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Southern Drag Racing Association

2 (8 hours ago)
Gates Open @ 12p.m.
General Admission...$10 per person
Children 12 and under...$Free$
Test and Tune...$10 (Slicks or Drag Radials only)
Test and Tune...$10 (Street Tires only, no off-road style tires will be permitted)

(Street Tires WILL NOT be permitted on the track during or in between rounds of the Gamblers Race. Only AFTER the Gamblers Race is completed will street tires be allowed...NO EXCEPTIONS.)

$1,200 FREE ENTRY Gamblers Race this Sunday. For all the participants of last Sunday's Gamblers Race, you will receive $FREE$ entry to this Sunday's race. After looking at the Registration list there were 38 cars total. The list is as follows:

John Hayes, Stan Sharge, Tim Crosby, Walt Gladden, Freddie Lee Stanfill, Jeff Harris, Garrett Polson, James Miles, Hunter Rogers, Justin Boyere, Jackie Allen, Michael Morris Jr, Billy Long, Gene Shaw, Terry Shaw, Trevor Trevor Crosby, David Haynes, Don Keller, Matthew Ocella, Rickie Dunn, John Adkins, Joshua Reigle, Jamie Gates, Micheal Bvonkan, Steve Perkins, Charles Mauthers, Jeff Ashley, Colby Fuller, Darryl Buckner, Andy Fain, Dustin Carrol, Josh, Gene Spires, Kieth Brant, Jackson Bennett, Matthew Wright, Johnny Linder, Randy Gordon.

This Sunday we will open 2 hours earlier. Gates will open at 12, with racing beginning at 1. Eliminations start at 3. 1st round buy backs only. Hope to see you there!

3 (1 day ago)
Jimmy Chavis:

Xl (1 day ago)

Michael Hyatt:

2 @ XL with pockets 1 (1 day ago)

William Bryar:

Cassie, are there any of the old style SDRA shirts around??? 1 (1 day ago)

Jackson Bennett:

We sold all the old ones people still wear them (1 day ago)

William Bryar:

Are you going to have any made up Jackson??? I have a members shirt from when Fred Swing was pres. of the club, but it's a little small now!!!! LOL 1 (1 day ago)

Jackson Bennett:

We r doing the new ones !! (1 day ago)

Cassie Cox Rhodes:

This order is just for ones that want pockets we have to special order them (1 day ago)

William Bryar:

are they polo type?? (1 day ago)

Cassie Cox Rhodes:

No sir just cotton tees (1 day ago)

William Bryar:

are they gildan heavy tees?? (1 day ago)

Cassie Cox Rhodes:

^^^^ Kim M Johnson u might know the answer to that question 😊 1 (1 day ago)

Rickie L Dunn:

2 mediums please (1 day ago)

Cassie Cox Rhodes:

With Pockets correct Rickie L Dunn (1 day ago)

Rickie L Dunn:

Correct Cassie thanks 1 (1 day ago)

Cassie Cox Rhodes:

Got It TY (1 day ago)

Juan Williams:

one shirt xxl with a pocket 1 (1 day ago)

Cassie Cox Rhodes:

Got it! Thanks Juan! (1 day ago)

Joshua Reigle:

Black or tan xl a couple of them. (1 day ago)

Jay Garvin:

2 black xl with no pocket (1 day ago)

Marion Cox:

2 WHT LG WITH POCKET (12 hours ago)

Gus Files:

Two 2xls. 1 (12 hours ago)

Gus Files:

No pocket 1 (12 hours ago)

1 (13 hours ago)

1 (14 hours ago)
Ok Facebook,
This Friday@the Silver Drag Strip we're extending our gratitude and appreciation to our racers that come out and support us. Friday Feb.24th we're only charging all cars, trucks, & motorcycles $5 to get on the track you still must pay $10 to get in but only $5 more to race spectators are $10. The tree will be up,the track will be prepped,and it'll be about 75degrees Friday prefected for some racing and a cook-out@the track Thanks In Advance!!
(Please take advantage of the price cut when I have it racers 8497 Silver Rd Manning Gates Open Up@6pm)

(1 day ago)
Ok Facebook,
Alot of people would say that I post to much or I'm making stuff up but all my followers/supporters know better and if Jack Miles post something then it's going down lol..Got a inbox from a racer from N.C. a very nice gentleman and he said he wants the winner out of Karma vs W.F.O. race and y'al know me I said well that's great lol..So for all you all motor guys IN THE CAROLINAS DO NOT GET SCARED AND RUN SILVER DRAG STRIP IS THE PLACE TO BE THIS SATURDAY FEB.25th lol..(Gates open up@1pm 8497 Silver Rd Manning)

10 (2 days ago)
Starting this weekend, February 26th, we will begin a restriction on street tires. During any Gamblers race or Shootout, there will be no cars with street tires allowed down the track. Unless, you are in the race. Only slicks or drag radials will be permitted. This will relieve congestion in the staging lanes, as well as help us with track prep. During these events you will be allowed to make a few passes during time trails and after the completion of the gamblers race or shootout only. There will be no more street tire cars in between rounds. We will have select days for street cars only.

This was a tough decision to make, as we do get good support from street cars. But, it is a decision that is deemed necessary to make sure our races finish on time and track prep is preserved. With that being said, we hope that everyone understands and will continue to support us. Please help us spread the word.

Cassie Cox Rhodes:

Great decision!!!! 2 (2 days ago)

Steve Turner:

Wish y'all would run a few on Saturday (1 day ago)

Cassie Cox Rhodes:

Bracket races are on Saturday 1 (1 day ago)

29 (1 day ago)

2 (2 days ago)

5 (3 days ago)
Shelley Stevens Garvin:

So sorry to hear that...prayers for his family (3 days ago)

Carol Long:

WOW, this is a surprise. Our sympathy to his family. (3 days ago)

James A Lazar:

That's a shock. So sorry to hear that news. Frank was always a hard one to beat at the track. Sympathies to Allen and the family. (3 days ago)

Jimmy Mack:


Mary Lee Hull Stringer:

Oh no he was so young. I always enjoyed being around, such a nice guy. God bless his family. Are they having a funeral, I would like to know. (3 days ago)

Steve Turner:

Remember racing him a many a time at old Orangeburg Dragstrip. 1 (3 days ago)

Rodney Varn:

RIP Frank Lambert. Will always remember you as a great track manager at cooper river and midway dragway. Also a great racer on the IHRA circuit. 1 (2 days ago)

Tammie Brown Smith:

Sorry to hear of the loss. Praying for those left behind. (2 days ago)

Mike Harstad:

I'm shocked. RIP Frank 1 (2 days ago)

Dwayne Adkins Sr.:

Prayers for friends and family. (2 days ago)

Cassie Cox Rhodes:

RIP Frank!! Prayers for his family! (2 days ago)

Raymond Clemmons:

Gonna miss Frank prayers for his family (2 days ago)

Donald Hollingsworth:

Family in our thoughts (2 days ago)

Bobby Santmyer:

RIP Frank prayers sent to his family (2 days ago)

2 (2 days ago)

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