Taub:

Pesach-Israel.com (5 hours ago)

Naomi 'Simenoff' Goldberg:

There are no affordable mehadrin Pesach programs... 1 (2 hours ago)

(7 hours ago)
Zecie Maltz:

Bad (6 hours ago)

Kara Wurtzel:

All really bad. meduzot.co.il 1 (6 hours ago)

Estee Rosenbaum:

Bad (3 hours ago)

2 (22 hours ago)
Keith Brooks:

we want to go sunday. let us know where to go to see it. Vanessa Gross Brooks is meeting me with the kids. (22 hours ago)

Shayna Levine-Hefetz:

It is my understanding that it is continuing as part of the light show (21 hours ago)

Paul Hyams:

Yes until July 17 (21 hours ago)

Esther Katz-Cohney:

do you need to buy tickets? if so, where? (12 hours ago)

Debra Nussbaum Stepen:

no need to buy tickets, just show up! (10 hours ago)

Ahuva Lipman:

FYI we went tonight and the first show started at 9:00. I'm not sure if it's going to be like that every night, but it was really still very light outside at 8:00. It's 20 minutes long. They had a twenty minute break between showings. (4 hours ago)

(1 day ago)

Fredi Siskind Engelberg:

Hatzuk at Rosh Hanijra, 10 minute ride (1 day ago)

Laura Borden Richter:

Alto dairy (1 day ago)

Ilya Shekhter:

Rothschild's - excellent dairy food, on the beach, at the end of Gaaton (4 hours ago)

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