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Transform Youth

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Jason S. Williamson:

? (2 weeks ago)

3 (2 weeks ago)

5 (3 weeks ago)

4 (3 weeks ago)
Jacob Pearce:

6 (3 weeks ago)

Sam Pearce:

Thanks (3 weeks ago)

3 (3 weeks ago)

Kyle Hodge:

I will be there late ladies and gentleman, let me know if you have missed me 2 (3 weeks ago)

5 (1 month ago)
Ella Stokes:

Love you Kara ❤️❤️ (1 month ago)

Sam Redman:

You were a total blessing to us too Kara. We miss you heaps at youth group! 1 (1 month ago)

Hugh Mould:

Kara as someone who was observing from a ways off, you perseverance was in part a mystery; in part answered above.
I know your picking up the unraveled threads of life has taken alot of grace and I too want to say witnessing your integrity throughout has blessed many people who have been aware if your story. 2 (1 month ago)

Amy McMurdo:

The fact that you still had the time to mentor me despite everything that you were going through means a heck of a lot to me, Kara, and also says a lot about your character. I appreciate it all and am always here to support you. Love you, Kara 3 (1 month ago)

Jason S. Williamson:

I've heard several remarks on your strength and character through the whole thing. You don't realise how many you affected yourself.

God bless you wherever you are and in whatever you seek. 2 (1 month ago)

Kristen Davidson:

You are AMAZING ❤️ you have taught me heaps and I appreciate all your kindness and help you have given me too! Love you Kara! 2 (1 month ago)

Johnnie Redman:

Kara, you are totally awesome! 1 (1 month ago)

Samantha Mould:

Best wishes for your last semester - you are going to be an awesome teacher! 1 (1 month ago)

Andrew James Allan-Johns:

I am proud of you Kara and proud of our church. Well done all. 1 (1 month ago)

Hannah Redman:

Love you so much Kara. <3 xx (1 month ago)

2 (1 month ago)

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