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British Saddleback Breeders' Club

8 (2 weeks ago)
At Kingston Maurward College, Dorchester - within the Gardens and Animal Park you will find,
3 pedigree Saddleback Litters - all Rare Bloodlines -

Ivy x Walter - born 25th Feb (12/12).
Mum was Best in Show, Sherborne 2016.
Litter now weaned, tagged, wormed, and looking good.

Colleen x Walter - born 9th March (11/11)
planned to be weaned 17th April

Colleen x Walter - born 12th March (9/9)
planned to be weaned 8th May

The college has a number of regular customers who take weaners for fattening to meat but within these litters are a number of stock worthy of breeding / showing and, especially given these litters were bred specifically to support lower number bloodlines, such sales would be preferred!

The stock is currently being assessed and a sell fatteners first policy followed.

More details can be obtained from Lee Miles or Barbara Troake 01305215003, equally stock may be viewed by visiting - you can even get a tea!

Stock will be sold at a pre-agreed cost per lb liveweight plus registration costs etc, and may be reserved and held to an agreed date.

Roger Monksummers:

The 3 Gilts reared all 32 piglets, so time to begin selecting!
THANK YOU Alan Rose for your time and insight that has generated a short list of a top 9 mixed Walter boars and Colleen & Ivy gilts.
(Pru Rose, Hannah Rose, thanks for the "loan" of Alan!)
Barbara Troake and Lee Miles now welcome contacts / visitors to Kingston Maurward College (Dorchester) to set up showing / breeding homes for these quality stock of some of the rarer bloodlines. 2 (1 week ago)

Roger Monksummers:

1 (1 week ago)

Roger Monksummers:

1 (1 week ago)

Roger Monksummers:

each picture is a different litter, they are yet to be mixed. (1 week ago)

Roger Monksummers:

1 (1 week ago)

Roger Monksummers:

blue lines are good news....... (1 week ago)

7 (1 week ago)

Nigel Baldwin:

Cant wait to get my first weaners.. 1 (1 week ago)

Brian Lee:

John Sutcliffe Raj produced some nice ones here (1 week ago)

Rana Cheer:

well done they are adorable 1 (1 week ago)

John Sutcliffe:

glad to see he is still breeding very well,I have some more gilts for sale unrelated to Rajah (1 week ago)

3 (1 week ago)
6 piglets on this 10 month old pedigree gilt and her sister is due in a couple of weeks. sire Garside Golden Arrow call john on 07887731552 www.saddlebackpigs.co.uk

3 (1 week ago)

Sam Mark Bettles:

Kevin Curtis (1 week ago)

Sally-Anne Pawson:

Hi, two dominator boars and 1 Rose gilt looking smart, with 14 domino teats, clean even saddles and eligible for registration. 7 available for fattening. Pm for details. (1 week ago)

3 (1 week ago)

Ben Watson:

Yup (1 week ago)

Megan Garbutt:

Kevin Curtis (1 week ago)

Kevin Curtis:

This is Carlton a boar that has sired my 3 litters. i am told his ears are good . perhaps an example to compare :) (1 week ago)

Ben Watson:

This is George, our general bloodline boar bought from Arthur Uglow (endsleigh herd) we bought him in to correct a couple of faults in our herd, (long snouts and wide ears) :) 1 (1 week ago)

Neil Giles:

Have pm'd you Lorraine. (1 week ago)

1 (1 week ago)

Damien Paul Richards:

Kevin David Webb (1 week ago)

Kevin David Webb:

Both ours are ex Dinah bud (1 week ago)

Vicky Mitchell:

Alice Newth (1 week ago)

Emma Holmes:

Lorraine Harris not sure what we have left to sell (1 week ago)

Alice Newth:

I have silverwings, bell Weaners and silverwings and dinah maiden gilts (1 week ago)

John Sutcliffe:

Hi yes lots of Rosette gilts available in pig ,with a litter or free of the boar see www.sadddlebackpigs.co.uk (1 week ago)

Mervyn Flindall:

I have plenty of babble guilts and sows available (1 week ago)

Roger Monksummers:

See Kingston Maurward weaners, several posts down, 11th april. (1 week ago)

(1 week ago)

7 (2 weeks ago)
Training the January show piglets
Peggy and Doris feed dandelion leaves to the show pigs as a way of introducing themselves before the real training begins shortly.Lots of pedigree saddlebacks for sale including a newly farrowed gilt with her piglets,growers,gilts free of the boar,boars and in pig sows.
The Coal Yeat Herd www.saddlebackpigs.co.uk

Rana Cheer:

they are beautiful (2 weeks ago)

1 (2 weeks ago)
John Sutcliffe:

i have several young sows that have farrowed , which have been running with a golden arrow boar most were last years January show pigs so are quite tame. All outside awaiting new homes john 07887731552 1 (2 weeks ago)

2 (2 weeks ago)

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