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Chobham Rugby Football Club

15 (2 days ago)
Ellen Cook:

Sorry I won't be there stay injury free please and have an awesome time!!! 2 (2 days ago)

Jane Cross:

Have fun!! Sadly Me and Mr C will be away!! (2 days ago)

Debs Kerr:

Vince and I will be visiting two former CRFC stalwarts, Rob and Jen Brown, who escaped from the hustle and bustle to a leafy hamlet in Shropshire. We will be with you in spirit. Have an amazing day! X (1 day ago)

Harry Norman-Walker:

Thank you Chris. (5 hours ago)

14 (17 hours ago)

BBC - 6 of Radio 2’s most hilarious on-air moments of 2017

6 of Radio 2’s most hilarious on-air moments of 2017

Mary Johnston:

We love it. Are you staring Steve ? (16 hours ago)

Carol Wickes:

I do. A rugby team we know?! (16 hours ago)

Jackie Edwards:

The team Chobham ended up playing was Hannover Victoria 😁 but don't know the team in the story. (16 hours ago)

Geraint Parry:

I heard it. It was hilarious. (15 hours ago)

Melanie Readings:

Will check it out, thanks for sharing (13 hours ago)

1 (1 day ago)

1 (1 day ago)

10 (2 days ago)

48 (3 days ago)

66 (4 days ago)
Proud Dad moment, Chobham Rugby Club player Jon Kerr released his first single today - please listen (it's on ITunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon and others) and share if you like it 👍

Harry Norman-Walker:

Where's the link Vinny?

Well done Jon. 1 (4 days ago)

Zaki Soliman:

I really liked it. Well done! 2 (4 days ago)

Geraint Parry:

Downloaded. Love it. 2 (4 days ago)

Michele Hague:

Great song, you must both be very proud x 2 (4 days ago)

Jane Cross:

Awesome!! 2 (4 days ago)

Jane Cross:

Wishing you every success Jon !!! Looking forward to following your fame xx 1 (4 days ago)

Gareth Wilkins:

I like it. 2 (3 days ago)

Steve Cross:

We all liked it too !! 1 (3 days ago)

Elaine Williams:

Just found it.
Wow it's good I really like it 1 (3 days ago)

19 (3 days ago)
Chris Horn:

It's good 😊 1 (3 days ago)

Carol Wickes:

It gets the Wickes' family approval! We'll done Jon! 1 (3 days ago)

6 (4 days ago)
Ian White:

I will take 1 for a hundred quid 1 (4 days ago)

Ian White:

What is my choice (4 days ago)

Andy Carroll:

Why 12 sponsors each month? (4 days ago)

Zaki Soliman:

Only 2 months left! Get in ASAP as they will go quick. (4 days ago)

Andy Carroll:

Ian White - pay extra for January! (3 days ago)

Ian White:

110 for January Or I will start swearing on geee (3 days ago)

Ian White:

Here (3 days ago)

Ian White:

You have made me do this bum (3 days ago)

Ian White:

Titty (3 days ago)

Andy Carroll:

Zaki Soliman (3 days ago)

Andy Carroll:

It's only going to get worse! (3 days ago)

Ian White:

Cock (3 days ago)

34 (1 week ago)
Izzy Fisher:

Caroline Styan (1 week ago)

Carol Wickes:

Brilliant! Well done #oneclub (1 week ago)

Ian Woodley:

Thanks Izzy Fisher great job Caroline Styan 2 (1 week ago)

Jo Fisher:

A Gold and two Silvers Ian Woodley 😊 3 (1 week ago)

Ian Woodley:

I cant keep count Jo Fisher 1 (1 week ago)

Ian Woodley:

A quote from Surrey Heath "the girls were fantastic. All credit to your coaches!" 2 (6 days ago)

Vince Kerr:

Well done Mighty Chobham coaching team - brilliant work and fantastic impact in the local community 1 (4 days ago)

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