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What's Going on St.Thomas?

40 (1 hour ago)
Construction Consideration ? Any thoughts.

Michael Strohmeier:

Smart!! You weld those shipping containers together and down and they're bullet proof 2 (1 hour ago)

Mike Weiss:

This is showing up around the country with different applications: homeless housing, veteran housing, business “complex”, et al. 2 (1 hour ago)

James Mcgrew:

When Hugo totally destroyed Isle Of Palms SC, the rich bought the lots and rebuild Mansions,, Do not let this Happen to St Thomas. Help the local rebuild better. 13 (1 hour ago)

Jeff J Magras:

Looks top heavy. The top section's integrity is only as good as its base. Post some engineering on here. Let's look at it 2 (1 hour ago)

John Hammett:

There is already a little village between red Hook and Smith Bay.
It is across from the entrance to Smith Bay Park (Linduist Beach).
Take a look at them.
More creative than that pic. (1 hour ago)

Gary Rote:

Do you think that with that kind of high profile it can withstand 150mph winds? 4 (1 hour ago)

James Mcgrew:

Not sure the height is as crucial on the hills, these are built in High flood prone coast of the US. 7 (1 hour ago)

Alan Light:

Don't forget to put some anodes on those piles, and check them annually. 1 (1 hour ago)

John Toler:

Those are great. Maybe extend the roof from the top one down to the tops of the left and right container without overhangs. This gives you more usable space and more aerodynamics for high winds. Just a thought. 2 (1 hour ago)

James Mcgrew:

www.containerhomeplans.org/2015/04/what-i-wish-id-known-before-building-my-shipping-container-home/ 2 (1 hour ago)

Jeff J Magras:

Keep the roofing overhang to an absolute minimum stay away from wind shear uplift 3 (1 hour ago)

Ellie Rose:

Google container homes just to get an outside view esthetic wise. I have a few plans as Im partially a survivalist, though I did decide to just get a modular home and go 80% off grid in the near future. Only because my welding skills aren't as good as my general labor, setting (anything) skills. (1 hour ago)

James Mcgrew:

What do used containers cost in ST T. Here in SC 1500 buys a clean 40 footer (1 hour ago)

Maroline Martin:

Container living sucks. I think it amplifies noise. And it's almost always the exact temperature as the outdoors. (1 hour ago)

Dennis Frulla:

I've built out of them. It's not easy. But they are tough and can be funky cool. They are difficult to tie down unless you have the twist lock plates to bolt down. Every time you drill cut or weld you have to prime and paint. If you stack them you can make two 6 inch welds to hold them together. Not good enough. You have to make brackets and bolt them together. Not much area at contact anyone points to do so. Large holes cut in them must have header essential especially in the sides. Roof becomes very flimsy with wall section missing. Can header from above, in treated paralam if a roof is to be added in wood. Insulation is best installed using 1 -5/8 inch metal firring studs and closed cell foam. Metal studs need be placed so they are thermally broken. Dented cheaper units are a booger to use because your marks move after tension is relieved. Plan for cutting twice or doing some trimming. Etc etc. it's not easy. And labor and intense. Did I mention constant primer and paint through the process ? 2 (1 hour ago)

James Mcgrew:

I would not rule it out,, Whats the alternatives ? My best hope is the structure protecting human life and sustainability in and after a Hurricaine, www.growingempowered.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Build-a-Container-Home.pdf (1 hour ago)

Kishawn Creque:

Too high off the ground for a Category 5. Don't forget about flying debris hitting supports. 3 (1 hour ago)

Valli Scott:

Who want to walk up two stories every day? Also, doesn't that put the structure more at risk from wind? 1 (1 hour ago)

Michelle R Dungan-Jones:

Yeh put them at the bottom of the house and have a storm shelter. 2 (1 hour ago)

Brandon Williamson:

All good till they fly off the pedestal?? 1 (1 hour ago)

James Mcgrew:

I would not get stuck on the pedistal just yet,, lot to read here, Glad this conversation is catching on. (1 hour ago)

Noemi Mimi Soto Diaz:

Are those containers? Is it legal there? (1 hour ago)

Michelle R Dungan-Jones:

Yes (1 hour ago)

James Mcgrew:

I am sure there are going to be some Insurance results after these hurricaines. Code is negotiable (1 hour ago)

Leigh Goldman:

There are great prefabs out now which are hurricane rated. We don't have to use the old ways anymore. 5 (1 hour ago)

20 (23 hours ago)
Vince Williams:

Private jets are very expensive
I can't afford first class either 2 (21 hours ago)

Anthony Crognale:

Those private flights are not making profit on those flights. The economics are private vs commercial flights doesn't allow or private to price their seats at $300pp like commercial 6 (20 hours ago)

Elizabeth Shulterbrandt:

we shouldn't pass judgement as to who are on those private chartered planes.. BUT from the posts ive seen, most of the ppl flying out are rich, entitled and (probably white). It would be great to be proven wrong and see the seats being taken by Elders and children and medical evacs. Not some fragile person who has never been thru a hurricane before and is freaking out and has the privilege to leave but still "love the VI my second home bs" (Im not even talking about the supplies being brought in fyi. that part isn't on the table for discussion) (12 hours ago)

Bob Marton:

The rates air charters are charging is standard. These are average prices in 2014:
You can expect to pay, on average, from $1,100 to $1,950 per flying hour for executive turboprops, $1,950- to $2,500 per hour for small cabin jets, $2,500 to $4,600 for mid cabin jets and $4,600 to $7,600 per flying hour for a large cabin jet charter (3 hours ago)

Bob Marton:

It should be added that several kind persons have provided their private jets for free to fly medical evacuees out of St Thomas in recent days to the Mainland USA 3 (3 hours ago)

Ronnie Lockhart:

And I don't see them(private jet companies) advertising on here. Move on. 6 (3 hours ago)

Sebastiano Paiewonsky Cassinelli:

Private sector folks with businesses in the VI are bringing in planes filled with relief supplies and taking at risk folks out at NO CHARGE. And doing it over and over. 4 (2 hours ago)

Trevor Hartz:

What does rich or white have to do with anything!!! Fucking stop now! This whole thread is just wrong! Condolences and Stay positive! I bet you won't tell Kenny chesney he's privileged and you don't need his efforts. Are you saying cause Tim Duncan isn't rich and privileged... you ARE the problem if you're arguing for the original post .... colors nationalities and historic labels have nothing to do with who a person is. All racists have shit heads. For the heavenly Lords sake no more prejudice!!! It's ignorance!!! Ok rant over. 2 (9 minutes ago)

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3 (16 minutes ago)
Chip Needham:

because schools are starting on monday? (1 minute ago)

Laura Anderson:

Keep children with their families. They have had enough trauma without separating them from their parents. Until schools can be reopened ... try to establish local learning groups, meeting in any available larger space. (1 minute ago)

19 (32 minutes ago)

Kelly Tucci:

Omgoodness! If we were closer I'd take her! (23 minutes ago)

Tina Eglin:

Gigi Quetel what to do with found animals? (20 minutes ago)

Cheryl Dayball:

Call her MIMI..maria irma (18 minutes ago)

Lauria Lindesay:

You should keep this kitten and call it storm. 1 (9 minutes ago)

Lisa Wise:

Please...SOME ONE... (1 minute ago)

519 (6 days ago)
Hello everyone. Our Islands have never been in the news as much as we are right now. It is important for people to see our current state around the world, however it's important that we share our islands in their natural states. Many of you are Internationals who either visit the Virgin Islands or people who moved to the islands permanently. Many of you are ambassadors traveling abroad, proudly representing your Islands wherever you go.
My entire life was dependent on tourism in the Virgin Islands. We need to continue posting about our progress on rebuilding and the natural process of our Greenery growing back so tourism can continue to support and appreciate our territory. You all are doing an amazing job. #VIStrong
If you have amazing photos of the Virgin Islands please post it below so we can make a viral album to display to the world.

Marie-Luise Heroven:

7 (6 days ago)

Marie-Luise Heroven:

4 (6 days ago)

Marie-Luise Heroven:

4 (6 days ago)

Glenn Hilliard:

6 (6 days ago)

Jonathan Kennedy:

3 (6 days ago)

Sandra Nesbitt:

2 (6 days ago)

Rachel Wesley:

3 (6 days ago)

Rachel Wesley:

1 (6 days ago)

Pat Niziolek:

1 (6 days ago)

Harry Freyn:

(6 days ago)

Elizabeth Kilburn Goleski:

We've been coming to St Thomas since 2005! We love USVI (6 days ago)

Dawn Owens Rehling:

1 (6 days ago)

Karen Querrard-Ramirez:

(6 days ago)

Karen Querrard-Ramirez:

(6 days ago)

Karen Querrard-Ramirez:

(6 days ago)

Karen Querrard-Ramirez:

(6 days ago)

Annette Donovan-Hughes:

(6 days ago)

Annette Donovan-Hughes:

(6 days ago)

Annette Donovan-Hughes:

(6 days ago)

Heather Bidgood:

We are getting married in STT in Feb. I stalk the FB feeds of as many pages as I can to see the progress. We HAVE considered changing plans, however we decided to stick to the original plans as STT will need the tourism and the vendors will likely want to get back to work! Praying for some regrowth of the vegetation. I am still very excited for my first visit to the USVI 6 (6 days ago)

Melisa Kirby:

Beautifully said! I can tell you that people mainland are talking about nothing but destruction, crime and violence. They have the opinion that the islands are destroyed for the foreseeable future. The NYT reported Barbuda is empty. We have come back and we will again. Fast! ❤️ 2 (6 days ago)

Amy Dukes:

My livelihood is also fully dependent on tourists. I've been trying to convince them not to cancel their trips and that we need their support now more than ever! Of course after these next 2-3 months. The landscaping will green up in no time and many businesses have already reopened! I will be constantly sending photo updates so they can see we are recovering faster than anticipated! 4 (6 days ago)

Steve Cantrell:

1 (6 days ago)

Nina Wahoo:

(6 days ago)

Nina Wahoo:

(6 days ago)

13 (13 hours ago)
Michelle Zamparelli:

Cherea Dennery (13 hours ago)

Brittany Lynn:

Kara Hieatt phone number here for potentially getting on the cruise ship (13 hours ago)

Brittany Lee:

Bruce Lee (3 hours ago)

Lauri Jarman:

Haley Ashlynn Johnson I will drive and pick you up!! (1 hour ago)

Michael Maxeiner:

Thanks for sharing! (25 minutes ago)

Levicia NoRegrets Chestnut:

Beyond Elegance (1 minute ago)

(1 minute ago)

2 (1 hour ago)
Deana Eary-Gann:

I can't stand att!! We are having similar problems and I purchased an international plan. (1 hour ago)

Brandon Williamson:

If it was due to towers being down they should refund you. 5 (1 hour ago)

Chip Needham:

call att (1 hour ago)

Chip Needham:

they are waiving overage and roaming charges during the times of maria and irma 11 (1 hour ago)

Chip Needham:

there is a website as well that you can request the refund from but Ill have to find it again, best to just call (1 hour ago)

Shari Guilliams:

That is not right we are on Verizon and I talked to them about family being down there and they are monitoring that phone and if anything goes over then they're writing those charges off this is the time of disaster and everybody needs a little help and roaming charges good grief (1 hour ago)

Karen Peterson Kyle:

We purposely switched to AT&T because it's a free call back to the mainland. We haven't had any extra fees in years while we are on island. 1 (1 hour ago)

Bro Ray:

Just call ATNT, they will waive the charges. They did for me. 1 (1 hour ago)

Ashley Baxley:

Check because of towers are down and they ping off international towers they should remove those charges! 2 (1 hour ago)

Sydney Villarreal:

Julius Villa (1 hour ago)

Kathie Jankowski:

Call them. I saw it posted by Att somewhere else that they wouldn't be charging overages or roaming for hurricane impacted customers. 3 (1 hour ago)

Sara Gennusa:

They are going to be refunding all of those charges. It automatically accrues them. They are sweeping the affected areas and applying to all phones that are operating in the disaster area, regardless of area code on number 1 (1 hour ago)

Lawrence A. Creque:

There should
be no roaming charges. STT
is not "international ", my ATT plan considers calls to & from the VI as domestic calls. 1 (1 hour ago)

Rashel Trombero:

They made an announcement that they would not be charging customers for overages who have been effected or are in disaster areas...Im sure its a general alert just call them and let them know you are in those ares 1 (54 minutes ago)

Kimberly Hare:

Don't be pissed, just call them and they will take care of it. 4 (53 minutes ago)

Jacqueline Brierley:

They'll remove the charges, just call and tell them. 1 (48 minutes ago)

Rashel Trombero:

No Worries!!!! 2 (41 minutes ago)

Cynthia Weagly Frye:

Call them. They are waiving roaming charges. (36 minutes ago)

Wati Hanley:

AT&T is this how you treat customers experiencing hardship due to natural disaster? (34 minutes ago)

Heather Couture:

Omg that’s crazy (33 minutes ago)

Kristi Burns-Autrey:

Call them. Sprint sent us a message not charging us anything for roaming or overages during this time. (32 minutes ago)

Michelle Storie:

My husband used Straighttalk phone service down there and never got charged a fee, and never had an issue. They work on almost all cell towers. (23 minutes ago)

Connie Campbell Rosenthal:

Brian Wolf ?? (18 minutes ago)

Lynn Padgett:

Verizon reversed all of my roaming charges, over $250.00. The first call I made, they did 1/2, then I messaged them via Twitter. The remaining balance was reversed. I suggest sending a message via their twitter page. You should not have to pay any roaming charges. (2 minutes ago)

40 (16 hours ago)

Six of Marriott's Caribbean Resorts Closed Because of Hurricane Maria Damage | Caribbean360

Six of Marriott’s Caribbean Resorts Closed Because of Hurricane Maria Damage Caribbean360September 23, 2017 More share buttonsShare with your friendsYour NameYour EmailRecipient EmailEnter a MessageCaptchaSubmitShare on PinterestThe Ritz-Carlton St Thomas is one of the Marriott properties closed unt...

Sarah Dunn:

Pete Dunn (14 hours ago)

Terry Eldridge McLaughlin:

We just stayed a wk here at this one:( (13 hours ago)

Johanna Legge:

What does that mean for all the staff?? 10 (13 hours ago)

Sarah Dunn:

A company of that size should have insurance that would benefit the employees or hopefully they can offer employment at other properties and relocate the employees at the company’s expense 1 (13 hours ago)

Doreen Homan:

We were at the Ritz in December and it was a great relaxing vacation. Everyone at the hotel was so pleasant and we're praying for them. Stay strong!!! 2 (13 hours ago)

Michael Moore:

We were at Morningstar and move to the Reef during Irma. Marriott was amazing in how they handled everything and getting their guests to safety in Peurto Rico as soon as possible after Irma.
There ws s extensive damage to Morningstar and The Reef, they seem to think it will be 18 months to repair and rebuild. (12 hours ago)

Amy Faulkner Stover:

So sad, we were at morning star for our honeymoon in July 😔 (12 hours ago)

Jay Watson:

It's more than 6. Carambola is a Marriott flagged property as well (10 hours ago)

Beth Culberson Noble:

storms.ngs.noaa.gov/storms/maria/index.html# (10 hours ago)

Beth Culberson Noble:

storms.ngs.noaa.gov/storms/irma/index.html#6/28.139/-81.547 (10 hours ago)

Laurie Burgess:

Mark Niesman (9 hours ago)

Kim Draskovics:

Frank Draskovics (9 hours ago)

Mabel O'Reilly-Scott:

So the Cove is the only Marriott hotel which survived in St Thomas? My husband worked there for 4 years and he used to tell me it's build up to hurricane standard am not surprised it survived that. (9 hours ago)

Ohana T Doggo:

That's the Ritz in the picture lol 1 (1 hour ago)

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