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HypnoThoughts Live!

20 (2 days ago)
Ken Guzzo CHt:

...and now your budget is balanced too! You're welcome! 3 (2 days ago)

Tracy Riley Lcsw:

I cannot unsee this picture! 😳😳 2 (2 days ago)

Jason Linett:

We help people. 1 (1 day ago)

Kelley T. Woods:

Jason Linett is the first man to ever associate "sexy" with "footed pajamas"! 2 (4 hours ago)

23 (5 hours ago)
Joni Johnston Neidigh:

It will be amazing as always!!! (5 hours ago)

Bob Corso:

Oooh! 1 (4 hours ago)

Bob Corso:

Let them know not to schedule any other classes pre-conference. Don't want to miss out on anything else! (4 hours ago)

Scott Christie:

Let me know how to get registered for this? (3 hours ago)

David Snyder:

I'll be posting the sign up links shortly, I've got a post conferience too so I'm going to do a two for one special plus a massive bonus video package (1 hour ago)

59 (19 hours ago)
Jeff Harpring:

Congrats Sean! 1 (18 hours ago)

Shirley Cummer:

Congratulations that’s great! 1 (18 hours ago)

Lisa Brown:

I am so happy for you and for all the people with whom you will share your experience and knowledge with at Hypnothoughts Live! Having had your street hypnosis (and instant inductions class) previously I know a bit of what awaits your students. Your enthusiasm and love of the hypnotic arts is very inspiring. Your experience and care for this field is an absolute treasure. The experiences at Hypnothoughts Live! are very special ones indeed among conferences and conventions in this field. Las Vegas is just a crazy fun place in which to share and learn. 2 (15 hours ago)

Jan Tegner Christensen:

Is your Streethypnosis a pre or post class? 2 (15 hours ago)

Helen Breward:

Great news Sean 1 (11 hours ago)

Jess Marion:

Looking forward to seeing you both at HTLive if not sooner :D <3 (6 hours ago)

Mike Mandel:

Fantastic, Sean! Let’s ensure we hang out together in Las Vegas... (3 hours ago)

20 (1 month ago)
Cynthia da Silva:

Let’s take bets on how many times you’ll be repeating this.. 1 (1 month ago)

Shawn M. Rill:

When will you have the pre- and post-workshop dates so we have a better idea of what dates to book rooms? (1 month ago)

Karen Hand-Harper:

Just booked the room!!! 1 (2 weeks ago)

Jason Linett:

I’m just buying a house in Vegas. 5 (2 weeks ago)

Bruce Bonczyk:

Room booked 20th - 30th 2 (2 weeks ago)

Susie Schwartz Ccht:

I'm really looking forward to attending! This will be my first one!! (18 hours ago)

23 (5 days ago)

Kelley T. Woods:

I love being the caboose at the end of a powerful TRAIN! 6 (5 days ago)

Tamara Small:

Beryl Comar, Melissa Tiers, Melissa J Roth I look forward to hearing your pre and post conf topics! 1 (5 days ago)

Garry Coles:

Fantastic - made the cut! :-) See you there! (5 days ago)

Kaz Riley:

What an amazing list of names to be part of..... how hypnotically exciting!! 2 (4 days ago)

Beryl Comar:

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at HTL. Thanks Richard and Scott 3 (4 days ago)

Barbara C. Phillips:

Oh no! How will I ever make a choice between all these amazing pre and post-conference sessions! I only heard about 15 that I'd want to attend! 1 (3 days ago)

Melissa J Roth:

I'm more excited about this upcoming HTL than all the others. I'll get to make new friends! 1 (2 days ago)

Greg Thompson:

Hi Scott, You mentioned to expect an update Wednesday. I will be coming from Australia and I'm considering how many days I will be staying for. Perhaps 3 days either side of the conference... Will there be a pre/post conference workshop time table released any time soon? (1 day ago)

Gregory Sartin Beckett:

WOW ! Excited to be included in such a line up :)!!! (1 day ago)

Sean Michael Andrews:

I'm excited! 1 (21 hours ago)

34 (3 days ago)
Stephanie Lehsten Skiba:

Welcome Beth! You will find us a very friendly bunch. I'll be emailing you with more information as it becomes available. Make sure to add my email to your approved list - stephanie@htlive.net. We're glad to have you as part of our community! 3 (3 days ago)

Rick Green:

You will love it! Welcome 1 (3 days ago)

Kaz Riley:

Welcome .... it’s awesome (3 days ago)

Gila Zak:

I have only been the last two years, some of the people I have met there, I feel like I have known my whole life! Welcome! 2 (3 days ago)

Scott Sandland:

Looking forward to meeting you, Beth Oing 3 (3 days ago)

Jennifer Lawrence Tackabury:

It was my first year last year and definitely not my last! So much fun!!! Ohh yeah you learn a bit too ;) welcome! 4 (3 days ago)

Mercedes Herman:

Welcome..You will love it I’m Mercedes Herman...stop buy the books or come to my class..or just say hello 👋🏽 3 (3 days ago)

Mark E Sewell:

This year was my first as well! Met some amazing people! 4 (2 days ago)

Kathy Gruver:

You will love it!!! (2 days ago)

Joni Johnston Neidigh:

Welcome!! See you in August😊 (2 days ago)

Pamela O'Leary:

Wow..... well done. See you there 😍 1 (2 days ago)

Seth-Deborah Roth:

It is such a great conference. You will be so glad you came. Come & say hello. (2 days ago)

Jess Marion:

Welcome Beth! You are going to have a blast! :D (2 days ago)

Angie J. Hernandez CHt:

You're going to love it! (2 days ago)

Bruce Bonczyk:

Welcome Beth You will find this exciting, enjoyable and most of all FUN! See you there. (2 days ago)

Melissa J Roth:

Please be sure to come by my table in the vendor room and introduce yourself so I can put a face with your posts. 1 (1 day ago)

26 (2 weeks ago)
Bruce N. Eimer:

I would love to trade notes with you about Pain Management Deborah. You know my specialty is teaching people how to do for themselves what I sometimes have difficulty doing for myself - taming chronic pain. 1 (2 weeks ago)

William E. Fournier:

I am amazed at the people who are registering and booking for HT 2018 already Why so early? I loved HT 2017 and plan on returning every year. (2 weeks ago)

Jo Moon Cht:

William E. Fournier we book early because Richard Clark and Scott Sandland provide the most incredible prices for people willing to plan early. Also, people who didn't book the hotel early got caught up in the price rise when the big fight came to town the same weekend. Where most of us paid about $45 a night for our rooms, when the fight was announce, Vegas got booked up and the Orleans prices went up over a couple of hundred dollars a night. HTLive's Halloween Deal made the conference the best deal in the world of hypnosis. 2 (2 weeks ago)

Shawn M. Rill:

I booked my hotel too late this past year, William, so I couldn't get the entire 7-days at The Orleans and had to stay at another hotel the first night. Plus, I wasn't able to find a roommate for the same dates I was attending. This year I already secured my hotel room for 10-days and roommates. So I'm paying less for more days and already guaranteed a room at The Orleans. I don't need to 'worry' about it later. 1 (1 week ago)

Tracy Riley Lcsw:

what rates did you get? I'm looking now and they are much higher than last year. Is there a group rate I need to request? (1 day ago)

6 (3 days ago)
Alternating between AC/DC and Bruce N. Eimer this morning in the gym. What HTLIVE recordings have you been listening to?

Scott Sandland:

Listening to the HT live recordings during a commute or a workout is a great way to multi task 2 (3 days ago)

Bruce N. Eimer:

Jason, now you can be certain that you will never smoke cigarettes! (3 days ago)

Bruce N. Eimer:

I have a drawerful of Bic lighters (3 days ago)

Jo Moon Cht:

I get the cigarettes by pack and carton, and the Bic's. But last week I got a spit cup and the most disgusting ashtray I've seen (smelled) ever. That thing had to go away quickly. (2 days ago)

5 (2 weeks ago)
Jason Linett:

Take my money. 3 (2 weeks ago)

Ken Guzzo CHt:

Jason said he would pay for booth of us! ...I will pay for our lunches. (2 weeks ago)

William D. Horton:

I want one... 1 (2 weeks ago)

William D. Horton:

booth and purple underwear... 1 (2 weeks ago)

Paula Fowke:

I would like a booth. How do I secure a booth? (1 week ago)

Kathy Gruver:

What is the booth cost this year? (1 week ago)

William D. Horton:

yes want abooth (2 days ago)

5 (4 days ago)

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