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Okie Mod Squad

19 (1 hour ago)
In honor of turkey day, this week's Mod Blog is devoted to all things Thanksgiving!


Linda Merrick Poe:

Of course she is cooking Thanksgiving dinner !! (1 hour ago)

Terri Sadler:

Joe Slack! 1 (1 hour ago)

Tanya Felter:

Creepy! That saw and can crusher are just what she needs to complete a meal... (59 minutes ago)

Anna Dykema:

LOVE this!! (30 minutes ago)

Jayme Clausen Howard:

I think she's in a garage?? (29 minutes ago)

Peter De Les Dernier:

What is she doing with the tweezers and magnifying glass?!? (2 minutes ago)

4 (14 minutes ago)

Bobbi Meade:

I love this lol! Stealing for my profile cover🤗 1 (4 minutes ago)

39 (1 day ago)

Kevin Koloff:

Probably thawed it overnight in the kitchen sink also.😎 (17 hours ago)

Mark Wilson-Rhodes:

Love this picture! (49 minutes ago)

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14 (23 hours ago)

9401 Briarcreek Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73162 | MLS #795849 | Zillow

For sale: $139,900. Incredible home with lots of space. Very large & tall living room with a marvelous masonry fireplace with extra wide hearth; exceptional entertaining wet bar with built-in cabinetry and double countertop. Formal dining area has beautiful custom wood built-in and window treatments...

Brian Benson:

We did the estate sale there a few months back. It has great possibilities. I loved the vaulted garage ceiling and master bedroom ceilings 1 (23 hours ago)

Cressy Anquoe-Johnston:

I’d kill for that wallpaper in the bathrooms!!! 😍 (22 hours ago)

Elizabeth Kabrick:

It looks so pristine! Props to whoever(s) took such great care of it. ❤️ 2 (21 hours ago)

Sally Wilson:

Wow! Tacky fabulous! Haha (21 hours ago)

Libby Melton:

OMGOODNESS! I️ love this house. Tacky wallpaper and all! (19 hours ago)

Carrie Cauliflowerjones Okie:

David Shrum, so great (11 hours ago)

Mark Wilson-Rhodes:

Very cool house! The foiled butterfly wallpaper is the best! That's a lot of house for the money too. (49 minutes ago)

11 (1 day ago)

Kevin Koloff:

Joe Brown (1 day ago)

Lynne Rostochil:

One of the best scenes ever! (1 day ago)

Cressy Anquoe-Johnston:

“Well, nobody’s perfect.” 😂😂😂 (13 hours ago)

Karen Rains-Watkins:

There is nothing “hotter” than an understanding man (2 hours ago)

52 (3 days ago)
I know that this isn't MCM at all, but that vitrolite bathroom is one of the most amazing features I've ever seen so I had to share!


Mark Pogue:

WOW! The bathrooms... 1 (3 days ago)

Steve Lamb:

Nothing a bull dozer wouldnt improve 1 (3 days ago)

Briann Zimmermann:

the round wall is the only feature i'd save. (3 days ago)

June Albert Cahill:

That ceiling in the dining room....and the fishy bathroom! <3 (3 days ago)

Autumn Dalton:

There is a lot going on in this house and it spans every decade and style just to be thorough. 4 (3 days ago)

Paula Grace:

Once upon a time a 1928 historic splendor - what happened? 1 (3 days ago)

Mark Wilson-Rhodes:

Amazing home! and then there's the kitchen... lol.... 4 (3 days ago)

Jenni Mayes:

TJ Mayes Zitta John Cowans 1 (3 days ago)

Hannah Berry:

Very cool!! (3 days ago)

Hannah Berry:

Really cool!! (3 days ago)

Jeanne Lowrey:

It'd be on the market for well over half a million if it were located in Edmond 4 (3 days ago)

Nathan York:

Wow 1 (3 days ago)

Christopher Lewis-Long:

Wow! 1 (3 days ago)

David Thach:

Thank you for sharing. The bathrooms are awesome. Would be so cool to do a deco kitchen. What a bargain for that place. 1 (3 days ago)

Brian Benson:

Maybe I need to move to Miami. 2 (3 days ago)

Marjorie Cobb:

Wow 1 (3 days ago)

Leigh Ann Azlin:

It looks so much like the Grisso Mansion in Seminole! (On the inside!) (3 days ago)

Ron Brewer:

Only if I had the money. (3 days ago)

Mike Deatsch:

Rule breaker! 1 (3 days ago)

Kerri Brumley:

That's amazing! And the price! 😻 (3 days ago)

Emily Deal Scott:

Wow!! On all the bathrooms and that PRICE. 😮 (3 days ago)

Tracy Floreani:

Did you all notice the old school/pre-Nazi swastikas in the metalwork design on the bannister? Very cool. Never seen anything like it! 1 (3 days ago)

Sidney Frederickson:

Very Hollywood glam! (3 days ago)

Rebecca England:

What is WRONG with this house that it's priced that low????? (2 days ago)

Ron Brewer:

Location location location (2 days ago)

58 (2 days ago)

31 Mid-Century Women Who Really Enjoyed Their Aluminum Christmas Trees

First manufactured in Chicago in 1958 by Modern Coatings, Inc., the company's 'silvery Evergleam' tree retailed for $25.

Libby Melton:

Dillard’s at Quail Springs has a silver tree decorated with red, white and blue and it is eye- catching. (2 days ago)

Jennifer Franks:

Oh the one with her butt in the air was probably my grandma!!! 3 (1 day ago)

Angela Kennedy Stormer:

I remember when my mom bought one. And she had the rotating colored light that shone on it. She thought that was the best thing ever!!! We didn’t have a lot of money so it was really special. We usually had a cedar tree we cut down in the pasture. Lol. And It always made me sick. (1 day ago)

Paula Bowen:

When I was a little kid in the 60's we had one in our basement "rec room." I think it had been the tree at my dad's factory in the 50's before it was retired to our basement. (1 day ago)

Ron Brewer:

My aluminum tree. Purchased at an OTASCO in Tulsa. 3 (1 day ago)

WE Eliot:


11 (23 hours ago)
Nothing says MCM like Maddux of California pottery. This planter is one of my most prized possessions.

26 (3 days ago)

Stacey Stewart:

#allthosetrees ❤️💚🎄😍 1 (1 day ago)

Jeff Lawrence:

Sweet! Headed there next week! (1 day ago)

Monty Milburn:

We were there just a few weeks ago and the inventory is amazing. 1 (23 hours ago)

15 (23 hours ago)

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