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Lions Gate Road Runners

12 (1 day ago)

Jack Taunton:

So sorry to have to miss with Cheryl in hospital. Ivor was a mentor of mine and ran the first 20 miles of my first marathon. Wonderful coach and club mate. Thank you Margaret for all your work preparing the celebration for our Ivor. Jack (1 day ago)

Margaret Buttner:

Thank you Jack. You and Cheryl were in our thoughts. (1 day ago)

(4 days ago)

David Sinclair:

very sorry to hear this. he was indeed, a talented runner. Condolences to his family. (4 days ago)

Cynthia Stout:

Oh, what a loss! He was a lovely man (4 days ago)

Mina Myong:

So sad! I remember Mr. Whiting from Cook Elementary school when he taught my brother. He also introduced many Track and Field events (discus, shot put, long jump, etc) to kids who wanted to participate after or before school. He will be missed! 2 (3 days ago)

Beverli Barnes:

😒 (1 day ago)

3 (4 days ago)

2 (5 days ago)
Seann Sheriland:

Oh to be 20 years younger...... 2 (5 days ago)

Joan McGrath:

Discrimination! I guess I'm too old and my feet are too small. Boohoo! But I have all the other good qualities! 3 (5 days ago)

1 (5 days ago)

2 (5 days ago)

3 (5 days ago)

2 (6 days ago)

Seann Sheriland:

Album is up...The future runners are featured. (6 days ago)

14 (1 week ago)

5 (1 week ago)

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