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The Electro-Swing Ball

14 (1 month ago)
Michael Rack:

:)!!!! That post made me feel all warm and fuzzy 1 (1 month ago)

Elaine Milton:

Fab - u - lus!!! πŸ˜€ (1 month ago)

Aphroh Ditee:

sweeeet! Thanks for sharing Jo bear xxx (1 month ago)

8 (2 months ago)
Hello my darlings, we've got a wonderful evening planned tonight; we're off to play at a charity event @I Love SY to raise money for The National Autistic Society. There will be a sale of pre-loved clothing, cocktails, a raffle with absolutely fabulous prizes, you get a free glass of prosecco on arrival, plus I understand that the DJ is pretty hot! Starts at 7.30pm at St Alkmunds Church in Shrewsbury town centre (tickets are Β£5). Join us if you can and do something to support a wonderful cause. Love, love, love xx

Aphroh Ditee:

just come there! wish you were there, saw some sassy d.j throwing some swingy beats haha! good luck l hear you are majorly ready to drop! eep how exciting! Miss your face care bear xxx (2 months ago)

14 (3 months ago)

Helen Scholes:

Ooh you're such a tease, I thought you were going to announce the next one X 1 (3 months ago)

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4 (3 months ago)
Hello lovely Shropshire people 😊
Just sharing a brilliant upcoming charity event in Shrewsbury ! ❀️
To raise funds for the National autistic society and two local pre-schools .
On Friday the 15th of Septemeber at St Alkmunds church in the town centre .

A wonderful charity pre-loved clothing sale with kids clothes from Β£1 and ladies from Β£2 .

Tickets are on sale at the Shrewsbury coffee house or message me if you'd prefer ( a few will be available on the door) 😊

Each ticket entities you to a free glass of Prosecco and there are more cocktails and drinks available inside !

Also some brilliant raffle prizes 😊

See our Facebook page for even more details .

Thank you
X x x

16 (5 months ago)
Maria Smallcombe:

Are you planning on doing another one? We loved it x 1 (5 months ago)

Sarah P Syientist:

Incredibly well written piece! What a night! 😊Xx 1 (5 months ago)

6 (5 months ago)
Photo taken by our gorgeous friend Julie-lou Weston

13 (7 months ago)
Jo Rickard:

David Rickard Katherine Pledger Jen Ashton xx (7 months ago)

Jennifer Wedge:

Can I send my gratitude to everyone involved in making the evening truly wonderful. I had a fabulous evening and thoroughly enjoyed myself, lots of love to you all xxxx (7 months ago)

Jo Rickard:

DJR The Hot Jazz Biscuits Liberty Pink Jazz Jive Swing xx (7 months ago)

Jo Rickard:

Derwen College xx (7 months ago)

Maxine Turner:

Great night. 1 (7 months ago)

5 (7 months ago)

Jo Rickard:

Jen Ashton xx (7 months ago)

5 (7 months ago)
Making it happen ❀️

2 (7 months ago)

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