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1 (8 minutes ago)
Shira Graber Spielman:

F (7 minutes ago)

Abby Kra Friedman:

from a friend: we usually park in gan hapamon and dont have too many problems there (7 minutes ago)

Michal Steinhart:

Park near Gan hapaamon or rechavia (3 minutes ago)

Adena Firstman-Feiglin:

Hey Abby! Could you share details of the rikud degalim? (43 seconds ago)

Shira Graber Spielman:

Yes please! What time does it begin? (16 seconds ago)

3 (10 hours ago)
Johnny Solomon:

Following (10 hours ago)

Shifra Mazal Frankenthal:

Following (5 hours ago)

Atara Graubard Segal:

near southern wall. Through the summer I believe 1 (2 hours ago)

Atara Graubard Segal:

Also this 1 (2 hours ago)

Naomi Leiser Conforti:

www.funinjerusalem.com/yom-yerushalayim-50/ (1 minute ago)

(9 minutes ago)

(6 hours ago)
Erin Griver:

Biblical Zoo, Malka Mall, spend the day on Ben yehuda, mamilla mall, (6 hours ago)

Sheryl Dubin:

I don't have suggestions for the other day but I would recommend not skipping temple institute (machon hamikdash). They redid it recently and they did an excellent job. My 4YO and 7YO loved it. Also bonus it's air conditioned! (6 hours ago)

Diana Rose:

Israel Museum 1 (3 hours ago)

Judy Lieberman:

Take your kids to the Biblical Zoo. You'll all have a great time! (2 hours ago)

Judy Lieberman:

Also, if it's hot and you need indoors activities, the Bloomfield Science Museum. (2 hours ago)

Judy Lieberman:

There's also a splash pad called Park Teddy, right outside of the Old City. And the First Station is a great place to eat and let the kids run around. (1 hour ago)

Azi Jank:

Lunch or dinner at mamilla mall when you are visiting the old city- really nice atmosphere there. You could also visit first station- they have activities for the kids. I've heard ein Yael is fantastic in Jlem. The botanic gardens (long walk or take a taxi) has a children's garden that my kids liked. (1 hour ago)

Esther Malkah Barak:

Take it easy and don't push yourselves. Eilan and I are wiped out just with Channah (4 months) and the time change with her. She's been a trooper. The conditions are so different to back "home". So make sure to drink lots. Take breaks and have lots of snacks on the ready. The heat has been getting to us and the baby! (21 minutes ago)

(2 months ago)
Simone Rifkind:

Did you stay there? How was it? (26 minutes ago)

11 (2 days ago)
Molly Adler:

Curious to hear feedback, and I'll post my itinerary when I have a second. Going for 2 weeks with my teenage daughter end of June. (2 days ago)

Tova Sasson:

That is a ton! I can't believe you're so organized! Just a few things to keep in mind-
-June 21: if you're planning on doing Jewish quarter and Cardo after the first unbelievable tour, I'm not sure how late things are open
-June 23: hot air balloon is cool just if you want to experience a balloon. If you want something interesting, go to the Palmach Museum. It's not a regular museum, it's an A/V display that moves through different rooms and is very worth going to. You need to book in advance. Another Tel Aviv idea is a Segway tour through Yafo and Neve Tzedek where you learn about the Christian and Jewish roots of Yafo and the beginnings of Tel Aviv as a modern city.
-June 25: to be honest, Caesaria is pretty boring and lots of walking outside to look at an aqueduct. Consider going to the Underground Prisoners Museum in Acco instead, it was a British-run prison that held Jewish underground fighters during the British mandate. 3 (2 days ago)

Raisie Feinerman:

Tova Sasson, thanks for your feedback! As far as the Jewish quarter, I think you are right...Whatever we don't get to, we can walk around on Shabbat when we are there for Shabbat, no? Also, the Palmach museum isn't open for regular tours on Friday...so that's why I thought the cool balloon ride. It isn't "ISRAEL" per se, but we think it's a fantastic memory to have... I"ll look into the Segway, but I wonder if the13 year old is old enough...In Jerus, you have to be 16 for the Segway...I'll check. Regarding Caesaria, I'll look into the Underground Prisoner's Museum....THANK YOU!!! 1 (2 days ago)

Raisie Feinerman:

I just looked at the Underground Prisoner's Museum...I don't think it will interest my son. What else can we do on the way to Rosh Hanikra? (2 days ago)

Raisie Feinerman:

Minimum age is 16 for Segway... (2 days ago)

Naomi Lefkowitz Berkowitz:

FYI - when we stopped at Cafe Cafe a few days before pesach on the way to the Dead Sea, they said they were no longer Kosher. We ended up eating snacks from a gas station, but were told afterwards that there is a kosher cafe at the spa at ein gedi (2 days ago)

Erica Solomon:

I think your drive times from Caesaria to Rush Hanikra and then to Tzefat might be a little tight and check the time for Rosh Hanikra even in the summer the last cable car is oddly early 3 (2 days ago)

Raisie Feinerman:

Thanks, Naomi Lefkowitz Berkowitz, and Erica Solomon, I'll check into that. (2 days ago)

Erica Solomon:

That's the jam packed sort of itinerary I tend to do. You can do it, but it does get tiring and driving and eating take longer than you think (2 days ago)

Raisie Feinerman:

Thinking of chiseling again. I'm taking out Caesaria for sure....maybe also Rosh Hanikra. (2 days ago)

Erica Solomon:

Funny, my kids loved Caesaria- but first we went through Mey Kedem. They loved climbing on the ruins and the sculptures by the sea. (2 days ago)

Tiffany Kaplan:

Why pre sunrise hike up Masada and cable car up ? Once your up , your up .. (2 days ago)

Sara Sheffey Porush:

We were in Israel in January and had a similar jam packed itinerary. My biggest regret? Not having enough down time in Jerusalem. We were always running running running- don't get me wrong-it was fantastic. But maybe try to schedule yourself one afternoon with nothing planned. (2 days ago)

Orit Brandeis:

Andy Mars
Some great ideas (2 days ago)

Sharona Schneid:

My kids also loved caesaria and eating there by the water was so nice , the scenery was amazing (2 days ago)

Shayna Levine-Hefetz:

You will definitely need more than 20 minutes for the southern wall/Davidson Center on day 1. Also in Tzfat, the R Yosef Karo shul is usually closed but I highly recommend the Ashkenazi​ Ari Shul and the Abuhav Shul. Livnot U'Lihibanot has a video tour of the Old City of Tzfat with different stops. Also don't miss their tunnel excavation and if you can get them to bring you over to the binyan clal, it is really cool (2 days ago)

Diana Rose:

I think the drives may take longer depending on time of day and traffic. (2 days ago)

Alison Tangi:

I would add some chill time just to absorb the atmosphere - you dont need to be doing something every minute. Getting from place to place takes longer than you think and eating always takes longer - especially if the place is busy. Also I would add in jerusalem doing the time elevator www.time-elevator.co.il/en/. You should buy your shabbat prepared stuff in machane yehuda on the friday - there are loads of places. But go early it gets very busy! (2 days ago)

Diana Rose:

On the way to Rosh Hanikra you could stop off at Zichron Yaakov. Winery there, Nili house, etc (2 days ago)

Rachel Gitel Leibovitze:

Hi, I hope I remember all my comments....the first day is jam packed and you will be tired. I understand the sentiment to go striaght to the kotel - but maybe shorten the day a bit and​ go back the next day when you have a car, or complete these activities the following week.

Day 2 - this is a day you can get Mcdonalds in (maybe in Mevasseret mall). In general, this day is much less activity filled, compared to the day before. I would actually switch the days, giving yourself an easier day on your first day, but I am assuming you wanted first day Kotel. There is no reason not to drive to JM by the way, so again, the days could be combined. I noticed you are returning car to JM - make sure it doesn't cost extra to return from a different location, and if it does, consider renting the day before in JM, and driving back, saving the extra cost, and "gaining" time with a car.

Day 3 - seems fine, I looked at a different museum (osef zahal), but also closed on Friday - it has tanks you can climb on as well. The hot air baloon , tho I have never been, looks like it could be a fun activity. I would add something Maybe beit hatfusot? Or even lunch near the beach (there is grass). Or Yaffo flea market.

Day 4 - re Altlit instead of Ceasaria. There is a cute museum at Ceasaria, and the ruins, as well excitement of being along the beach. It is beautiful, the history is mostly from ancient times, a bit of hannah senesh too. There is a kosher milchig cafe within the complex (double check - its been a while). while Atlit is more recent history on the building of the state, and post holocuast. while Ceasaria is more of a tourist attraction, Atlit was very insteresting. Either choise is good. Rest of day looks good, I love rosh hanikra, not sure how you will do time wise re tzfat., and beach

Day 5 - seems a bit empty. Add tiverya boardwalk. Aquakef? Or are you planning the beach in the AM first? You could add the amazing nachalk hakibutzim hike on your way back down, it is near beit shean (30 minutes from tiverya). There is a kosher Mcdonalds in what is otherwise an empty mall in Beit Shean.

Day 6 - Sounds good. There is kosher food in the rechovot mall, or in the industrial area not too far from machon ayalon (still would require driving). Make sure to get to your blind tour on time tho.

rest of trip- nothing to add/comment as I am not well versed in dead sea. JM seems fine.

ENJOY! (2 days ago)

Judy Lieberman:

You aren't leaving enough room for traffic and lines and needing to wait in restaurants with slow service. For example, your day up North with Rosh HaNikra and Tzfat. Rosh HaNikra might be crowded, and you might have to wait for the cablecar. You might have traffic getting there. You might want to relax and enjoy the view and take pictures for a few minutes. You will most definitely encounter traffic between there and Tzfat ( pretty much, expect traffic anywhere in the country, sorry!). 1 (2 days ago)

Judy Lieberman:

Your day in the old city in Jerusalem is way too packed. I would suggest starting each day with what you most want to see/ do, and then be able to be flexible with your plans. (2 days ago)

Deborah Dickson:

I note no water tiyulim - is that on purpose? If not, I would include one or two as being 'Israel'. Also Aquakef is great for all those ages if you are in the Kinneret area... 4 (2 days ago)

Cassandra Dadi:

Sounds like fun! Check what time Shuk in Tel aviv is open to as you have that planned before Shabbat and in general things close way before Shabbat here...
is an hour enough time at eretz bereshit? Sounds short! 1 (2 days ago)

Ruti Grodzinsky:

The day you go to the blind museum you have shipuday tzipory in bat yam about a 25 minute drive Sha'ul Bar St 5, Bat Yam (1 day ago)

(11 hours ago)
Jamie Rosenthal:

Sorry, but so fun to see you on this page :)! I think if you do the dinner option it is fun. (9 hours ago)

Gadi Ben-Avi:

Their number is 02-997-4477. Call and ask (54 minutes ago)

(2 hours ago)
Debra Kovacs Kashi:

He is not in this group. (2 hours ago)

Sarah Bergman:

You should be sleeping (54 minutes ago)

(1 hour ago)

(5 hours ago)
Natasha Vayner:

are you flying Delta? (5 hours ago)

Shaina Shevin Warshay:

No (5 hours ago)

Ilana Gimpelevich:

May they rot somewhere else. 1 (5 hours ago)

Jayme Yehye:

My parents put mine in a duffle and packed around it. (4 hours ago)

Shifra Mazal Frankenthal:

You have so many seats, which means as many pieces of luggage. With summer clothes the kids don't need a whole suitcase. I've taken a new pack n play in a box to Israel. Was checked in as a piece of luggage. (4 hours ago)

Dena Sigman:

No. only car seats and strollers. (4 hours ago)

Dena Sigman:

We dont bring the pack n play. Instead we have one PeaPod per kid and it fits in my suitcase. (3 hours ago)

חוי יאיר בן יהודה:

Nope. I wish! (1 hour ago)

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