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Mornington Peninsula Athletic Club

1 (4 days ago)
Craig Mahony:

Got my dates wrong here. Entries not due until 6th Sept. (5 hours ago)

(12 hours ago)
Craig Mahony:

Thanks to Jake and Sophie Brennan who have already responded. (12 hours ago)

Gary Ewart:

Craig, not available this year.
Thank you
Gaz (11 hours ago)

7 (2 days ago)
Gordon Loughnan:

Well done Lindsay (1 day ago)

4 (5 days ago)

3 (6 days ago)

Shane Bishop:

amazing study find, but in the full report of this they are not using 3d cameras for biomechanical analysis, they actually used 10 x 2d cameras filming predominantly in the sagital plane, which does limit their measurements to only over 1-2 degrees of freedom through joint angles (6 days ago)

Mike Wheatley:

Fair point Shane Bishop (5 days ago)

1 (1 week ago)

11 (1 week ago)
Results Today.
AV Anglesea Surf Coast Relays. The U20 team of Callen Goldsmith, Ethan Anthony and Joel McGill, in that order, came 1st! Great work lads!
Some pics below.

School Sport Australia Cross Country Championships. Mehdi Hassani came 5th in his age group in the AWD(athlete with a disability) division. Well done Mehdi!

I was told unofficially that the AV Track and Field Season might be starting on October 7th which is the last weekend of the school holidays.

Debra Neil:

Awesome work fellas!!!! (1 week ago)

Gordon Loughnan:

Well done guys (1 week ago)

2 (1 week ago)

4 (1 week ago)

Mornington Peninsula Athletic Club

It came close to being cancelled but the Falls Creek Training Camp is on again in 2017-2018. Check in on Wednesday 27th December and check out on Wednesday 3rd January. NOTE . This year we have...

5 (1 week ago)

Athlete warning: Higenamine in supplements | Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority - ASADA

In November 2016, ASADA published an athlete warning on the banned substance Higenamine, following a spike in the number of detections. Since then, six more Australian athletes have tested positive for Higenamine, bringing the total number of positives for that substance to 13 across nine different…

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