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What's Going on St.Thomas?

(31 minutes ago)
Kristie Henry Weiss:

I saw that the ReSale place had some the other day. (26 minutes ago)

Jeff Fitch:

How many do you need? My family just flew back to St Thomas with 8 checked bags. (13 minutes ago)

Lindsey Nicole:

Little K has suitcases (6 minutes ago)

(1 hour ago)

Richard Weiss:

Stormy Petrel & Pirates Penny has boats available. Power or sail, full day or half day. Give us a call 340-775-7990 2 (1 hour ago)

Vince Williams:

St. Thomas Mangrove Lagoon Kayak, Hike and Snorkel Excursion (49 minutes ago)

Scott Alan Schroeder:

Aqua blue charters . Be aware of the customs fees. They've come insane. But it's still pretty over there. (16 minutes ago)

Scott Koetje:

Try the boat templar with flag ship charters. The crew is lead by Stephen Cross. Luxury all the way. Half day to a week . With gourmet meals or not. (11 minutes ago)

Jennifer Bahan:

Islandstarcharters.com (58 seconds ago)

(8 hours ago)
Mimi Lapera:

👀👀 (8 hours ago)

Veletta Maxwell:

Try Regals Jewelry that have great sakes and gold chains and earrings up to 80% off 2 (8 hours ago)

Veletta Maxwell:

Meant have great sales... (8 hours ago)

Kisha Deshatlo:

Following (7 hours ago)

Letticia Bass-Webster:

Seven wonders close couple years ago. 1 (7 hours ago)

Veletta Maxwell:

I love Regals because they don't pressure you and just as happy to meet and talk with you...very friendly.... 1 (4 hours ago)

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1 (1 hour ago)
Erin Kennedy:

911 on traffic 3 (1 hour ago)

Roger B. Minkoff:

DPNR, Environmental Department or visit DPNR at the Turnbull Library. 1 (1 hour ago)

Michele Guannel:

A herd of dogs 1 (1 hour ago)

Daniela Simon:

2 (1 hour ago)

Nellie Thompson:

Toss a pool shock bag into the pool to kill the mosquitoes (assuming it's an actual pool) (58 minutes ago)

Mark Omell:

It’s an actual pool. It’s huge. 20x40. I think it needs like 3 shock packs (57 minutes ago)

Mimi de Seda:

Are they there? Let them kindly know to dump bleach into the pool. 1 (44 minutes ago)

Anna Constantinou:

Fart Busters (34 minutes ago)

Torq Olson:

Ghostbusters👻 (29 minutes ago)

Andrew A Quetel:

DPNR (3 minutes ago)

10 (11 hours ago)

Cora Thomas Cranston:

Sister Ja-Nice Bell soon you getting power 1 (11 hours ago)

Jackson Chandlre:

Wow 1 (11 hours ago)

Jo Anne Z. Carr:

Why not just name the person? 2 (11 hours ago)

Edie Zuckerwar:

It’s not only there. I don’t know much about grid systems and turning power on, but It does make me wonder how some people who live right next door to the Northside Fire Department don’t have power, yet the Fire Department and grocery store do. One of the folks working with WAPA has power on Northside as does some of his family, while others right down the road don’t.
Seems odd, that’s all I am saying... 10 (11 hours ago)

Denise Turner:

Where in Caret Bay? I live in Caret Bay and I don't have power, nor do my neighbors! And which Caret bay, east, West, upper or estates? 1 (11 hours ago)

James Hendricks:

Same on crown mountain road. Why?
This is why it will never get better, too much greed and corruption. I'm gone for a while. 4 (10 hours ago)

AJ Hunt:

And you act surprised that they'd do this? 3 (10 hours ago)

Erica Jean Terluin:

I live in Caret bay there is no power here (10 hours ago)

Matt Biwer:

Lineman are having a difficult time getting rolls of wire from my understanding (10 hours ago)

Abena M. Meade:

I️ don’t think that they are being selective with energizing any particular place. There is a lot of places on Northside with out power. For example, Caret Bay, St. Peter mountain road, Crown and Hawk etc. Actually the linemen were in area yesterday and I️ still don’t have power. Just be patient. 4 (10 hours ago)

Riah Archibald:

Drey 👀 (9 hours ago)

Roger Cox:

Time to impeach them for abusing there power (9 hours ago)

David Macneil:

No surprise. Power corrupts . 1 (9 hours ago)

Bevy Lee:

Well estate Pearl to the fire station is lit. They stopped, skipped a mile, went to cross. Roads (4 corners) on to solberg. Im not a line person so I don't understand and not going to accuse or guess why. It just doesn't make sense. Not many poles were down. The whole neighborhood doesn't get the logic of skipping though. 4 (9 hours ago)

Ann Gloria Questel:

Yep...in that boat also....very close to firestation..road to Brassvue have street lights (8 hours ago)

Norman John:

Pure bull deal with the population of poor people first. Straight talk they still bias. 1 (8 hours ago)

Scott Belavek:

it's not slander Anna Constantinou. we need to keep these thieves I mean politicians in check. they've ran over this island way too long. It time for a new government here. Say her name so I who not to VOTE for!!! 1 (6 hours ago)

Scott Belavek:

there is no legitimate reason that person should get power before anyone. I don't care if you are in the government. that's ok they won't have jobs come election time. 1 (5 hours ago)

Larry Donovan:

Well spoken MS Smith. Some people will never Comprehend what your say. Keep the faith, VI strong. 1 (2 hours ago)

Daryl Bryan:

Well at least u got some poles Hull bay ain't see a truck a pole or wires much less power 1 (2 hours ago)

Larry Preston:

We are right on Skyline where all the taxis take the tourist from the ships and still no sign of power and roads are like playing dodg'em around fallen poles and debris. Who knows what plan they are following....none that makes any sense to me. 1 (2 hours ago)

Colette Deravin-Berry:

Nothing by me neither 😩 (1 hour ago)

George Lake:

Hm mmm
At lease you got poles. They came up to the school and power it up then leave, and that was 3 weeks ago.. (18 minutes ago)

Dahlia George:

Sigh i had hope (5 minutes ago)

132 (1 day ago)

Dominic Latty:

"New normal"? What are the true intentions behind this post?! 10 (1 day ago)

Rasta Thomas:

Clothes look new with tags. I’d dumpster dive too. 16 (1 day ago)

Marly Marl:

Better than the stuff go to waste when people can use them. 10 (1 day ago)

Kris Haskins Russell:

Glad they can use them 8 (1 day ago)

Sandra Richmond:

Nothing wrong with that they can't sell them and they are not filling the dump plus they probably left them for people to take....Remember so many people lost everything . 18 (1 day ago)

Linda Cerny:

What store are they from? (1 day ago)

John N. Molesworth:

Home Depot, Take notice... 10 (1 day ago)

Lisa L. Quetel Querrard:

Aclesia Scotland Deka Williams (1 day ago)

Lisa L. Quetel Querrard:

Gabrielle Querrard, the struggle is real 1 (1 day ago)

Lisa L. Quetel Querrard:

Khalifa Thomas Nalinie Ramna! Wha deh ass! (1 day ago)

Sandra Richmond:

Rainbow (1 day ago)

Mitchell Best:

Why in the dumpster? Just wondering... 1 (1 day ago)

Mansa Smith:

Why dumpster vs Salvation Army, etc? 3 (1 day ago)

Chip Needham:

Angela Sainato get you some new work clothes gurl 1 (1 day ago)

Bevy Lee:

Really? They are giving out clothes. This is what Home Depot should have done when they threw away "damaged" items. 9 (1 day ago)

Chip Needham:

most insurance companies would require that the items be disposed of.. this is probably whats going on here 3 (1 day ago)

Mitchell Best:

Black trash bags are good enough aren't they? 1 (1 day ago)

Sandra Richmond:

Probably because they were told.to dump it, they did that,now it's up for anyone to take 2 (1 day ago)

Ashford Henderson:

Only in St Thomas 1 (1 day ago)

Joy Burlew:

OMG-what are they saving? (1 day ago)

Ashford Henderson:

Big up Rock City 3 (1 day ago)

Bevy Lee:

Good job Rainbow!!! The people probably need it !! 3 (1 day ago)

Sandra Richmond:

From there to the Laundy good to go 8 (1 day ago)

Ashford Henderson:

Yep good to go 2 (1 day ago)

Ashford Henderson:

No place like the VI 1 (1 day ago)

2 (11 hours ago)
Kaidi Pinney:

My advise is delta! American is still backed up due to over booking 1 (11 hours ago)

Carmen Laville:

I flight with American on November 5 and come back to st thomas November 10 and everything is was perfect. Flight number is 943 to go and come back. (11 hours ago)

Jonathan Gula:

Hey Eben! Yup. I've done two round trips on American since Maria. If you book flight 943 on American you're good to go. Not sure about the other airlines. Hope you and family are doing well! (9 hours ago)

Mike Rehling:

AA operating two flights daily as of 11/15....no issues 1 (9 hours ago)

Staci Davidson:

Jeff’s flown out about 3 Times. What Jon said (8 hours ago)

Eben Stolz:

Thanks guys (8 hours ago)

Jason Ellis:

AA seemed pretty good when I flew home 2 weeks ago. They had two flights, oversold flight 2 and early arrivals were being moved to the earlier flight. I was impressed with how they were trying to accommodate everyone. (6 minutes ago)

5 (1 day ago)
Victoria Frahm:

Plaza extra had them 3 (1 day ago)

Nigel Yarranton:

Pricesmart has Butterball turkeys! 2 (1 day ago)

Melia Cook:

Plaza extra 1 (1 day ago)

Yvette Richards:

You don't have to look in the store for🦃🦃,because they are in thegovernment house🦃🦃 2 (1 day ago)

Pat Sloan:

All the grocery stores have turkeys. (1 day ago)

Karen Hansen:

Yes at Plaza Extra. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. (1 day ago)

Lecia Francis:

Pricemart had some. Its just not a large quantity like they do every year. (23 hours ago)

Natalie Burdette:

Moes (23 hours ago)

Mitchell Best:

Dumpster chicken are better (23 hours ago)

Carol Olson:

Organic turkeys at Natural Foods by Mandela Circle and they'll keep them frozen until you need it if you're not able to. 3 (23 hours ago)

Sharika Wesselhoft:

Plaza (23 hours ago)

Patricia Goodspeed:

Westbay Supermarket ?? (23 hours ago)

Cy Thompson:

Pueblo (22 hours ago)

Alverne V. Phillips Sr.:

I have a few wild chickens in my yard lol 1 (22 hours ago)

Tammy Boiko:

Food Center (22 hours ago)

Patricia Jeppesen:

Of course Pricesmart the store we can depend on our hurricane guardian angel store. (21 hours ago)

Rosanne Wase:

Pueblo 1 (21 hours ago)

Yvette Richards:

Is it going cost ,us 2 srmd and 2 legs ,because disaster snap is a real desaster 😣😣 you dont no if the dam card is going to work 🤣🤣help (21 hours ago)

Patricia Jeppesen:

The price at pricesmart never changed got my turkey and ham price was the same as year no big change Pricesmart is your hurricane relief ONE STOP store where price stay the same as before hurricane. 3 (21 hours ago)

Yvette Richards:

I have some hens and ,roosters ,please come and get them ,because they dont no ,when it is time to crow 🤣🤣help just cannot sleep, the roosters ,i believe are on virga 🤣🤣 (21 hours ago)

Suzette Matthews:

Pueblo (13 hours ago)

Eric Walker:

Organic turkeys at Moes for over $100 (13 hours ago)

Lyn Nance:

My 18 yr old son is on St Thomas by himself for Thanksgiving. Any suggestions where he may get a nice dinner? (20 minutes ago)

Patricia Jeppesen:

Hook line sinker (18 minutes ago)

Joy Bryan-Silva:

Plaza extra - butterball turkeys. Small, medium and large. 🦃 (7 minutes ago)

9 (1 hour ago)
Sherry Hall:

Remember, one person does not represent a whole company or country. But others know - we care - we continue to support! ❤️ 2 (1 hour ago)

Kezia Chichester:

Like sherry said one person doesn't represent the whole redcross because they were and I think still are red cross personel here. 1 (1 hour ago)

Tippi Glaser:

I bet they heard about Puerto Rico. (8 minutes ago)

245 (21 hours ago)
What a great way to end the week and kick off the weekend!

Alla Kling:

OMG!!!!! (21 hours ago)

Katharine Navone:

Wow (21 hours ago)

Alverne V. Phillips Sr.:

That's what I'm talking about beautiful 1 (21 hours ago)

Ashford Henderson:

Is this from a magazine ? No it is st Thomas usvi (21 hours ago)

Karen Hansen:

Truly heavenly. 1 (20 hours ago)

Cora G. Saunders:

V I NICE! 🇻🇮💪🏾 (20 hours ago)

Vicky Gomez Christian:

Magnificent! (20 hours ago)

Jeannette Coar:

Missing my beautiful Sapphire Beach & St Thomas! Coming back soon 😎🌴 (20 hours ago)

Elanya Maree:

Alissa Liss Maree (20 hours ago)

Shelley Marler:

breath taking (20 hours ago)

Tracy Bray:

Saw rainbow going into work today! Love my St. Thomas! (20 hours ago)

Alena Zeuge:

I miss rainbow island! Thank you for posting this! (20 hours ago)

Phil Roehm:

“WOW ... I Do Believe” (19 hours ago)

Peter Lunz:

❤️ (17 hours ago)

Seema Motiani:

🙏🙏🙏 (16 hours ago)

Donna Boylan:

❤️ (8 hours ago)

Anna Gilbreath:

Beautiful!!! (3 hours ago)

Lisamarie M Magras-Lucia:

We are a blessed...VI Strong 1 (3 hours ago)

Ginger Doughty:

Beautiful! (2 hours ago)

Judy Sables:

Great pic Linda !!! I saw it....it gives me hope!! (2 hours ago)

Julie Francoise Cousins:

Double Rainbow 🌈 4 (2 hours ago)

Jacqueline Allen:

Blessings 1 (2 hours ago)

Lori Gray:

(1 hour ago)

Paul Rumbel:

I seen a rainbow in Jersey once that looked like a tunnel, too many to count! I took a picture but lost my SIM card on a ride 😢 (31 minutes ago)

Kathie Allen Taylor:

That's beautiful. (16 minutes ago)

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