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Creator: Darren Forster
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3 (9 hours ago)
Who's up for a cinema trip at some point.

Thomas Vaughan:

Hi Matt, it was nice to meet you yesterday. A cinema trip is a good idea! (9 hours ago)

Darren Forster:

Yes cinema trip is a good idea, btw if you want to plan it to for the Regal in Tenbury (I know it's quite far from Shrewsbury/Telford) I do the projection down there and I'd put a request in to do the projection. Also the regal is far cheaper than Odeon/Cineworld, or alternatively there is the one in Shrewsbury that has couches to sit on whilst watching the film - that sounds quite amazing. (7 hours ago)

Darren Forster:

Or an alternative would be for some of us to get together hire out some hall like the one we had the Aspergers night on in Shrewsbury, pick a movie and use the autonomy projector to run a fully ASD friendly screening of some film (I know the company you go through to publicly perform a film and it costs about £100 per movie but if we charged everyone £5 + £2 popcorn and £1 soft drink you'd only need about 15-20 people to make money for autonomy. (7 hours ago)

Darren Forster: (7 hours ago)

Matt Griffiths:

I think the best thing to do is see what everyone would like to watch first then decide where to watch it. (6 hours ago)

4 (4 days ago)
Today's repaur cafe

Nadine Jenkins:

Well done and good on you Si!😊 Ajka SimonTaylor. So are you gonna be at the next repair cafe? And because I've got a buckle on an old handbag that I could do with fixing.But I might have to just dump it because the buckles missing. (4 days ago)

Mark Burton:

Well I want to see the a team can he fix that for me lol (9 hours ago)

2 (9 hours ago)