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Friends Who Like Sara Dance Center

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1 (1 hour ago)

Sally Rice:

Looking forward (23 minutes ago)

1 (3 days ago)

Sally Rice:

Great night (2 days ago)

7 (3 weeks ago)

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(1 month ago)

Universal Crescent Clinic Fundraiser Gala-A Night in Morocco

A fun evening of Moroccan food and entertainment for a great cause. Event includes an authetic Moroccan dinner and enteraintment! Dress in exotic Moroccan attire or Casablanca white! Featuring the Moorsish sounds of Juan Dela Sierra, The Moroccan Gnawa band and sounds of the Berbers

1 (2 months ago)
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2 (2 months ago)

(2 months ago)

Sally Rice:

Awesome dance to go to. When is Sunday evening for the nice dinner and wine and good people to talk to and lots of fun with learning to step this month it's really been fun, hope to see you guys there. we're not of course. The dance Easter day.. Have a blessed Easter you all! (2 months ago)

1 (2 months ago)

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