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(1 hour ago)

QNAP NAS x AI 全新風貌首度曝光,就在 2017 台灣人工智慧年會 !

自 2014 年開始舉辦的台灣資料科學年會,因應現今" 深度學習" 科技趨勢今年首次轉型舉辦人工智慧年會,QNAP 本次以「電競NAS」結合 AI 應用的型態亮相。透過NAS 可擴充支援 GPU 顯示卡的優勢,搭配優異硬體儲存設備的加乘效果?....

Zubair Ahmed:

I got a QNAP nas, they are brilliant
What does the video say? Are they bringing new AI capabilities natively in the box? (1 hour ago)

(1 hour ago)
Got Mathematical & Analytical skills !!
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1 (5 hours ago)

Google Is Giving Away AI That Can Build Your Genome Sequence

The deep learning tool can assemble a full genome from raw DNA more accurately than every existing method.

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16 (14 hours ago)

Deep Learning for NLP, advancements and trends in 2017 - Tryolabs Blog

Over the past few years, Deep Learning (DL) architectures and algorithms have made impressive advances in fields such as image recognition and speech processing. Their application to Natural Language Processing (NLP) was less impressive at first, but has now proven to make significant contributions,...

Ramesh Prasad:

Excellent article. Thanks for sharing! (8 hours ago)

3 (14 hours ago)

10 (14 hours ago)

Bias is not just in our datasets, it's in our conferences and community

NIPS 2017 should have been a decisive win for fairness both within our community and the communities impacted by it. There are many more steps to go however.

3 (14 hours ago)

TFGAN: A Lightweight Library for Generative Adversarial Networks

Posted by Joel Shor, Senior Software Engineer, Machine Perception (Crossposted on the Google Open Source Blog ) Training a neural networ...

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Elliott Collin Ploutz:

Everyone recommends this book.


You should get it! If it's about money...You can always pirate it ;) 1 (18 hours ago)

(18 hours ago)

8 (19 hours ago)

Deep Learning in Action

Last year before Christmas at Hochschule München, Fakultät für Informatik and Mathematik I presented about Deep Learning (nbviewer, github, pdf). Mainly concep…

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