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Transform Youth

12 (4 days ago)
Thought I should share the original image without the Snapchat caption just as an excuse to make this cheesy as thank you. This year has been nothing less then awesome, with a lot of us going through the overwhelming stress of regular daily life from school, work ect, it’s awesome that we can put all of that a side to focus on enjoying the two hours we have every Friday. Have to be completely honest, my main motive of joining this group was to go to Eastercamp, wasn’t really aiming on building any sort of connection at all, but look at how that turned out, I meant everything I said at the end of Eastercamp and I still stand by it.
Never been more excited to be able to be leader next year. Cheers for an enjoyable 2017 look forward to seeing you all next year.

Peter Drake:

Ethan managed to lose his phone that night.
Anyone found a basic Alcatel phone? (3 days ago)

Sam Redman:

Ur cool Brandon <3 (2 days ago)

Hannah Redman:

I'm so glad you're staying on next year Brandon. I can't believe we've only known you since Eastercamp! 2 (1 day ago)

7 (2 days ago)

Sam Redman:

YASSSS! THIS IS COOL! (2 days ago)

6 (2 days ago)

3 (5 days ago)
Come tonight and help devour these bad boys 😚 not the tree, haha

Matt Foster:

Bring the tree, Toby Stokes will eat it (5 days ago)

4 (6 days ago)

Amy McMurdo:

I'm ditching rehearsal to join you guys :D 3 (6 days ago)

Fiona McMurdo:

Ray and I still have rehearsal though..... would anyone like to adopt Amy for 2 or 3 hours please, including getting her there and back? She'll come complete with grub and pressie, she's well behaved and easy to look after.... (6 days ago)

4 (1 week ago)

2 (1 week ago)

5 (2 weeks ago)

8 (2 weeks ago)

1 (3 weeks ago)

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