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Creator: Taggart Downare
Members: 296

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16 (3 days ago)
Karen Janssen:

Yay greg maybe ill join you if they let me ;) 4 (3 days ago)

Jill Koski:

I’ll join...but being part of a “board” without the word “parole” in front of it sounds freeing ;-) 8 (3 days ago)

Dane Nelsen:

I am interested. I have lots of experience with strategic planning. I can help draft a group charter. AIM statement: Be the baddest mofos in Central Minnesota. 6 (3 days ago)

Andy Zabel:

I would love to be a part of the board! Count me in 8 (3 days ago)

Chelsie Marie:

Yay all of you people! 2 (3 days ago)

Lance Westerlund:

I’m also interested 4 (2 days ago)

Jesse Cpb Shaw:

Fantastic! 2018 is looking up! 2 (23 hours ago)

Jesse Cpb Shaw:

The contact list is:
Mike Abel
Greg Koutoupas
Karen Janssen
Jill Koski
Dane Nelsen
Andy Zabel
Lance Westerlund
Please let me know if I have forgotten anyone. 1 (6 hours ago)

(7 hours ago)

3 (2 months ago)

Greg Koutoupas:

Cheri Bates? (2 months ago)

Jill Silvernail:

Paula should I? (2 months ago)

Mike Abel:

Jill😊 yes you should😊 1 (2 months ago)

Rob Madgwick:

I would if I had $750 (2 months ago)

Rob Madgwick:

Can I pay a dollar a week 3 (2 months ago)

Jesse Cpb Shaw:

They are worth it for the safety factor alone. 1 (2 months ago)

Jesse Cpb Shaw:

Is this still available? (23 hours ago)

Mike Abel:

sorry Jesse it sold (23 hours ago)