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Whats Happening In Bishop Auckland Hospital

2 (4 months ago)
The information and support centres provide free and confidential drop in service for anyone affected by cancer.

(5 months ago)
Lovely day for a great cause. All donations for raffle/tombola much appreciated. Face painter needed.

4 (6 months ago)

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10 (8 months ago)

10 (8 months ago)

Appeal launched in bid to install MRI scanners at Bishop Auckland and Darlington hospitals

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6 (8 months ago)

12 (9 months ago)

MRI Scanners Appeal

Your NHS Charity is asking for your support in raising money for two new state-of-the-art MRI scanners for Darlington Memorial Hospital & Bishop Auckland Hospital. Help MRI Scanners Appeal by Co Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust Charity raise more on JustGiving

Fraser Tinsley:

Its like the early 1990s all over again. Charity required to pay for much needed NHS equipment. 1 (9 months ago)

Patricia Chyrelle Addams Greensmith:

I see your point but the way things are with the government now we don't have much of a choice as they will not cough up the money ... at the end of the day as a passionate fundraiser for our own community I would be over the moon to see this in our hospital treating our patients regardless of how its paid for .. I will commit as much as I can if it will make a difference ..we can only try .. 3 (9 months ago)

Hazel Pybus:

great hospital fantastic staff. had an operation there last week perfect service. worth public support 1 (9 months ago)

Shirley Beedle:

Great Hospital, we've done it before - new scanner will help lots of patients and make Bishop Auckland Hospital centre for MRI scans success to all concerned ... (9 months ago)

5 (1 year ago)

1 (1 year ago)
Denise Parker:

Itinerary for Bishop Auckland to Shotley Bridge-Evening entertainment arranged, please visit site to book/find out more. m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1136153343105475&id=100001324615679 (1 year ago)

2 (1 year ago)

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