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2 (2 days ago)

A Tricky JavaScript Interview Question Asked by Google and Amazon

The following will be a short explanation, along with some solutions, of a popular JavaScript question that tends to get asked in developer…

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This post is for plugin developers to share why you shouldn't unseralize() data sent from untrusted sources, and how to avoid writing vulnerable code.

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3 (6 days ago)

Chris Scott:

For the October meeting? (6 days ago)

Gordon Forsythe:

Next year. This month is xdebug 2 (6 days ago)

Gordon Forsythe:

We could do a series of meetings showing setup & development for each major framework like we did a while back with PHP frameworks. 1 (6 days ago)

Peter DeChamp Richardson:

Would love to see react and php api setup. (5 days ago)

Matt Chandler:

I'm happy to share my front-end knowledge if there's interest. 2 (5 days ago)

Jeremy Cole Lindblom:

Angular 4+ (5 days ago)

(1 week ago)
Gordon Forsythe:

I only used it a few times way back... I just do html reports now and take a look there. 1 (6 days ago)

3 (1 week ago)

GraphQL vs REST: Caching – APIs You Won’t Hate

Outlining the approach the two API paradigms take to caching

1 (1 week ago)
Morgan Breden:

If remote is available, I'd be interested in hearing more. (1 week ago)

6 (1 week ago)
Mike DeVita:

funny I was just looking into learning Apollo and graphql yesterday night. I tried the playground on graph.cool to get the feel for it but idk yet how I feel tbh. (1 week ago)

Peter DeChamp Richardson:

See that was my thought too Gordon. It seems like it’s a lot of work for not much benefit. You may have heard me ask about performance. It was such little data that it should have had load time like it was. Even with their server being slowed down by all of us. If you would be willing to give a talk on api practices I can get you space at WebPT. (1 week ago)

(1 week ago)

Chris Vogt:

An image manipulation library would help you create something like that. Check out Grafika (PHP).

They most likely cache the response image. Then it's not regenerated with every request. :) 1 (1 week ago)

Jason Tibbetts:

The image is likely cached by id and size so serving it up is just as fast as a static image for 99% of users 1 (1 week ago)

Gordon Forsythe:

Yes, much cheaper to just store the image than dynamically create it every time. 1 (1 week ago)

4 (1 week ago)

Stop the pain, get to PHP 7

When I was young I played football at my local middle school...very terribly. I didn't enjoy running with the heavy pads in the heat, and I definitely [...]

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