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4 (1 hour ago)
Opening our doors in 2013, Spartan Pizza is your destination for Greek-style pan pizza, specialty subs, and more.

Betty-Jo Salvail Overton:

Love them.. 1 (1 hour ago)

Skylar Brenton:

Mediocre pizza, and their cheese fries are a rip off (2 minutes ago)

(2 days ago)
Crys Silva Talbot:

Bank (2 days ago)

Claus Allgayer:

Popeyes (1 day ago)

Jordan Wilder Guagliumi:

New Shaw's mini-store 1 (1 day ago)

Christine Lucier:

Another bank (1 day ago)

Kristianne Wingard Clark:

Popeyes??? (1 day ago)

Nancy Lynn:

Franklin Savings Bank

www.fsbnh.bank/locations-atms/merrimack-office-coming-soon/ (1 day ago)

Sarah Bubb:

Franklin savings bank (1 day ago)

Claus Allgayer:

Popeyes would be so much better 1 (1 day ago)

Sharon Joy Bramson:

Merrimack needs another bank like a whole in the head! How about a pharmacy? /makes sense because of the two medical facilities adjacent. (1 day ago)

Noelle Marie LeMasurier:

I heard they r making the closed Wendy's into Popeyes, so since they just did the one in Nashua maybe they will do the closed one here in Merrimack (1 day ago)

Stacy Hazen:

Franklin savings bank (1 day ago)

Trish Wilson:

How about a sonics where Wendy's was!? 4 (1 day ago)

Stu Moltisanti:

Another pink cupcake store 1 (1 day ago)

Mark Bernat:

dunkin donuts. (1 day ago)

Olivia Jo:

Another bank I've never heard of.... (1 day ago)

Sandra Stevens:

A holding space for the food to expire in before Shaw's stocks it on the shelves 3 (1 day ago)

Lauris Simon:

What? Not another gun shop? Geez, we only have two right? 🙄 (1 day ago)

Kevin Regan:

Popeyes is supposed to be going into the old Wendys. 3 (23 hours ago)

Trish Wilson:

Kevin Regan that's the best news I've heard no pizza no subs shop thats great 2 (22 hours ago)

Tony Hichborn:

How about a pizza place that actually makes a decent pizza👍 (3 minutes ago)

2 (3 hours ago)
Stephanie Ryan:

Its open! One of my friends went last night! 3 (3 hours ago)

Tim Roy:

Anna B. Roy 1 (3 hours ago)

Justin Devanna:


Kristianne Wingard Clark:

I hear they're putting in a Popeyes at the Wendy's location here in Merrimack! 1 (2 hours ago)

Brielle Lapiana:

Where (2 hours ago)

Robbie Brackett:

1 (1 hour ago)

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2 (31 minutes ago)

Rosemarie Rung:

Kyle, thanks to your and your department for you dedication in keeping our town in working order. The Rung family appreciates all you do! (24 minutes ago)

(27 minutes ago)

(16 hours ago)
Betty-Jo Salvail Overton:

? (16 hours ago)

Aggie Vlahos:

Probably a bank....😂😂 3 (16 hours ago)

Leslie Ann Tejada:

Multi family unit. (16 hours ago)

Betty-Jo Salvail Overton:

Wow, where that one family house was? (16 hours ago)

Poly Dube:

It looks like it's just squeezed in there 1 (16 hours ago)

Leslie Ann Tejada:

It does!! Every time I drive by it looks so out of place :-) 1 (16 hours ago)

Roni McCall:

The old house was a big mess and eyesore. (13 hours ago)

RobDi Parsons:

What's Frank's Plaza? (6 hours ago)

Stu Moltisanti:

I think its one of those pink cupcake shops. They are a chain and building them all throughout town. 2 (4 hours ago)

Tim Thompson:

Duplex, see page 4 of the October 2016 ZBA Minutes: www.merrimacknh.gov/sites/merrimacknh/files/minutes/minutes-file/zbm_2016-10-26_approved.pdf (3 hours ago)

Denise Prunier Greenleaf:

I wonder where the family who was living there went to. Anyone know? (3 hours ago)

Alan Beebe:

hopefully some fresh asphalt (2 hours ago)

Sebastian Bade:

Crack house (2 hours ago)

2 (4 hours ago)

8 Dark Secrets That Grocery Stores Don't Want You To Know

Think that the supermarket is a pretty friendly place? Think again.

Kathy Komar:

Gross (4 hours ago)

Bob Hughes:

You realize that expiration dates are totally arbitrary on most items and are really only there to help the store with inventory control. They don't mean the product has gone bad, just that the store ordered too much. 2 (4 hours ago)

N Joy Lake:

So basically you're saying to watch ourselves. Yup. Caveat emptor. I did look up the meat glue. I found that an interesting comment. transglutaminase Wasn't quite as bad as the article made it out to be; which seems to be the norm. Again. Buy local. Farm to table. Always better. :-) The whole article contained much that was plan old common sense. I realize we don't always agree; but here's the article. www.fsis.usda.gov/wps/portal/fsis/topics/food-safety-education/get-answers/food-safety-fact-sheets/food-labeling/safety-of-transglutaminase-tg-enzyme/safety-of-tg-enzyme 2 (4 hours ago)

Diane Cooper:

Gross (2 hours ago)

Nadia Krasnova:

Once I've bought a frozen chiken in Shaw's with the normal expiration date on the Shaw's pack and 6 months since it was expired on original pack. (1 hour ago)

2 (1 hour ago)
Amanda Bryan:

We use JP pest. For ticks and mosquitoes. Works great!! 1 (1 hour ago)

3 (1 hour ago)
HELP - can someone help me find my owner? I was minding y own business when I saw this cool Police Car drive by and I ran in front of it to see if they could help right at the intersection of Turkey Hill & Joppa Roads, when lo and behold, it was Merrimack's very own ACO, Haylie Gulino! Well she snapped a photo and said she'd post it to Facebook and here I am. I have a lime green collar, but no tags - Can someone let my Humans know that I can be picked up at the PD? I like the folks here, but I'm afraid I may overstay my welcome!

Ann Tanguay:

poor doggie, help him find his owner 1 (1 hour ago)

4 (22 hours ago)
Karen Longo Parsons:

Is this house on back river with stupid tree coming out of front door that horrible 8 (22 hours ago)

Matt Fair:

there's a house on naticook road that is like this. 2 (22 hours ago)

Crys Silva Talbot:

Find out who owns it. (22 hours ago)

Keith Cox:

It'll be worth 300k soon according to the town.... don't worry 2 (22 hours ago)

Rick Barnes:

I found the RSA on unclaimed property
www.gencourt.state.nh.us/rsa/html/NHTOC/NHTOC-XLVI-471-C.htm 1 (22 hours ago)

Lisa Gage:

Following. (22 hours ago)

Lisa Perrault:

Check if real estate taxes are being paid. You can also look up owners of houses that way. 1 (22 hours ago)

Cee Cee Jones:

Ok taxes are being paid... so i assume we just have to deal with it since the property taxes are being paid? (22 hours ago)

Angela Carbone:

Put it on the market, damn it! We're house hunting and can't find something that fits our family! How many bedrooms is it...good neighborhood...? 😂 2 (21 hours ago)

David Hansen:

Ask your local Realtor, cough cough, to look up the current address of the owners, and reach out to them to see if they want to sell instead of letting it go to ruin.... With prices as high now as they have been in 10 years, maybe they will want to sell to someone who will bring the neighborhood up. You never know... 4 (21 hours ago)

Diane Dexter Cheney:

Does anyone have a picture of either of the houses? (21 hours ago)

Christine Hugh:

I have a house right next to me that is completely run down too. Huge hole in the roof, broken windows, front door is wide open, weeds growing all over our property, home of many bee nests, the list goes on and on. Taxes are two years behind... 1 (20 hours ago)

Trisha Gould:

Well whoever wants it can move in claim eminent domain and live in it for free (20 hours ago)

Gloria Shine:

My aunt who lived in another state had a house like this next door to hers. Come to find out the owner was elderly and in a nursing home, had no will, or medical proxy, a judge finally allowed the family to mow the lawn, nothing else until the owner passed away. Maybe this is the issue here. Sad! (20 hours ago)

Judy Caswell Doherty:

Wow we always wondered about that back river road House. (20 hours ago)

Kaz Nolet:

It's the banks responsibility they should have a,management company maintaining the property (19 hours ago)

Julie Poole:

Are you allowed to trespass on somebody's property without their consent? (19 hours ago)

Judy Caswell Doherty:

The mail must get picked up by someone or perhaps delivered to a PO box. Maybe you could write to the owner and ask it is available for sale? (19 hours ago)

Lisa Gage:

It must be frustrating because it is such a beautiful time of year. But just know this will pass, eventually the home will become occupied and someone will care for it again!😀😀 (4 hours ago)

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