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London Photo Walk

32 (8 hours ago)
I made it to Leake Street - what an amazing tunnel. All I did was stand in theright place and press the trigger. The real artists are the guys who create this stuff. I've got another version without the people but I think they give it a bit of life and add to the gritty nature of the place. Many many thanks to Anila Sparkle Hussain for proposing this one. And yes, I walked the lot but this was my favourite shot. BTW, there's a really great vibe here - loved it.

Ian Campbell-Harris:

ooooh Yeah! LOVE it! 1 (8 hours ago)

Rob Weavers:

Awesome location. 1 (8 hours ago)

Anila Sparkle Hussain:

Fantastic shot so glad u went and liked it - when u go back in 6 months the graffiti will have changed. 1 (7 hours ago)

Sean Currey:

love that place i was there the day it opened i still have the magazine that bansky made. i like to go back to see how it has developed. 2 (4 hours ago)

Ana Maria Radu:

Omg 1 (1 hour ago)

8 (3 hours ago)

5 (6 hours ago)
albert bridge

Wendy Smedley:

Great shot was in taken from Battersea bridge (4 hours ago)

John Harris:

i think so (3 hours ago)

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34 (12 hours ago)
I am the Queen of the Overground!

Colin Ritchie:

you up and running again Sav (11 hours ago)

Savash Djemal:

This was with my mobile Colin. :) (11 hours ago)

Marcin Klimczak:

I always want to ask- It's legal to publish someone photo like this? 1 (9 hours ago)

Robi Fa:

Can I share it with a friend? she loves street photo too!:)Wonderful! (8 hours ago)

Murray Saunders:

Hair, shoes and suitcase match but the bag colour needs more thought... (6 hours ago)

Ka Te Tiki:

Photo says everything 1 (4 hours ago)

Jay Dadlani:

For a minute I thought this was Kim from Eastenders. 😂 1 (4 hours ago)

4 (4 hours ago)

5 (4 hours ago)

1 (5 hours ago)
French rapper, designer and graffiti artist, Grems (also known as Supermicro, and real name Michaël Eveno), has produced a bright, detailed artwork on the South Bank.

1 (6 hours ago)
Wendy Smedley:

Trafalgar Sq, Chesney dad is the base player, tremolo modifies the sound on a guitar, mullet is a hair cut, and not a digital camera in sight (6 hours ago)

Savash Djemal:

wow 10/10 Wendy, now we know how old you are ! ;) (6 hours ago)

Savash Djemal:

his name is Chip by the way there is a clue in the video :D 1 (6 hours ago)

Wendy Smedley:

And we know now old you are for posting this 1 (6 hours ago)

Savash Djemal:

youll never believe how I got here with it! (5 hours ago)

Savash Djemal:

I was looking at The queen of the overground picture when I was thinking is she coming or going and wondered what she was dreaming about and i thought of the lines in the song above, "Places I dream about I will be getting out then I can follow the sun" 1 (5 hours ago)

Wendy Smedley:

Leonard "Chip" Hawkes 1 (5 hours ago)

Simon Freeman:

The crowd look really thrilled to be there. :P 1 (5 hours ago)

2 (6 hours ago)
albert bridge

1 (7 hours ago)
big ben with it's coat on

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