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Texoma Off Road Club

6 (3 weeks ago)

Mark Swanson:

Great photo
And happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well 1 (3 weeks ago)

Ken Brenda Thornton:

And Yotes and Sammy's ' 2 (3 weeks ago)

(3 weeks ago)
With Thanksgiving fast approaching we would like to take a minute to thank our amazing customers. We have been extremely blessed to have had your support over the last 4 years and we are so thankful to have been able to earn your business. We have made some amazing friendships that will be forever lasting. We really do appreciate each and every one of you.

With that being said, there has been an almost perfect storm of opportunities that have prompted us to make the difficult decision to close Gravity Offroad. This has been an extremely hard choice to make because we all really do love what we do. We have, however, decided that closing the shop best fits everyone's current goals and that this has all come at the perfect time.

So now what? The shop is going to remain open until Christmas and we will use that time to liquidate over $150,000 worth of inventory that we currently have in stock. In order to do that we are selling everything that we have below cost. This is a perfect chance to save a lot of money on some really great products. We will still offer installation until the end of the year and all sales will be final. We will accept Cash Or Credit Cards.

1 (1 month ago)

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5 (2 months ago)

Bryan Song:

Looks like a great time. Any carnage or seat cushion squeezing to speak of?Thanks for sharing. (2 months ago)

Tony Helms:

Kinda tore a slider loose, nothing major. Trails were limited for us, need 40's or larger, tons and nerves of steel for most of the "trails". (2 months ago)

Mark Swanson:

Had an awesome time
Kind of modified a front fender some but sure makes me want to go bigger and go back (2 months ago)

5 (2 months ago)

(3 months ago)

Chris Alambar:

Monkey creek in quanah oct 6,7,8. (2 months ago)

(2 months ago)
Looking for stock jeep wheel center covers. Need 2 of them.

Tony Helms:

I've got one. (2 months ago)

Mark Swanson:

i'll look i used to have a few (2 months ago)

1 (2 months ago)

(3 months ago)
3 people interested

Amy Rust:

Just got back yesterday from a week in Moab 1 (3 months ago)

14 (3 months ago)
Headed south from OKC

Tony Helms:

Welcome Robert!😉 1 (3 months ago)

Robert Williams:

Someone can show me the jeep wave again? thanks! :P (3 months ago)

J.R. Harrison:

Welcome! (3 months ago)

Jack Rutledge:

5 years is far too long to be jeepless, welcome back (3 months ago)

Robert Williams:

So it was actually 6 years ago. I sold my rubi in August of 2011. 1 (3 months ago)

Mark Swanson:

Welcome back 1 (3 months ago)

J.R. Harrison:

I have some 35s for sale... (3 months ago)

Tony Helms:

Me too! And a set is lift Springs! 🤔 (3 months ago)

Corey Thames:

Hi Robert. Once again.....honestly glad you're back. Now I just need to follow suit. Been eyeballing a cj7, but really miss my lj and my jku. Decisions decisions decisions......... (3 months ago)

Robert M. Goins:

Welcome back
i think I remember that rubicon running around iowa park years ago (3 months ago)

Wren Stafford:

Welcome back! 1 (3 months ago)

Tony Helms:

I found everything except 1 light socket. You remember where I live? (3 months ago)

Wren Stafford:

I have some new lift coils for it ! (3 months ago)

Matt Bell:

Ain't it great to be back? (3 months ago)

Jerry Donald Keoun:

Welcome back great color hope see you soon 1 (3 months ago)

Ellison Flores:

Man I haven't heard from some of you guys in ages.... but tbh even hank J.R. Harrison hill was jeepless for a minute (3 months ago)

Bryan Song:

Welcome Robert. Get that thing ready for the April Moab trip. 1 (3 months ago)

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