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IU East Class of 2017

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If you missed out on the EZ Deposit, there is another bursar billing deposit option available! Simply select the amount you would like deposited to your ID card and billed to your bursar account. The selected funds are available immediately! Students can use this option as many times as they would like up to a $2,000 limit per semester! Step by step instructions are below... CrimsonCard at Indiana University

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About EZ Deposit: Using Your Card: CrimsonCard: Indiana University

EZ Deposit is a convenient way to make a deposit to your CrimsonCard

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Learn what's happening on campus during the first weeks of school. Find out more about Indiana University East at iue.edu

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Kailey Day:

Savannah Grace Abner-Combs 1 (1 month ago)

Liz Mathews Lewis:

Leah Lewis and Ripley lewis 1 (1 month ago)

Shyanna Marie-Lea Pasay:

I personally live at the house now. I'm only moving because I need a two car garage. The house is so perfect! I love it. The landlords both used to be a professors at IUE. They are terrific. Please msg Aimee for more info! 😊 1 (1 month ago)

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1 (2 months ago)

(3 months ago)
Lizzi Miller:

Blah I should probably take the GRE soon...was this book helpful? (3 months ago)

Hope Marie Alexander:

Yes! I used it a lot for the math especially. I needed lots of practice 😂 (3 months ago)

Lizzi Miller:

Ok..ill take it then :) im at the school friday 8-5 if u wanna bring it by (3 months ago)

9 (3 months ago)
See, in 180 seconds, everything you missed at Indiana University East's 2017 Commencement! Learn more about us at iue.edu

Grace Allred:

I like this. Everyone fixing their hats. (3 months ago)

(3 months ago)
Lizzi Miller:

Hey Ashlynn :) your accounts will expire eventually, but I can get you more details once I'm back at work in IT Tuesday! (3 months ago)

Terry Hawkins Wiesehan:

You can register to keep your emaill here: kb.iu.edu/d/ayni (3 months ago)

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