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Denver Trail Runners

4 (1 day ago)
Mark Noble:

The bear chase is fun with lots of different distances. How far do you want to run? 2 (1 day ago)

Le Anne:

The Back country half was fun. Xterra Colorado Series has a bunch as well. 1 (1 day ago)

Jandy Miller:

Bear Chase Race in Lakewood :) 2 (1 day ago)

Dustin Gavin:

.. (1 day ago)

Stephen Chambers:

I agree with everyone that recommends the Bear Chase. It's a great event and suited for a beginner. 2 (1 day ago)

Don Reichelt:

Backcountry Half Marathon is a good one!! 1 (1 day ago)

Bryan Galante:

Elk meadow 10 miler is coming up on the 25th in evergreen, Meyers ranch race is cool, conifer 10k town race was fun 2/3 trail 1/3 road. 1 (1 day ago)

Devin Visciano:

For a race outside the Front Range, check out the Desert Rats Trail Running Festival. Many distances to choose from, a wonderfully run race, and unbeatable scenery. 3 (1 day ago)

Peter Schow:

Eldora 10K in August. www.digdeepsports.com/eldoratrail10k.html 2 (1 day ago)

Adam Feerst:

www.runuphillracing.com/race/BtB.html 1 (1 day ago)

Adam Feerst:

Elk Meadow, White Ranch, Hildebrand.
www.comastersrun.org/index.html 1 (1 day ago)

Jerry Daniels:

Bear Chase was my first ever trail ultra. Did the 50K. Completely enjoyed my experience. I'm now training for a 50 miler. 4 (1 day ago)

Patrick Forsythe:

Bear Chase is a great suggestion. I would also suggest The North Fork - generous cutoffs (so you can run it slow) and fairly non technical, but still definitely a mountain race. Only 50k or 50mile options for North Fork. 2 (1 day ago)

Ali Ingalls Smith:

Bear Chase 1 (1 day ago)

Amy O'Connell:

Can't beat the Bear Chase Race Series events for first-timers! 3 (1 day ago)

Tina Simms Susak:

Dirty 30 has a 12-miler that is a blast and gorgeous! 3 (1 day ago)

Megan Finnesy:

Dirty 30 50K takes very good care of it's beginners . . come to the Happy Hour tomorrow night at Runners HIgh in Golden. You will get to hear 6 people who chose to run the Dirty 30 as their first ultra share their experience. Food from RAD - Real Athlete Diet and beer from Southern Sun will be served. Come have fun with the Dirty 30 community and meet some great peeps!!!! 2 (23 hours ago)

Adam Feerst:

What is it are you looking for, or concerned about in a race in terms of terrain (hills, rocky), size, cost, bells & whistles? (16 hours ago)

Sean P. Malone:

Also, consider the Greenland Trail race in early May and the Ridgeline Trail race in September. 1 (14 hours ago)

Adam Feerst:

Greenland, 25km (15.5mi), gently rolling, not rocky, May 6.
www.coloradorunnerevents.com/Greenland/ (11 hours ago)

Adam Feerst:

Vail trail series
www.vailrec.com/sports-activities/vail-race/trail-running-racing (11 hours ago)

Adam Feerst:

Steamboat race series are low keyed, other than the marathon (which is road). Most are trail
www.runningseries.com/ (10 hours ago)

Adam Feerst:

Frisco, Run the Rockies trail 1/2, Aug 12. Fairly low tech trails, moderately hilly. www.townoffrisco.com/play/athletic-events/run-the-rockies-race-series/ 1 (10 hours ago)

Jola Zasadni-Chernikov:

Bear Creek Half in Lakewood was pretty easy with only 3 hills. I loved Ridgeline Half in Castle Rock with a lot of rolling hills but no long climbs. 1 (10 hours ago)

Dave Coming:

www.facebook.com/events/1295367703868693/ Fear the Deer half Marathon 1 (7 hours ago)

13 (10 hours ago)

37 (1 day ago)

Eddie Lloyd:

Now yer talking! 1 (1 day ago)

Vanessa Witte:

Oooooh! Are you sure you want a pacer....? ;) (1 day ago)

2 (2 days ago)
Nick Buchanan:

Is that a yes Le Anne?! (2 days ago)

Nick Buchanan:

Colleen MacDonald I am looking for peoples to run with this weekend if you are interested. (2 days ago)

3 (1 week ago)
Sports ⋅ Recreation

Chris White:

FWIW I was there this last weekend and the the trails I hit (Meadowlark, Plymouth Mountain and Homesteader) were all nice and dry. However for a quarter mile of Plymouth Creek (the steepest section) was icy and muddy. I made it up fine walking but I wouldn't have wanted to run it without microspikes. 1 (1 week ago)

Dave Cunningham:

Thanks for the intel, Chris! (1 week ago)

Chris White:

I also didn't go beyond the homesteader trail to the top loop so I have no idea what the conditions are up there (1 week ago)

Quarter Ann:

Did the group photo turn out Dave? (2 days ago)

23 (3 days ago)

Jeannete Sorensen Hickok:

Wow, excellent!! 😊 1 (3 days ago)

Bryan Galante:

Looks like med kit when I was coaching ultimate frisbee! Wootwoot! 1 (3 days ago)

Jeff O'Reilly:

For later in the race, it helps to add a pacifier and a pair of big-girl panties. Even guys can benefit from big-girl panties after mile 80. 3 (2 days ago)

1 (2 days ago)

Rachel Garcia:

Do you have a general practitioner that is able to give you a referral? (2 days ago)

Philip Hamrick:

Dr. Kelsall at Rocky Mountain Ear Center is fantastic. They specialize in inner ear disorders. 1 (2 days ago)

2 (4 days ago)

Scott King:

Novo Soft Tissue & Spine (my clinic). (4 days ago)

Kristin Jossi Zosel:

Funtional PT at 35th and Tennyson = my PT is Laurie (4 days ago)

Rachel Garcia:

Panorama orthopedic in golden. And FIT PT (multiple locations). I saw Brian Anobile at FIT and he was really wonderful. Panorama has an entire sports medicine department and I think a few of the docs work with some of the pro athletes in denver. I went recently for an inflamed tendon. Both great places! 4 (4 days ago)

Megan Oller:

I'm going to cornerstone orthopedic, the to main doc's are runners. The office I go to is by Lutheran Hospital.

cornerstoneorthopedics.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cornerstoneorthopedics.com%2F&dm_redirected=true#2829 (4 days ago)

Shaun Miller:

Heather North at Red Hammer Rehab in Louisville is great. (4 days ago)

Ashley Gail Dyke:

Jeff Coverly has a practice near washington park. Highly recommend! (4 days ago)

Matthew Rutledge:

Barnes Chiropractic would probably be my first stop. 3 (4 days ago)

Kate DiVincentis:

I second Panorama in Golden... They have both docs and PT. I just finished my treatment for posterior tibial tendinitis. I saw 3 different PTs and they were all great. (4 days ago)

Elizabeth Kinsey:

Matt Kelly Barnes will get you back on track. 1 (3 days ago)

Amy Winston:

Peter at lohi physical therapy (3 days ago)

Katie Carbs:

As a runner and PT I enjoy treating runners! I'm with Select Physical therapy in Aspen Park 1 (3 days ago)

Matt Kelly Barnes:

What is the issue and what part of town are you looking for? There are a lot of really great PT and Sports Chiropractors in Denver (as we all do I happen to have a pretty high opinion of my results :P ) If I can be of service I would be happy to, but good luck in your recovery! (3 days ago)

Kevin Chenoweth:

My wife is a great PT and could possibly help. (3 days ago)

Bernard Hohman:

Ascent Therapy Clinic
www.ascenttherapyclinic.com/index.html (3 days ago)

Sammie Lewis:

Thank you all!! (3 days ago)

1 (3 days ago)
Adam Feerst:

dtr.runuphillracing.com/trails/trails.html 1 (3 days ago)

Adam Feerst:

jeffco.us/open-space/parks/ 1 (3 days ago)

Shaun Miller:

RMR does a Friday 6am run up Chimney Gulch in Golden or other runs up near Boulder. 1 (3 days ago)

Bryan Galante:

FYI, we run (FRXC) every Wednesday night, and we belong to other groups too, you are welcome to join with us on any Outing www.facebook.com/events/1997818940445764??ti=ia 1 (3 days ago)

(4 days ago)
Matthew Rutledge:

I was just thinking about this. A friend was skiing up around there and says there's no snow, only ice. Not sure exactly what that means. (3 days ago)

Brandon Barros:

Following (3 days ago)

Karis Morrall:

As of this morning, the snow on the trail was pretty well tamped down. I brought snowshoes but left them on a rock about halfway through. The snow was a bit crunchy for skiing. That being said, I think that area is supposed to get snow tonight. ❄️☃️ (3 days ago)

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