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1 (1 week ago)

PHP Security Advent Calendar 2017

PHP Security Advent Calendar 2017

1 (1 week ago)

Managing your dependencies in PHP – Théo Fidry – Medium

When you are creating a PHP application or library, you usually have 3 kinds of dependencies:

2 (1 week ago)

The secret to being a top developer is building things! Here’s a list of fun apps to build!

You can only become a great developer by putting the effort in. Imagine for a moment — You can’t become fit physically by reading a lot…

Mike DeVita:

saw this on /r/reactjs its a great list of example app's indeed. 1 (1 week ago)

Mike DeVita:

This also may only be tangentiality related to this group but, react.christmas/ (1 week ago)

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1 (1 week ago)

Enumerations and PHP – Trikoder

This article aims to provide some better understanding of what enumerations are, when to use them and how to use them in PHP.

2 (1 week ago)

SOLID Principles made easy

Another acronym in software engineering?! That is not very special, or is it? It looks SOLID, but let’s see…

(1 week ago)

PHPStan 0.9: A Huge Leap Forward – Ondřej Mirtes – Medium

It's been a year since I unveiled PHPStan to the world. After 19 releases, more than 480,000 downloads (clocking around 3,600 daily during…

(2 weeks ago)

Apple flaw allows MacOS High Sierra logins without passwords

The latest version of Apple’s software has a glaring hole in it: You can log in with just the username "root."

Mike DeVita:

oh hell. I'd be surprised if Apple fixes this anytime soon, they aren't usually quick to fix stuff like this.

"There's a workaround for the "root" flaw until Apple fixes it themselves. You can turn guest users off, or change the root password from your directory utility". I'm sure you could just do sudo passwd root too via terminal/cli. (2 weeks ago)

Michael Sypes:

I'd rather update my wife's machine, so I don't have to deal with her forgetting her password. ;) 1 (2 weeks ago)

Mike DeVita:

Also it appears when you use "the trick" to login as root from the security prompt, it actually creates a password-less root user which can then be used to SSH or VNC in (if either of those were already enabled). I just did this on my mbp which is on HS and yup definitely works sigh. (2 weeks ago)

Nikki DelRosso:

Wow. Yeah, I thought this didin't work, at first, but you just have to do it a couple of times. (2 weeks ago)

1 (2 weeks ago)

What’s New in PhpStorm 2017.3

PhpStorm 2017.3 is a major update for the IDE. It introduces the new REST client and brings support for the latest changes in the PHP Language. It also brings improvements for exceptions handling,…

4 (3 weeks ago)

PHP Versions Stats - 2017.2 Edition - Jordi Boggiano

It's stats o'clock! See 2014, 2015, 2016.1, 2016.2 and 2017.1for previous similar posts. A quick note on methodology, because all these stats are imperfect as they just sample some subset of the PHP…

Mike DeVita:

not for me :( (3 weeks ago)

Jenifer Mundstock:

Yeah, I still have a lot of programming changes to make before we can switch as well. 1 (3 weeks ago)

Koltton Fox:

I need to install 7.2 before I get too far behind (2 weeks ago)

Gordon Forsythe:

Still a few days before it's released 1 (2 weeks ago)

1 (5 months ago)
Mike DeVita:

this doesn't have to do with pornhub does it? they're hiring PHP/Laravel devs I think. (5 months ago)

Christine Jones:

Weird. I’m working with another recruiter at VB and he hasn’t told me about this. (1 month ago)

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