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Krampus Los Angeles

3 (2 days ago)

A father put on a clown mask to punish his 6-year-old. Now he’s charged with inducing panic.

The “prank” caused the frightened child to run screaming into a stranger's car, then into a neighbor's apartment, police said.

3 (1 month ago)

34 (1 month ago)
This weekend! My Krampus talk and the mini-Krampuslauf through the exhibition hall are on Saturday 12-2pm. All weekend you'll have a chance to drop by our booth (#811) and say hello. Good opportunity to buy masks, books, shirts, and Krampus art without any shipping costs. Also the first chance of the season to sign up for the Krampus mask workshops in November -- only 10 mask-makers in the class, and it's first-come-first-served. More ScareLA info: scarela.com #ScareLA #Krampus

Chelsea Holifield:

Thanks for using our pic on the flyer, that's awesome Al! Break a leg....or should I say hoof this weekend! :) 1 (1 month ago)

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13 (6 months ago)
DESERTFEST BERLIN #7 - 04, 05, 06 May 2018
Info : www.desertfest.de
Tickets : www.desertfest.de/tickets-desertfest-berlin
Venue : Arena, Berlin (GER)

Bill Keller:

This looks interesting glad I'll be here. Already sold out though will have to scrounge for tix (6 months ago)

2 (6 months ago)
Eine neue Hexenmaske von Franz Luger

1 (7 months ago)
Al Ridenour:

leafy trees in the background, so wrong season for perchten. there's some "greenman" type stuff that happens around whitsuntide (pentecost) in the summer that could be the source of the photo. (7 months ago)

Kimric Smythe:

Yeah it looked a bit too warm. (7 months ago)

14 (8 months ago)
Happy New Year!

34 (9 months ago)
Attended this weekend's event: Krampus at the Alpine Village. This was my 1st time and I LOVED IT. THANK YOU! SO MUCH FUN AND DEFINATELY GOING TO MAKE IT A YEARLY EVENT.

Kimric Smythe:

Bunch of pics from the show here. www.flickr.com/photos/144618704@N03/albums/72157674179419804 1 (8 months ago)

18 (9 months ago)

30 (9 months ago)

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