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RASTABIKE - One Love - Kustom Love!

9 (6 years ago)
Rat Fink Bike.

Oxana Oxana:

ууууууууууууууууу (6 years ago)

Alex Ozhegov:

BTW very good. 1 (6 years ago)

Donovan Wimer:

What she looks like today. (4 days ago)

5 (1 week ago)
Made a tough kustom bike? Enter the #WorldKustomCup
Register your project on the site www.kustomcup.com
Present your bike on the worldwide kustom arena
Registration is open until 31.12. 2017 ONE LOVE - KUSTOM LOVE
#kustom #custom #bicycle #contest #party #winter #world

4 (2 weeks ago)
The contest for the best design for the "World Kustom Cup 2017"

The winner will receive a set of memorable staff.

The task: to come up with a pennant / order / diploma for "World Kustom Cup 2017"

Technical task:
The patch-order, pennant and diploma must be executed in the same style. Must contain the following information:
World Kustom Cup 2017
«KUSTOM», working font. (Nomination)
One Love - Kustom Love
Logo drive.google.com/open?id=0B-POV0EmIM0XeXJGaXVoX2dlM1U
Colors, details, style - at your discretion.

Send your work to us at info@kustomcup.com. Indicate your name or nickname, city. Works are accepted until November 15 and will be published in a special album.

We hope that it will be interesting for you to leave your mark in a simple culture and share your creativity with the whole world.
One Love - Kustom Love!
🔥🔥🔥 Outpost in the name of custom! 🔥🔥🔥

Advertisement will be suppressed upon registration.

1 (2 weeks ago)

8 (3 weeks ago)
International contest “World Kustom Cup 2017”

Repost in the name of Kustom!

In 2016 we’ve started an international online project www.kustomcup.com. The winner was the workshop “5/7” (Saint-Petersburg) with their bike Zeus.
This year we are planning to continue as the KustomCup 2016 had success. Our goal is to attract workshops from all over the world.

Our project is not commercial. Our aim is to unite kustomizers of the planet.

We will choose the winner together in January with the help of Facebook. Surely we will need the opinion of worldwide known kustom-gurus. After getting all the votes and opinions we will publish the names of the winners.

People mostly don’t ride in winter, the kustom festivals are rare at this part of the year. So the KustomCup will give us one more opportunity to unite and communicate.

All the winners will get by mail souvenirs: a streamer “World Kustom Cup 2017”, patches - medals for vests and a diploma with mark of category of the winner.

Participants, who don’t win in any category, still get by mail the souvenir patches-medals “World Kustom Cup 2017” with word “THANX” on it.

Welcome to the field of “World Kustom Cup 2017”

One Love – Kustom Love

1 (2 months ago)

KTC's Lous Party Cruise 2017

This is one of the cruises we organize ourselves. Our annual event, the 6th edition of the "Lous Party Cruise". With this event we celebrate the Birthday of ...

5 (4 months ago)

Дорогие друзья, если вам кажется, что когда мы готовим круиз, то продумываем маршрут и строим планы, то спешим вас разочаровать.

Когда мы готовим круиз мы придумываем только место старта. Плана нет, маршрута нет. Каждый круиз это чистая импровизация.

Единственное, что можем сказать точно

Расслабьтесь и плывите по течению, крутите педали и наслаждайтесь городом. Круиз точно финиширует в центре, точно точно.

Вы же приезжаете кататься на хорошем велосипеде, в классной компании, по очень красивому мегаполису, а не на вокзал на поезд, который увезет вас в глушь. Не морочьте себе и нам голову беспокойствами "куда, куда, куда, а по этой дороге или по той или по вот той".

Если определимся куда - скажем)

Увидимся на ночном круизе!🌵

2 (4 months ago)

KTC @ Kustom Kulture Doom Cruise 2017 International Event

We went to Germany for the Kustom Kulture 2017 event in Zeche Ewald Herten. One of the biggest custom events in Europe. Because of Flex D (Doom Crew) his bir...

2 (4 months ago)

KTC @ OBC Las Vegas 2016 International Custom-Bike Event

Four of the KeyTownCruisers went to the U.S.A. to join the OBC (Outlaw Bicycle Clubs) event in Las Vegas. This was the 4th year they organized it. It has bec...

3 (5 months ago)

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