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Eddie Güereque:

Bahajajaah!!!!! 😂👀 (2 days ago)

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Creating Strictly Typed Arrays and Collections in PHP — SitePoint

Bert discusses an interesting approach to creating arrays and collections that automatically enforce certain types - both scalar and fully custom

1 (4 days ago)

Retrofit Your Website as a Progressive Web App — SitePoint

Provide a great mobile experience without building native apps. Craig Buckler walks you through converting an existing site to a Progressive Web App.

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(4 days ago)

Nested Middleware in Expressive - Blog - Zend Framework

Zend Framework project official website

(5 days ago)

How We Engineered CMS Airship to be Simply Secure - Paragon Initiative Enterprises Blog

A deep dive into the security engineering decisions that went into CMS Airship. A lot of the decisions we made are subtle.

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3 people going

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Let’s chat with Ratchet, Siler & React

Here we are going to build a chat app using:

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Jeremy Cole Lindblom:

Sure! Yeah, send me some info (1 week ago)

Jeremy Cole Lindblom:

Yeah, so what are you presenting about? (6 days ago)

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Thinking of the next developer

Musings on making your work easier for the next person to understand

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