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Starting on April 27th at the Go-To: 'Get a better job club'.

If you looking are for work, self-employed, or in work but needing to improve your IT skills, a new Get a better job club in the centre of Shrewsbury can help!

Create or update a powerful CV

Register, and effectively manage your account on sites such as Universal Job Match

Learn the secrets of promoting and selling yourself or your services online

Take the stress out of setting up the IT equipment in your home office.

just phone or text 07497 142 485

Wayne Greenwood:

It may sound bad but I think people who have got the ability to get a job but can't be asked to get off there butts and try there god damned hardest to get a job and stop scrounging off the state (15 hours ago)

(6 days ago)
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Nadine Jenkins:

Sara Heath if you're going and are back from Espana, if I'm able to get a lift with you, I'd like to come alongšŸ˜Š!X (16 hours ago)

(4 days ago)

Disability Football Coach - volunteering made easy

Are you interested in becoming a football coach? Are you passionate about helping disabled adults to achieve their sporting potential? If so, volunteering as a coach with Autonomy ā€œEvolutionā€ may be for you.

Autonomy ā€œEvolutionā€ Football Team are seeking an enthusiastic volunteer coach to deliver t...