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Why AlphaGo Zero is a Quantum Leap Forward in Deep Learning

The 1983 movie “War Games” has a memorable climax where the supercomputer known as WOPR (War Operation Plan Response) is asked to train on…

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Davinder Chandhok:

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Davinder Chandhok:

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#Deep #Learning Prerequisites: Linear Regression in #Python
Enroll Now 1129911299 students enrolled
Data science: Learn linear regression from scratch and build your own working program in Python for data analysis.

This course teaches you about one popular technique used in machine learning, data science and statistics: linear regression. We cover the theory from the ground up: derivation of the solution, and applications to real-world problems. We show you how one might code their own linear regression module in Python.

Linear regression is the simplest machine learning model you can learn, yet there is so much depth that you’ll be returning to it for years to come. That’s why it’s a great introductory course if you’re interested in taking your first steps in the fields of:

deep learning
machine learning
data science

3 (11 hours ago)

Artificial Neural Networks with Python - 2 - Basic Concepts

In this series we're exploring artificial neural networks with Python. In this tutorial we're discussing some very basic concepts of artificial neural networ...

2 (14 hours ago)
I wanna start coding on AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language). But I dunno in what program to code and where to go to download it.
If someone has BUILT by AIML any simple example: please suggest me what to do.

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Fundamentals of Deep Learning - Activation Functions and When to Use Them?

Introduction Internet provides access to plethora of information today. Whatever we need is just a Google (search) away. However, when we have so much of information, the challenge is to segregate between relevant and irrelevant information. When our brain is fed with a lot of information simultaneo...

16 (1 day ago)

Human-Robot Interaction: A Future Which Cannot Avoid Digital Aid!

You may really want to know how human-robot interaction takes place. In this article, you'll find many examples of what the future of robots will look like.

18 (1 day ago)

Fast.ai: What I Learned from Lessons 1–3 – Pavel Surmenok – Medium

Fast.ai is a great deep learning course for those who prefer to learn by doing. Unlike other courses, here you will build a deep neural…

Matthew Taylor:

Just starting this course, timely post for me. 1 (1 day ago)

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