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British Saddleback Breeders' Club

2 (10 hours ago)

(2 days ago)

Jimmy is looking for the best-tasting banger!!

Home News RBST News Jimmy is looking for the best-tasting banger!!

6 (2 days ago)

John Sutcliffe:


Rana Cheer:

How much and can you deliver if required please? (2 days ago)

Sarah Marsden:

What size are they? (2 days ago)

John Sutcliffe:

its about 14 ft with 4 gates fully services by the local agent during it life only light use going to shows/abattoir. (2 days ago)

John Sutcliffe:

Price ex farm here in LOWICK LA128DX £2k delivery possible but not included totally dependant on distance. Made by ivor williams (2 days ago)

5 (4 days ago)

Stephen Booth:

Work hard play hard (3 days ago)

John Sutcliffe:

it was so very hot for the pigs and the handlers ,well done Julian with your Saddleback champion boar. (2 days ago)

(1 week ago)
Christina Crozier:

in a crush, with cheese wire 1 (1 week ago)

Stephen Booth:

(1 week ago)

Stephen Booth:

There used to be a video on utube with Chris Impey de tusking a Berkshire (1 week ago)

Glyn Morgan:

It's been many years since I de tusked a boar. We used a noose on the nose which was tied to a very strong post once attached to the animal.A couple of gates either side and while the animal was pulling backwards use a cheese wire or small hacksaw. Stresnil a sedative was also given to calm him if he was a bit frisky.I don't know if stresnil is still available these days and the job can be done without but be careful. (3 days ago)

Brian Lee:

Cheers .. yes it's stu available thanks (3 days ago)

16 (4 days ago)

Rana Cheer:

Well done to you all :) (3 days ago)

7 (1 week ago)
Brian Merry:

Well spoken Mr Stephen Booth 👍 (1 week ago)

Ben Watson:

Where abouts is she? (1 week ago)

Christina Crozier:

Norfolk (1 week ago)

Ben Watson:

Shame. too far for me (1 week ago)

Mervyn Flindall:

Wouldn't mind a trip, let me know when more is known (1 week ago)

(1 week ago)

9 (1 week ago)

Stephen Booth:

Was working for Julian keeping an eye on you ! Impossible task lol 2 (1 week ago)

3 (1 week ago)

To mark the 50th anniversary of the British Saddleback pig we are giving away a Salami and Chorizo hamper to one lucky winner.

All you have to do is like this post with the comment "OINK OINK" and like and share our page.

The winner will be announced on 30th June.

Good luck :)

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