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Political Science Data

1 (3 hours ago)
Jun Jaca:

Partly idealism that depends upon the age of voters that'll able. (3 hours ago)

Øyvind Bugge Solheim:

If you're only interested in age and voting (and gender). You can find the Norwegian voting participation in the parliamentary elections in 2013 (the most recent elections were this year) based on Norwegian registry data (not survey) in "Figur 5." on this link. You can download the data as well by clicking "Last ned tallene som CSV" in the menu in the upper right corner of the figure.

www.ssb.no/valg/artikler-og-publikasjoner/stemmeberettigede-valgordninger-og-valgdeltakelse-siden-1815 1 (3 hours ago)

Markus Quandt:

Thank you, that is helpful. Of course, official statistics would be preferable over survey data, if the former exists. And of course, the most preferable solution would be if anyone had published a ready-made comparative table for all European countries :-). (1 hour ago)

3 (1 week ago)
Markus Quandt:

Hi, you are probably aware of the cumulated file of the first three modules, which you find here search.gesis.org/research_data/ZA6297 or here: www.cses.org/datacenter/trendfile/trendfile.htm ? It is obviously not all four modules, but adding the 4th module would be easier when starting from the first three :-). 1 (6 days ago)

1 (1 week ago)
Katherine Barbieri:

I like the World Bank Development Indicators. They use data from many different sources. (12 hours ago)

2 (4 days ago)
Zach Warner:

Hi Rafael, apologies for plugging my own work, but Noam Lupu and I put together these data for a paper just recently. We describe our data sources in this appendix, which might have the info you're looking for: zachwarner.net/download/Lupu-Warner-Affluence-Appendix.pdf 2 (3 days ago)

44 (3 days ago)
For those interested in big data on political parties and party systems in Europe (1848-2016(, see: whogoverns.eu

3 (4 days ago)
Merlin Heidemanns:

I would suggest looking at KSG's GDP data though right now I don't remember his data sources: privatewww.essex.ac.uk/~ksg/exptradegdp.html 1 (4 days ago)

11 (4 days ago)
New publication on UCDP-GED event data on organized violence with global coverage 1989-:

Melander, Erik, David A. Backer, and Eric Dunford.
"The Geography of Organized Armed Violence around the World." Peace and Conflict 2017.


13 (1 week ago)
Marie-Catherine Wavreille:

Have a look at the National Conference of State Legislatures for data on state legislators in the US. They might have data on ethnicity but not sure. 2 (1 week ago)

Laura Uribe:

Dillon, would Carl have this data? 2 (1 week ago)

Dillon Boatner:

Get in touch with Dr. Carl Klarner, carl.klarner@gmail.com 2 (1 week ago)

Jun Jaca:

Just contact me as pm. I will help you.... (4 days ago)

9 (6 days ago)
Ireen Litvak-Zur:

I'll be happy to take a look at the data! Thanks :) (6 days ago)

Michael Fürstenberg:

I'm interested! (6 days ago)

170 (3 years ago)
Malik Kashif:

yes barry u r right..... (3 years ago)

Danny De Keyser:

Thank you to accept my request Barry (3 years ago)

Paul Gronke:

Barry Edwards I've actually been rejecting about half of the requests to the Political Science group on this basis. We're getting a lot of people with no political science affiliation trying to add the group. I'm not sure what the purpose is of collecting a lot of group affiliations, and I worry about group spam. 2 (3 years ago)

Turgut Yaman:

this place is a good policy portal.I'm happy to be among you.I want to work on foreign policy. 1 (3 years ago)

Suzana Alves:

Thank you for accepting my request :) (3 years ago)

Justin Stritch:

Barry Edwards this group has become a who's who of bullshit conferences! i want to shower them with golden streams of research thoughts!!!! 1 (2 years ago)

Barry Edwards:

Definitely experiencing some growing pains. I know you have to do some promotion when you're trying to launch a new conference or journal, but it's getting out of hand here and need to be reigned in so we can focus on political science data discussions. 2 (2 years ago)

Stephen Bagwell:

There is a political science deadlines facebook group as well. Those posts are right up that groups alley. 1 (2 years ago)

Paul Gronke:

It seems like 75% or more of the other pol sci group requests now are non political scientists. Tons are undergraduate students and then obviously folks who've shown some interest in "politics" writ large.
I've looked into "secret" groups but it's not clear their status right now on FB. They used to limit them pretty severely, now it seems like they can be larger. I wish FB didn't try to hard to link everyone to everyone regardless of if they should really get linked. 4 (2 years ago)

Barry Edwards:

I want to be inclusive and give people some opportunity to promote things that members might be interested in, but people can get overzealous promoting their projects and drown out the main topic of discussion. I don't mind people outside academics joining the Group, they may produce or work with data, so long as they don't abuse the forum. I let some borderline posts go because they just sink down the page when no one like or comments on them, I don't like being a censor, but it's annoying when people keep posting the same thing because it's not getting any attention. 6 (2 years ago)

Matthew Shugart:

Maybe this needs to be made a closed group' given some videos posted here today. (2 years ago)

Barry Edwards:

That was pretty gross, but the person who did that was banned permanently. There must be some profit motive to posting links in large Facebook groups. They're getting better at making fake accounts look like real people. (2 years ago)

Zurab Bezhanishvili:

Ok. But I have a question - can we organize, with moderators support, the online conference or debate on the issues what is interesting of the members of the group? And does this group opportunities to do such activity permanent? (1 year ago)

Barry Edwards:

If you're interested in other topics, I'd suggest creating a group or page about that topic (if a good one doesn't exist already) and organize around it. You can share links to other pages/groups here, but this Group will stay focused on political science data. 2 (1 year ago)

Zurab Bezhanishvili:

I mean topics about political science!) just for sharing experience and points of view among this group and about that common interests which this group is about! not about astronomy or astrology! (1 year ago)

Barry Edwards:

I think this group has to stick to its specific, focused topic. If people want to discuss the us presidential election or middle east politics, there are groups, pages, and other forums for that. You can share a link to a politics forum here, some members might follow it. I think this group works bcs its stays focused on a well defined niche. 4 (1 year ago)

Saidu Abubakar:

Right step & Direction @Berry Edward (1 year ago)

Andrew Olobo-ojo:

I greet you all ..Sir (2 months ago)

Lili Khan:

Thank you .
I am working on *process of democratization* (1 week ago)

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